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Giving your Cat a Bath WITHOUT Water

Updated on August 15, 2011
Does this look familiar?
Does this look familiar? | Source

Avoid all the fuss of Bathing your Cat with this simple guide.

Why you should always bathe your Cat

I've seen way to many guides on how to bathe a cat,but what if your cat ABSOLUTELY hated water!Like all of them really do,what would you do?It's tempting to say that cats already groom themselves enough,and use that as an excuse,but I wouldn't blame you.My cat avoids water at ALL costs,she would claw off my hand before I could turn on the bathtub nob!So as scary as bathing your cat is,there is an alternative thankfully.For the health of all cats!Not only does bathing your cat make her or him smell extremely fresh,but it also gets rid of a lot of health problems.Such as decreasing the amount of fleas on them,and making sure that they don't ingest fleas either when grooming as much.If you're cat has fleas be sure to treat them correctly from the help of your vet.; )

The Secret That All Cat Groomers Should Know...

Now you're definitely wondering by now,How can I give my Cat a Bath WITHOUT ANY WATER?!Well the answer is to simply buy a waterless shampoo,they're sold at many pet stores for a price at about the same as any other normal shampoo.Not only does it help groom out those frightening felines,but it also is great to use on any pregnant or nursing cat as they usually can't be given a bath.It's quite easy to use,first you want to make sure you have a soft bristled grooming brush as any type of hair gets sensitive and weakened when it's wet.Then you also want to be sure that you have a towel at hand and the waterless shampoo by your side.A good waterless shampoo is one that is natural and can reduce shedding,though it may cost a bit more it's worth it in the long run of your pets health.Shedding for cats is just releasing dead hair,and they only shed when they need to,so if you remove their dead hair and dispose of it properly you won't have them shedding everywhere.It's easy right?

The Simple Steps to a Clean and Happy Feline

To start off you want to catch your feline in a good mood,don't suddenly grab him or her and gently edge your way to getting them in a different area if needed.You can use waterless shampoo virtually anywhere,as long as cats are allowed!Once you're ready and your cat is relaxed gently spray out the waterless shampoo into the cat's fur and lightly comb him or her.Then afterwards towel dry your fragrant kitty and reward them with a treat if you'd like.It's really that easy,the brushing is optional,but could further work the shampoo into the fur coat of the cat.To top off your grooming,brush out any shedding fur with a slicker brush and job well done!

Enjoy your Fresh Feline! If you enjoy reading about Cats,be sure to check out my other hubs about Cat Breeds!


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    • profile image

      catlover2 2 years ago

      Not a good idea at all...especially if you trained your cat to stop climbing the drapes with a plant mister. The sound of a pump hairspray being used in the bathroom sends from the bedroom to the living room at the speed of sound. Any other ideas?