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Gifts for Dog Lovers

Updated on August 18, 2013
Great Gifts for Dog Lovers
Great Gifts for Dog Lovers | Source

Pet Gifts

If you’re puzzling over what to buy for someone for Christmas or birthday, pet gifts might fit the bill. If she's fond of canines, gifts for dog lovers could be great ideas. If she has a dog or puppy of her own, you have plenty of great choices! Most dog owners love their pooches, and a dog-related gift will be much appreciated. Such gifts for dog owners are available in pet shops and even in some trendy boutiques. You can find them easily online, and especially on Amazon. Some are generic items that would be fine for any dog lover, while some are breed specific. Discover what breed of dog your friend has and start from there for dog gifts. Personalized gifts and other unique gifts can be especially good choices. They’ll show that you really put some thought into your presentations. Even if your recipients aren't pet owners, if they admire canines, there are lots of gifts for dog lovers that would be great ideas. Need some ideas? Below are some suggestions for pet gifts.

Dogs love getting gifts, too!
Dogs love getting gifts, too! | Source

Gifts for Dog Owners

Gifts for dog owners can serve numerous purposes. Maybe they help make pet ownership easier, or perhaps they just add some fashion oomph to the dog or the owner. Then again, some dog owner gifts might serve as a tribute to the furry friend, whether it’s still alive or has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Below are some ideas for gifts for dog owners.

* Gift certificates to pet shops and pet supply stores are much appreciated dog gifts.

* A fancy collar and matching leash. If the gift is for one of the little frou-frou dogs, get one with some bling! If the collar is for a "tough guy" dog, maybe a spiked collar would be a good fit.

* A drawing of the dog will be a treasured keepsake. Snap a photo of Fifi one day while your pal's not around. Send it to an online artist for a sketch or portrait of the pooch. Your friend will love this great gift for dog owners!

* Take a great photo of the pup and have it framed. Better yet, have the photo blown up to poster size.

* Get a coffee cup or mug depicting the specific breed.

* Breed-specific key rings can be found online and in gift shops. A friend recently gave me a pewter Great Dane key ring.

* I found a great pocketbook online that has a silkscreen photo of a Great Dane that looks exactly like my dog. When folks see me with the handbag and the dog at the same time, they always ask how I got his photograph on my bag!

* A breed-specific mouse pad would serve as a great reminder for any dog lover who spends time on the computer. You can find these dog gifts online.

* A sweater or sweatshirt for the owner is another good idea for dog gifts. Get one that depicts your friend's dog's breed.

* A book about your friend's dog's breed. You can find these pet gifts at pet stores and online, and they make useful gifts for dog lovers.

* If your recipient travels with his dog, doggie travel gifts would be in order. These might include a set of travel dishes, a safety harness, a portable folding dog bed, or a seat cover. Another neat item for traveling with a dog is a hammock. It suspends over the back seat of the vehicle, providing a comfy bed for the dog while protecting your vehicle at the same time.

Tristan and Hamlet.
Tristan and Hamlet. | Source

Gifts for Dog Lovers

A person doesn’t have to own a dog to appreciate gifts for dog lovers. Maybe they hope to get a furry pal in the future or perhaps they had a dog in the past. Maybe they just have a great appreciation for canines. If you’re tempted to give your dogless dog-loving recipient a real dog or puppy as a gift, think twice. If he or she doesn’t already have a dog, there’s probably a good reason for that. Instead, you’d be safer to choose gifts for dog lovers like the ones suggested here.

* Dog Christmas ornaments make great pet gifts. A real dog aficionado might want to do an entire Christmas tree in pet ornaments!

* Dog posters come in variety of themes, ranging from whimsical to thoughtful quotes about our canine friends. They look great in game rooms, kids’ rooms, man caves, and office cubicles.

* Paintings and prints of dogs might also be whimsical or serious. Whimsical dog art includes the infamous “dogs playing poker” print and similar items. There are also some beautiful depictions of canines, especially in hunting scenes.

* A dog calendar makes a nice, functional gift. These are loaded with color photos of dogs representing specific breeds or several different dog breeds. They're also available with mutt photos, and some just depict puppies of several different breeds and mixed breeds. You'll find the best selection online.

* There’s also lots of outdoor décor with a doggie theme: garden sculptures, wind chimes, garden stakes, and lawn stakes.

* What about some dog-inspired jewelry? You can find pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, charms, and rings depicting all sorts of dogs and puppies. Any of these would be good dog lover gifts!

* Get your Rover lover a book about a dog or dogs. One that springs to mind is James Herriot’s Dog Stories. Of course, there are lots of other great choices.

* A soft, casual throw that depicts a canine is another idea. Such throws can warm the body and the heart.

* Doggie socks are available now, too. No, dogs don’t wear them – dog lovers do. several different breeds are available.

* Dog movies will be watched over and over by dog fans. Some great movies about dogs include Homeward Bound, Bobby's Greyfriar, Big Red, Savage Sam, Where the Red Fern Grows, Sounder, My Dog Skip, and of course, the classic favorite, Old Yeller. Search the bins at Walmart or your local video store for copies. They're also available online, and these are dog gifts that will keep on giving.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are practically always good gift ideas. In the case of pet gifts, such items are thoughtful and can be especially useful. For example, if you give a dog owner a collar that displays the owner’s name and phone number, the information could actually help save the dog’s life if it’s ever lost.

Other personalized gifts for dog owners might include items for the home, like a welcome mat that displays a dog or dogs, along with the owner’s last name. You can find similar personalization with mailboxes, welcome signs, garden flags, decals, and stickers.

One of the best inexpensive gifts I ever received was a set of return address stickers that depicted a Great Dane. The dog on the address labels looks just like my dog! These were ordered online, by the way. I love using my dog address labels. I think they add some pizzazz to my letters – even before they’re opened! And speaking of letters, dog stationary and dog cards that are monogrammed also make good personalized gifts for dog lovers.

Personalized food and water dishes are also good examples of personalized gifts. I’m not sure how much the pooch will appreciate them, but the owner will. You can even find styles to accent or match the owner’s home décor. You might want to include a personalized placemat, too. They make doggie messes like spilled food and water a cinch to clean up.

If your recipient’s beloved dog has passed away, a memory stone would make a thoughtful gift. These might be real stone, or they might be cast in resin that resembles natural stone. The dog’s name, birth date, and date of death can be inscribed.

Gifts for Dogs

Sometimes you want to give a present to a beloved pet instead of to its owner. Gifts for dogs should be items that the animals will enjoy. Think this is a crazy idea? We give gifts to our dogs and to our “grandpups” every year at Christmas. They each get one wrapped gift, along with a stocking full of goodies. And yes, they can unwrap their presents all by themselves!

* Gourmet dog treats make unique pet gifts. These are so cool! You can find ones that look like human goodies, in the shape and appearance of petits fours, cupcakes, lollipops, and fancy pastries. You'll be tempted to eat them yourself! I've found these online and at high-end pet shops.

*Any dog would appreciate a super comfy bed. If it already has one, it’s often useful to have two dog beds – one for sleeping and one for napping.

* A dog sweater will help keep a pooch nice and cozy on chilly days. Measure the dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail so you'll know what size to purchase. Compare prices online - there's a huge range of prices.

* Dogs have to go outdoors for potty breaks even in bad weather. Why not get the dog some rain gear? Yes, there really is such a thing! In fact, you might want to get a matching set for dog and owner. Both can stay dry when nature calls during a downpour.

* Give the dog a day at a doggie spa, where it will get pampered with massages, grooming, and goodies.

* One of the best gifts for dog lovers and for their pets is a toy that keeps the animal’s mind busy. Unfortunately, some pet owners often overlook their dog’s need to exercise its brain. They might buy the pooch toys, but most dog toys just exercise the dog’s body or gums. To stimulate its mind, you need to buy “smart toys” for dogs. There are all different kinds of dog smart toys and interactive dog toys. Many are similar to puzzles, where the dog has to solve something in order to get a reward. Some dogs will work at smart toys for hours, which the owner will certainly appreciate. If you’re planning on buying dog toys as gifts for dogs, gifts for dog owners, or gifts for dog lovers, choose wisely.


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