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Getting a New Pet? Ask Yourself These Questions First

Updated on June 13, 2009

If you are in the market for a new pet you are going to be asking several questions when you are looking for a new pet. I know that for me I almost always find out the answers to all of my questions before I make my commitment to purchasing a new pet. Here are some of the questions that I always ask before I purchase a new pet for the enjoyment of me and my family.

The first question that you will want to ask yourself and your family is what kind of pet are you going to want. You can always go your traditional route of a dog or cat, but you can also consider some of the non-traditional pets that are available to choose from such as snakes, parrots, or for some people ferrets. Figuring out what pet you are going to want for you and your family will help you determine the answer to the second question.

The second question that I ask is what kind of food is the new pet going to require. For example I have an English Mastiff who I knew would require dog food, but since he is what many people consider a giant breed I had to find a specialty dog food for him. Now I didn't realize this at first, but I found that most of the dog foods that are available except for the natural brand foods which didn't contain some of the materials that he is allergic to. So that was an expense that I had to figure out and take into consideration when I purchased my pet.

The third question that I always ask before getting a new pet of my entire family is who is going to help take care of the pet. Now as most of my kids do they reply right away that they will help take care of the new pet, but as always I know that it will boil down to me taking care of the pet at all times. So I just ask to make sure that my children and husband like the idea of getting a new pet as well.

While you are considering getting a new pet for your family you will want to make sure that you get the proper pet for your family. I know that I always take into consideration these questions before I go about purchasing a new pet for my family. The best answer though is to make sure that you get a pet that fits for your family and what you are able to take care of as a new pet owner.


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      cutecute 8 years ago

      hi i really like your article. Good tips and info here. i am a dog lover.. and I am glad to have found your site