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Great Names For Canines

Updated on April 27, 2012

Doggy Names for Boys

THOR - A name of strength right out of Viking myths. Thor was the oldest son of Odin and the one with the all powerful Hammer. It's a good name for a boy doggy who is BIG, has big feet or who is really strong and slightly to very head strong and impatient.

TUCKER - a great name for an exuberant and playful male canine.

BEAR - Whether your pup is all brown, all black or just has a face like a teddy bear, this could be a great name.

GIZMO - If you're a fan of the classic movie "Gremlins", then this name will always hold a place in your heart, just as will any puppy with a quirky attitude and small body whom you bestow this name upon.

CHRONIC - It's not just a great name for Bluntman's side kick, it's also a great name for your dog, and it's fun to say.

COURAGE - For the cowardly dogs out there.

MCLOVIN - Superbad had a big impression and we are starting to see a lot of male dogs (especially Sire's) who are receiving the name McLovin. And why not?

ROSCO - Come on, I know you LOVE the Dukes of Hazard! Rosco was the name of the basset hound owned by the Sheriff, and it makes a great name for any lazy old hounds who share your heart.

DANK - Whether your dog actually stinks or you just like the name, Dank is certainly a choice to consider.

CEASAR - It's considered a name of strength and also a name of mischief, chose it wisely.

CHIEF - This name tends to fit better for male pups who are headstrong, controlling and persistent.

Doggy Names for Girls

NUVA - This a great name for a gentle doe with white or salt and pepper patterned fur. It is the Hopi word for "snow", and just sounds sweet!

LADY - This one is a classic that keeps on giving. It's classy, traditional and will work for just about any girl puppy you have the pleasure of sharing your life with. Bonus - It's easy to spell!

MOCHA - Names that describe a physical characteristic of a dog are popular and easy to remember, so if you've got a little girl with mocha colored fur, this might be the name for her!

CHARLOTTE - A beautiful name that means "free maiden"

BEAUTY - Sometimes simple is better.

GINGER - It's not just a wonderful spice, it's also a common name for female pups with are either sweet in temperament or whom are ginger colored.

BAILEY - This is a cute name for a petite female put with a feisty attitude that fits the irish heritage of this name.

MORRIGAN - as the name of a Celtic War Goddess, this could easily make a strong name for your dominate female pup.

FURRY SPICE - A tribute to any Spice Girls fans...

EPONA - A great name for a Large White girl doggy

ANU - It's another name for the ancient irish goddess Dana or Diana.

Doggy Names That Work Both Ways

ECLIPSE - Aside from being a great name for a fan of the Twilight saga, this is also a strong name for a pup of either gender, especially for a dog that is either dark in color or demeanor, or a dog with a bad habit for running off. "Eclipse" means "to abandon" and "darkness".

DOODLE - Is your pup a little strange? So is this name, which makes them fit well together - like peanut butter and bananas.

MOJO JO JO - If you're a fan of the Powerpuff girls, this name makes sense. It's the name of a male character, but it could easily fit any girl doggies with the right attitude.

BIG - As in "Big Bad Wolf" or "Big Red"

PORKCHOP - Usually a name bestowed upon dogs with "big bones" or whom are really clumsy.

FREELOADER - Why not chose a name that makes you laugh when you use it to call them back to you after a romp in the park? I can't just hear it now, "Here Freeloader! Time to go!"

CHAOS - Is you're dog a little bit angel and little bit rock and roll? If they are weird and yet sensible, mischievous yet well mannered, this could be a great name. It could also be a great name for any puppy that enjoys tearing apart your home...


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    • maryhoneybee profile image

      maryhoneybee 5 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Great name ideas. I used to have a German Shepherd named Lady, but let me tell you, in her younger years she was anything but a lady! She grew out of it, though, and is dearly missed. Freeloader and Chronic are really funny. =)

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      We have Frank right now - it was already his name when we acquired him...and it fits...he is a pug with an attitude just like the one in Men in Black...when I was a child we had a small pekinese, poodle, pug mix that was the runt of the litter...his name was Killer! When his adult doggy teeth came in and he had an overwhelming underbite and his bottom teeth stuck way out, he really looked like a Killer. And it was fun to yell when he was running in the park - or when he got lost (Have you seen the Killer? He was just here!)

    • bmcoll3278 profile image

      bmcoll3278 5 years ago from Longmont, Colorado

      Awesome list . Did not see Shilo Or Bosco. We have a little Gizmo our self's. Your hubs are always fun to read voted up.

      P.S. Like the new profile pic.

    • VendettaVixen profile image

      VendettaVixen 5 years ago from Ireland

      This was a beautiful hub. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked Thor and Chaos.