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Golden Retriever Chow

Updated on September 3, 2013
Chow Mix Breed
Chow Mix Breed

Golden Retriever Chow is an amazing mix breed of Golden Retriever and Chow-chow. Golden retrievers are known for their happy nature and love for adventures while chow-chows are rather temperamental and stubborn. They hate the unfamiliar and would rather stay put. Want to know more?

A complex blend of both temperament, here are the keys to understanding this amazing breed:

Know thy pet- Golden retriever Chow is a blend of two temperaments. From day 1, understand which of these temperaments is more apparent in your dog. Is he the adventurous kind? The serious type? Stubborn? Playful? Since the temperaments of the golden retrievers and chow-chow are different, note if your dog is more like a retriever or a chow. While golden retrievers are athletic, chows are more like the home buddy type. They are more serious but not; less affectionate. Fiercely loyal but not exactly obedient. In training this breed, catch the mood and the attitude. Then proceed.

Just another mix breed- Treat your golden retriever chow like any other mix-breed. Read: they need the same amount of love, understanding and grooming. Mix breeds are just as faithful, loving, and loyal as any other dogs. Understand: Your pet is a mix breed but it’s still a dog. So love him like you’ll love another four-legged dog.

Acceptance without expectations- Since Golden retriever Chow is of mix breed, you can’t exactly tell how your pet will turn out. Your pet may grow to any size and may look more like its golden retrievers ancestors or more like its chow-chow ancestors. Golden retrievers are medium-seize athletic dogs while chows are small and delicate. Regardless, you can be assured that your golden retriever chow will be fun to love and play with. So don’t sweat about their appearance. For sure, this breed is cute and oh-so –adorable

Health care- Golden Retriever Chow has a thick fur that requires proper grooming and regular care. Like other dogs, this mix breed needs regular check ups, proper food and exercise. The teeth need to be brushed, nails need to be trimmed, and the ears require cleaning. They need all the love and care that you can give.

So now you know! Golden Retriever Chow is a unique and amazing breed that depicts not only an adorable appearance but a loyal heart and affectionate nature. This breed requires a healthy dose of love and tending but for a breed that looks so great and with a heart so big? Those cute eyes, furry coat and wagging tail are enough to make your day. Look them up, find them and keep them!


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    • profile image

      cindy 2 years ago

      I adopted a golden chow which is 1 year old, he has a very gentle temperament and playful, the only problem is he is not eating well. He eats very little in the morning and a little more in the late afternoon. How much should a 1 year old golden chow eat? I try to mix canned food, dry food and some homemade meat and vegi, and supplement with some vegi/ fruit milk which he loves. thank you

    • profile image

      Diane Daly 3 years ago

      I was blessed to share my life with my golden chow. He lived to 14, and while he was a bit overweight, the only thing wrong with him was arthritis. I know wt loss would have helped, but he didn't eat that much to begin with.....anyway - I never loved anything as much as him...its been 1 year, and I want another one, but they're hard to find here in the northwest...

    • profile image

      ge 4 years ago

      been sitting here reading comments on gldn rtrvr/chow mix. has been very interesting and mostly all true i am sure. we have had buddy for a year this christmas night. he is 2 plus maybe 6 mos. the smartest most loving dog there could possibly be. he does comminicate with us quite well, seems to understand everything we say to him. all commands like sit , lay down, stand ... he responds to and seems to enjoy. we have a large fenced yard for his home and much room to run which he enjoys so much . i really think if u live in a climate where its bearable that just might be best for the dog. buddy loves to stand errect and hug u just as a human would do. he is a bit spoiled also. my wife loves to hand feed him at times and he really loves it. i could type pges about how wonderful a dog he is, but as most of u know that's the way this mix is.

      just never knew a dog could be this loving. oh, by the way my wife and i are 77 and 79 years old and plan to enjoy buddy for may more years, george v in upstate south carolina

    • profile image 4 years ago

      My Ginger made it to almost 17 years. She was insanely protective of strangers but was a best friend to those she knew. She was amazing with children and the elderly. Smartest companion ever and a glutton for attention. She was an amazing friend and couldn't have asked for more. She loved cats a and rabbits but absolutely hated other dogs unless they were very small, the size of a cat. She "saved" me on more than one occasion for attacks from other dogs and someone creeping around the outside of the house. I miss her terribly!

    • profile image

      Alexis 4 years ago

      My Golden/Chow is the best dog I have ever had. He is 13 yrs old now and I don't think he will be with us much longer. I know we will miss him terribly. I named him Sir Lancelot. He is not only the smartest dog out there but the most loyal and loving. He always got along with our cat and other dogs we took in over the years. He lives with my sons and daughter and talks to me when I visit telling me how much he loves me. That might sound strange but I know that is what he tells me. He loves being indoors and outdoors. We had one accident in the house a few days after we got him and that was because he was so excited. Loves his walks and playing tug a war.

    • profile image

      Karie T 4 years ago

      I am fostering a Male Golden Chow Mix. He is 2 - 3 yrs old the vets figure. Please contact Tiny Paws Small Dog Rescue (Union Grove, WI) if anyone is interested in adopting him.

    • profile image

      Delinda 4 years ago

      We have a Golden Chow mix adopted from a shelter at 3 mos. She is now 8 mos, and is growing into the most perfect companion, family dog that we could have asked for. She loves to play and run, but not hyper, as others have said. When its time to quiet down she does so immediately without issue. She is quiet, but barks to let us know if someone is about, not in an annoying way, perfect intruder alarm! She is very protective of our daughter - if they are outside together she shadows my daughter constantly - just what I was looking for. She is obedient, loyal, easy to train, does not chew, and suprisingly, she does not shed! All of our friends and family have expressed interest whether there are more of her available, she is just that great! We lost our beloved lab three years ago and waited to find our perfect next dog - our Golden Chow was worth the wait.

    • profile image

      Jane Dobos 5 years ago

      Kaiser is my chow/ret mix and he is my second one I know there are others out there that dislike chows for their ways that's because they do not understand the breed. I rarely meet a nice chow but I still have a deep love for them and know not to get too close to them. Being with my boy out late in my car or on a late night walk makes feel safe since everyone knows how chows are who would take that risk. I take him to work with me everyday and he is always at my side I love Kaiser so much. And when I go out somewhere and will be gone for 6 to 7 hours and when I come home he acts as if I was gone for a week or longer. Chows will always be my #1 breed.

    • profile image

      Holly 5 years ago

      I have a golden/chow mix who is 12 years old. She is the best dog ever. She was an abused puppy that I took in. Your post is accurate and very useful. She is still healthy and vibrant. Golden/chow mixes are the best.

    • profile image

      c0l0nel 5 years ago

      none of you will ever find a better dog than this golden chow - there is no better on this planet - there really are none that are even equal to this dog - the golden chow is the best you'll ever find - if you are on a search, your search is over...

    • profile image

      Larain 5 years ago

      does any one know where I can purchase a golden retrivier chow mix.

      Ours just passed away from cancer, by far the best dog I have ever owned or seen. we desperately want another. If you can help please let me know. thank you

    • profile image

      Josh 5 years ago

      My family found an abandoned Golden Chow on the side of the road about 10 years ago. We named her Whopper due to her massively wide paws. She is the most loving dog I've ever met all while being fiercely loyal. I swear that she can understand English. Not just simple commands either. She is unbelievably smart.

      One funny thing about her is she doesn't like to eat alone. I go by her food bowel and she'll eat. One day while I was standing there she took her nose and put it on my hand, then into her food, then into my hand again. She was telling me that she wanted to be hand feed. She does this often now. I know it's absurd to be hand feeding a dog, but she's the love of my life.

    • profile image

      martellawintek 5 years ago

      hello there susie i got it from a friend so here is the site

      and some info , there very helpful ,say martellas gift him out

    • profile image

      Evan 5 years ago

      My best friend in the world is my golden/chow. He is beautiful, kind, loyal, and gentle. He follows me everywhere. He loves to ride in the car and run by the lake. He is excellent with children, other dogs and cats. (and he is really afraid of thunderstorms)

      After reading several of these posts, I question why people 'need' to give their dogs away when they move or make changes. I understand there are exceptions, but why bring a dog into their home if it's disposable. They don't find other homes for their children or other family members. Why get a dog in the first place if you don't intend to give it a forever home?

    • profile image

      mia 5 years ago

      Had a black chow for 12 yrs before he passed away. Heartbreak. He was absolutely the best dog ever. Today I brought home a golden/chow mix (3-4 yrs, rescue) and I can already see he has the same calm, obedient, precious disposition. Highly recommend. Don't be afraid of chows or chow mixes. As long as they are raised with love, they are the very best companions. 'Leo' is my new blonde, beautiful baby boy and I hope to enjoy him for many years.

    • profile image

      katie 5 years ago

      I've had my retriever chow mix since he was three months old. Had no idea about the breed or temperments. He is so sweet and caring. Follows me around the house like a spy! He trained really fast and easily. Loves to play and try to catch squirrels. He's a bit fearful of people he doesn't know expecially men. - I blame that on a man antagonising him when he was younger- he is a great dog -now three- has never shown aggression he's amazing with kids and other dogs. This is a perfect mix breed!!

    • profile image

      Brett 6 years ago

      My golden-chow "Oso" is the best

    • profile image

      jnunn 6 years ago

      I love my chowtriever( chow, golden retriever mix and he is my love but he also has some crazy habits he bites everyone's hand, when we visit the dog park if I touch another dog or 1 comes near me he is attacking them, he would rather be around ppl than dogs, his attention span is equal to a mosquito. I love him but at time is drives me crazy and I think he has way too much Chow in him!

    • profile image

      Dawn 6 years ago

      Chewie is our 6 year old Golden/Chow. He is hands down the best dog ever! (And I've had many dogs in my life, purebread and mixed). I've never seen this level of love and GENTLE loyalty from a dog. He is so good with our baby who is now 3 years old.

    • profile image

      Winder 6 years ago

      i also have a wonderful Golden/chow mix named Winder. She was a stray, my husband named her "Winder", because he said, he looked out the "winder", and there she was.

      We have had her since she was about 8 weeks old, and she is going on 14 now, still seems to be in good health, but she sleeps a lot more now (we all do that when we get older, I guess), but otherwise other than a touch of arthritis, she seems to be doing fine. She has more of the Golden personality, laid back most of the time, but she does bark if anyone new comes in. She is really very sweet, and loves new people, after she gets used to them.

      She looks more like a Chow in the winter with that thick lush coat, and curled tail, and also the almond shaped eyes, but she has the golden shade coat, and the Golden "smile". She also likes to "talk" to me, when I come home, she seems to want to tell me about her day, I just don't speak "dog".

      I would recommend this mix for anyone, I hope I have her many more years.

    • profile image

      Cuddlefish 6 years ago

      Our most beloved dog of all time was a golden/chow mix. He lived to be 16 and just thinking of him being gone brings tears to my eyes.

      He was such a loving, loyal, and complex dog. He would be wary of strangers, sometimes growling at them, but wagging his tail at the same time. He was definitely a grumpy boy, but so dedicated and loving to his family. His favorite thing in the world was to help unwrap Christmas presents.

      A wonderful dog, a wonderful mixbreed.

    • profile image

      logan 6 years ago

      I just found a golden chow chow mix ans she is named shaggy.She can be stubberned at times but she is my favorit dog.

    • profile image

      Hudson My Chow Golden Mix! 6 years ago

      I just have to say that my best friend in the world is my chow chow golden mix. He's got the best of both worlds! I will give myself a bit of credit, when I got him he had a tendency to growl at other dogs and was extremely stubborn. After socializing him A LOT he is a happy go lucky (still somewhat stubborn) dog who loves people and other dogs. He also loves kids, which is really important to me. Dogs tend to take on their owners' personalities- if you are a strong but loving owner with this mixed breed you will be a happy owner!

    • profile image

      Katie 6 years ago

      I have a ten year old golden/chow and we adopted him from a kill shelter when he was about 4 months old and he really is the most gentle, loving, beautiful, and perfect dog out there. He's really the best. I haven't really read many comments on this article, but others I've read have talked about the chow's aggression toward children, short tempter, attacking people... but Cubby definitely has the retriever personality. He has never bitten anybody. For the first week after we adopted him, he would growl at everyone who came near him and he'd hide in the corner but after he warmed up to my family (3 young children included) he was the warmest dog. He's perfect; my brother used to pull on his ears and play with his face and he would just sit there and look at my parents like, "help me" but would never do anything.

      he's perfect; you cannot go wrong with a chow/golden. He's the best dog - he loves going on walks, chasing squirrels, and being around the family. He follows me everywhere and is just so loving. He is 10 years old and surprises the vet every time that he looks so young and healthy. he has no health problem aside from a limp, but it was genetic. He's great - I can't stress that enough. If you're looking to adopt/rescue a dog, go with the chow/golden. He will be your best friend for life. He's perfect :)

    • profile image

      Suman 6 years ago

      We adopted a 12 week golden retriever /chow mix about 15 years ago, rather he adopted us 15 years ago...Chip was very smart, wanted to play a lot when he was younger.. loved our kids ands all their friends. Loved having people over, and would always sit in the center of the group.

      Chip would not like having any tension in the house, and always tried to defuse it by jumping on us, licking us just small light barks.. very very loving dog.

      he got potty trained in 2 weeks, and rarely had any accidents after that..

      he would always wait for me to get back home, so that we could go on walks right away, absolutely loved going out anywhere we took him..

      today is the second day I am going home from work after we had to put him down due to kidney failure..we are still in a state of total gloom and home no more feels like home. eyes keep looking for him when we enter inside, and there is this huge emptiness we feel currenly. I am sure time will fill that up with all the lovely memories from past 15 years, how ever right now my heart aches for him...

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      Wow, i am glad to see people having their chow retriever mixes make it 14 years, I was totally surprised at the person who had theirs for 20. Mine is at 14 and he is unfortunately not long for this world but he is still very healthy as far as eating regularly and doing his buisness. His arthritis is bad and his back legs tend to hurt him but he manages very well. I just was curious mostly about the talking that people mentioned with this breed. I used to and still do talk with him and he would also seem to talk back but it was growls but not aggressive.. just they had a different tone and I could tell when he was aggravated or just letting off steam about something. Anyone ever notice this?

    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      I am looking for a female golden chow mix. After 14 years, our beautiul Sugar had to be put to sleep due to cancer. We are devastated and our home is so empty without her. Anyone in the Mid-Atlantic region who can help? Thank you.

    • profile image

      RYH 6 years ago

      I had a golden chow for about 5 1/2 years. She was the best and only dog I ever had. She was playful, but at the same time she wanted to be lazy after a few rounds of fetch. Very protective if she didn't like your intentions. But always welcoming. Rarely barked unless people walked past that she didn't know... or of course if the mail man came around. haha. She died VERY UNEXPECTEDLY at the young old age of 6 1/2 in 2010. I cried for about a week, and to this day I miss her terribly. Even kitty missed her. I want another dog like her so much because her temperament was perfect and so much fun. I LOVE YOU SANDY!!! :)

    • profile image

      Linseyalison 6 years ago

      I have a "Golden Chow" who I adopted about five years ago from a local shelter. From what I've seen they are the most common golden retriever mix, at least in my area. I can't recommend this mix strongly enough. My boy looks more chow chow(very dense coat, thick ruff around his neck, and a goofy curled tail) but has a mellow goldens temperament. The mix generally balances out the territorial tendencies of the chow and the hyper ditsy mentality of the golden. It makes for a perfect mix if your looking for a loving, happy, dog with a more mellow or reserved personality. For anyone looking, this mix is very common in shelters on the west coast, all of which can be seen on (search golden retrievers and you will find alot of "Golden Chow" mixes.

    • profile image

      Guest 6 years ago

      I got Fozzy Bear from the shelter in 2003 as an 8 week old puppy. Fozzy had already experienced some abuse before arriving at the Humane Society. He was like this giant ball of the softest fluffiest fur you have ever felt. The lady warned me that Fozzy's temperament might not be the best considering the abuse and Chow in his blood. But, I fell in love from the 1st moment I saw him. From day one Fozzy has been great, the very first time I took him outside to go potty, I needed no leash, and he took care of number one and two straight away. Aside from a few accidents he has been potty trained from day one. Fozzy is very social and overly protective at the same time. His bark will send the fear of God through anyone who hears it. He loves people and even when a new one shows up he is very eager to meet them, same way with other dogs. But, if a friend comes over unannounced and just walks in Fozzy has backed more than one person into a corner. He has never bitten anyone, well maybe once. The one time Fozzy bit me he had been missing for a year. My wife and I had gone to the country to celebrate the 4th of July at her dad’s house. Fozzy hates loud noises but he also loves to go for a ride so we brought him with us. As we started drinking a few beers and setting off bigger and bigger explosions, I didn't notice that Fozzy had gone missing. We searched for months passed out flyers for miles in both directions. But we never found him. About a year had gone by, we adopted another dog (Destin), and I received a phone call from her dad. "I think I saw Fozzy". I drove an hour and a half to her dad’s house right away. He had seen Fozzy at the end of his long driveway. So I put out his favorite treat at the end of the driveway, hotdogs. Sure enough after about an hour here comes this dog that looks like Fozzy sniffing at the treats. I called his name "FOZZY!!!" he runs, so I chase but he's a 1/15 of mile ahead of me. I run after him for close to a half mile Fozzy widening the distance in front of me by at least triple. I saw where Fozzy crossed the street and crossed at the same place. When I crossed the street I saw two paths in the woods, one went right, one went left. As I was about to guess left I saw movement out of my left eye. There was an under road drainage ditch. I went to investigate, and there was Fozzy. I called him, and he started barking at me like you wouldn't believe. For ten minutes I called him and tried to get him to come to me, he just stood there growled and barked. Her dad came up on his tractor with Fozzy's leash collar and more hot dogs. He threw them down to me. I tried to entice Fozzy with the hot dogs, but he wouldn't eat or come to me so I went closer. Close enough to slip the collar over his head then realized the leash was not attached. Fozzy punctured my ring finger while I attached the leash to the collar. As soon, and I mean the second I had him all hooked up, I said, "do you want to go for a ride?” I swear he snapped out of the year in the wild spell and Fozzy got so excited. I've had Fozzy back now for about 3 years, he is in great health, and to this day the best dog I have ever met.

    • profile image

      Dogandcat 6 years ago

      I have a golden retriever/chow-chow named Lulu. She is sweet and rarely talks. She isn't the easiest to train, but once she figures out what to do, she'll catch on quickly! I recently taught her to stay and sit. When she was a puppy, we all thought she looked like a cute yellow teddy bear. I think this dog is a good dog for peace. She'll willingly run with me, too!

    • profile image

      Tara 6 years ago

      Our almost 17 yr female- Golden Chow-Golden retriever mix is showing her age. We found her as a give-away in front of the Hy-Vee Store in Spirit Lake, Iowa. She lived in the house til 2 yrs old---then gramma came and told us to have her kenneled outside. She is so smart- and she was so easy to train- she could wave bye-bye, stand up on her back legs and dance, cover her eyes when she laid down, and roll over. She loves sitting in a bean bag chair, altho she never had any interest to play dog games- like fetch a ball, she seems more human then dog anyway. We love Copper- and we wish we could do it all over again!

    • profile image

      nice 2011 6 years ago

      I have a golden retriever/chow chow dog,he is 4 and half years. He is my baby love,my mom gave me a puppy 2006 i wasn't gonna take him from her but i fell in love with his beautiful looks. As he was growing up he was more like a golden retriever especially his color,the only thing you can notice that he is cross breed chow is his round little mouth and small pair of ears.

      He is very loving dog, he'll protect you from danger,very active,very athletic,he loves to eat,iced water is his therapy especially during summer. I just love him,always thinking of him at work.i love him to death since i have no children of my own he is my BABY.

      He sleeps with me in my bed he knows his routines he makes sad face every time i leave the house.He gets very excited when i get home and ask me to take him out. I just love his fur around his neck makes him looks more like a Lion. He makes me cry when he gets sick or not feeling good. And his name is Pandi =)

    • profile image

      honi247 6 years ago

      We've had our Golden Chow, Sadie for 9 years now and we couldn't have prayed for a better dog. She was super fast to potty train, is extremely lovable and faithful to family members and can you say protective? She doesn't like large dogs (she's 50lbs), but as long as she can be the "top dog" she grows to love them too. She also likes cats. She has such a huge personality and can be aloof at times, but we swear she understands

      English, and does whatever it takes to please us. I think she's been reincarnated! I recommend this breed 100X over. After having a dog this intelligent, there is no way I can even consider another that isn't this smart. They are GREAT!

    • profile image

      Ted 6 years ago

      we just adopted the CUTEST CHOW RETRIEVER MIX and she is the best dog ever. a bit territorial but the most loving and pleasing dog on this earth.

    • profile image

      J.B. 6 years ago

      Harvey, a chow chow/Golden mix has been with the family for over 8 years. He is really smart and loyal dog with an easy going personality most of the time. I say most of the time because he gets edgy around other dogs, especially those his size (65 pds) or larger. Harvey is a fun loving dog and it shows during his daily morning walks on our trail. Recently Harvey has been a little sidelined with arthritis in his right front leg but even a little pain wont stop him from his morning walk.

    • profile image

      andy 6 years ago

      Our family rescued a golden chow one year ago. He was 1 year plus. He needed a little bit of control but from the very beginning he has been nothing but joy. We also have a golden who is 10 years old, while she was not at first all that excited about the new member of the family, she adjusted. Most of the play time is initiated by Bolt(pup),but Mama Soph (sophie the elder) has also initiated play time. Both are such a joy to be with. Bolt keeps Mama Soph young!!

    • SallyTX profile image

      Sally Branche 7 years ago from Only In Texas!

      Great descriptions and advice! Voted up, useful, and linked! :)

    • profile image

      Kailey  7 years ago

      I have a 8 year old Chow-Retriever mix, And hes great. He knows full sentences, words and hes playful. now that's hes older hes lazier but he still enjoys walks :) hes a Burnt orange color and he had a purple/pink spotted tongue. Hes very kind and loving, also very gentle. he dose get jelouse of a tiny yorkie thou.

    • profile image

      Kyle 7 years ago

      Love my dog his names bear luckily he has more golden retriever in him he is about 1 year and is very curious, loves chasing my four wheeler

    • profile image

      Jane 7 years ago

      I own a golden /chow mix and he's a great dog he looks more like a golden with a black muzzle and purple tounge. He loves to go on long walks with me. I trained him with a help of a trainer although he wants to do what he wants he always does what I want with happy results.

    • profile image

      axl angelo yutuc 7 years ago

      hello guys and pals... im just wondering if any one of you can give me one golden/chow puppy for free. XD i am very thankfull if i own one ^_^ you can add me in your face book account, tnx i love to have a dog like golden/chow ^_^

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      We have a 2 1/2 year old golden chow mix named Bella and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. She can be willfull and stubborn at times, but she is a great dog. She is smart, sweet, fluffy, cute as a button, and loves being right by our side. She is motivated by food, so positive reinforcement training works very well for this breed. She is pretty lazy and enjoys taking longs naps, but if she sees a rabbit outside she will cry unless we let her out to go chase it (as if she could catch one!). She is a great watch dog, and just loves people and other animals. I think this is an excellent mixed breed and would recommend these beautiful dogs to anyone!

    • profile image

      Tamara 7 years ago

      I had to put my beautiful chowtriever "chloe" down recently. She was almost 14 years old and was hurting constantly. She was so smart and loving, fiercely loyal and very protective. She loved us so much, especially my children. She was wary of other people and was on guard when there were "non" family members in the house. I do believe she was smarter than most human beings and could understand every word I said. I miss her more than words could say.

    • profile image

      Missing 7 years ago

      When I was little my family had a golden/chow mix. He was the cutest and sweetest thing. He looked like a bear so we named him Teddy.. We moved 7 years ago and had to leave him behind.. :( we went 6 years without a dog and last feb. My mom got a purebred golden who is now 1 and she's definitely a puppy.....

    • profile image

      videobill 7 years ago

      I am looking for Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix puppy or 1 to 2 year old dog? Does any have a puppy for sale or needs a good loving home for a dog? I lost my last Golden Retriever Chow Chow mix "Brandy" a 1 year ago to cancer, she was 14. Please email me if you can help.


    • profile image

      cool 7 years ago

      im about to get a golden chow mix

    • profile image

      Chelsey 7 years ago

      I have had a Golden Chow mix for 9 years and she is the best dog we could have ever asked for. She is very laid back most of the time, but if she hears a noise or somebody walks near our house, she barks like crazy! She is very protective and intimidating (at 80 lbs), but she is afraid of just about everything! She looks more like a golden retriever, but she has a thick double coat, black tongue, curled tail, and thick crimped hair around her ears like a Chow Chow. I definitely plan to stick with the breed if I can find another dog like her. However, she does have a really bad stomach and needs special food for sensitive stomachs. She does have some arthritis of the hips, a fatty-cyst, and her allergies act up every spring and fall. She loves the heat and the cold, and constantly whines to go outside. She will lie in the sun for hours, which I think is crazy since her fur is so thick! She follows me around the house and is a great pet. She is extremely smart and I always joke that she understands English. All around great breed!

    • profile image

      Carolyn 7 years ago

      I have a Golden Chow mix too. His name is Chance and he is 15 years old. He is exactly as others have described theirs..i.e. smart, affectionate, loyal, gentle & loves children & other dogs & cats. A good watch dog. He is definitely more Golden than Chow but can be a little stubborn when he wants to be. He loves the cold weather and hates the heat! At 15 yrs old he has the basic health issues- a few fatty cysts (benign) and arthritis in the hips. This is a great breed for all.

    • profile image

      Celine 7 years ago

      Sadie is 3 1/2 years old. Will be 4 in October. We have to give her to someone else because we are moving and will not be able to take her with us. She looks more like a golden and acts like both chow and golden. She has a spotted tongue and black spots on her body that you can see when shaved. She is better in a one animal home (does not like little dogs). We recused her from a person that had other dogs. She has been with us for just over a year. She loves people and she is a high energy dog!

    • profile image

      Laurel 7 years ago

      My son found what our vet believes is a golden retriever chow mix along the side of our country road (definitely abandonded) when she was about 5-6 weeks old. Poor thing was a scared, muddy, mess, but after about a day she knew she was home and is the most relaxed, wonderful, good natured dog! She is very playful, but not hyper, spending a lot of time playing with our maltesse, who just adores her.She was very easy to house break (unlike our male maltesse. Our only training issue is if she goes out side without a leash she darts of for a run. She also pull hard when walked on a leash, so these are the the two things we need to work on. We adore her and are so glad she is part of our family!

    • profile image

      8 years ago

      We had a golden/chow female, and I've never come across another dog quite like her. Both friendly and loyal... not incredibly athletic, rather, she was extremely gentle with all ages/people. Unusually gentle and quiet so it seemed (though my experience is rather limited). We would joke she couldn't bark, but she would then become alert to things/people outside - especially at night, so we knew she was keeping an eye out for us. She is definitely missed.

    • profile image

      Matt 8 years ago

      Just recently adoptped one his name is Buddy. He is one of the most energetic loyal and stuberrn dog I hhave ever meet and owned in my 17 years.

    • profile image

      Cheryl Pearce 8 years ago

      We had a Golden Retriever/Chow mix named Parker for 11 1/2 years. He just died a couple of weeks ago. :( Such a great dog. He was great with people, kids, and cats like a Golden, but even as a puppy, he personality was toned down a notch compared to a Golden, if that makes sense. So loving, affectionate, and playful, but not in your face 100% of the time. :) Was a great, loyal, fun, dog! The best!...we miss him! When we are ready, we will definitely seek out the same mix. I love the personality and the look. Ours looked like a smaller Golden with a black tongue.

    • profile image

      Deanna Holley 8 years ago

      My husband and I adopted a Golden Chow in 2004 and she is the most amazingly smart and loving dog EVER! Bandit's her name and she is wonderful with everyone. Would love to have another one one day! AWESOME combination!

    • profile image

      Jevon 8 years ago

      I have a 3 year old Golden/ Chow mix named Dolce. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I house broke her in 2 weeks if not that and without the crate. So very smart and obedient. Loves to play fetch all the time. Sheds like crazy but a small price to pay for such a wonderful dog. I'd certainly want to get another one when I get a bigger house

    • profile image

      Tara Rissinger 8 years ago

      I adopted a Golden/Chow/ Shepard mix and he is the most wonderful pup! He trains very easily and is happy ALL THE TIME!!! I couldn't ask for a better dog. I have heard so many bad things about Chows that I keep him very social with people and other dogs. It seems to be working very well. I highly recommend this cross!!!

    • kristen stevens profile image

      kristen stevens 8 years ago from New York, USA

      Yes it should last. My chow is wonderful, keep treating him/her good and good will remain.

    • profile image

      Vonn 8 years ago

      Just got a Chow/Golden,he's two months old and very smart. I was worried about the Chow in him but, i think the golden is more dominate he loves to kiss and sitting on my lap....i hope this pleasant additude last you all have given me hope! PS he very easy to train!

    • profile image

      CP 8 years ago

      I adopted a Golden/Chow Mix from a shelter and he is the sweetest, most loving and playful dog I have ever seen. He is very smart too, obedient and definitely wants to please!

      He is athletic and a beautful looking dog. Everyone who meets him loves him. So happy to have him!

    • profile image

      Tamara 8 years ago

      I adopted a six year old Golden Chow Mix. NOt only is he beautiful, he is smart , loving and wants to please. I would recommend this bread to anyone!!!!

    • profile image

      ann 8 years ago

      Had a golden/chow mix for almost 20 years. She was the best. She definited was the best from both breeds. She developed stomach cancer and we had her put down in June of 08. Went six months w/o a dog. I missed her tail wagging every morning so we replaced her with a golden puppy.

    • profile image

      Monica_Steven 8 years ago

      Chow chow...Golden Retriever makes the difference.


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