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Great Toys for Horses and Ponies - Watch the Video!!

Updated on May 8, 2012

Why toys for horses with your horse supplies?

Toys for horses? Yes - horse toys can be an important part of your horse supplies! Many people don’t realize that horses can get very stressed when they get bored. This is especially true of horses that are kept alone or for horses that spend a lot of their time in confinement. Neither of these situations is natural for an equine. They’re herd animals and are very social. They need and desire to be with other horses. It’s not in their nature to be confined to a small space, either. They prefer to be out grazing and running free.

Stressed horses not only suffer emotionally - the stress can also have a negative impact on their physical well being. When the stress level becomes great, it will manifest itself in one form or another. The result might be a bad habit like cribbing, pacing, weaving, or wood chewing (which is actually different than cribbing). Horse toys can help!

What is cribbing?

Cribbing occurs when a horse fastens its teeth onto an object, often a wooden fence, and gulps in air. This bad habit can wreak havoc on a horse's teeth and cause tremendous wear. Some equines take cribbing a step further and actually chew wood. If the horse swallows foreign particles, these could contribute to colic, which can be deadly. Other types of injuries are also possible from cribbing and from wood chewing.

To read more about cribbing, check out this article by fellow hubber, Mardi. She explains possible causes and results of cribbing in horses.

Toys for Horses

More and more veterinarians and other equine specialists are recommending the use of toys for horses. To keep your horse happy and to hold stress at bay, give him a few horse toys to play with. You can make your own horse toys or purchase them from larger horse supplies stores and online. Check out the following:

Tire toy: This is a freebie. Just find an old tire and place it in the pasture or paddock. Horses enjoy picking up the tires and slinging them around, so be sure to get one the right size for your horse. Obviously, a pony would need a smaller, lighter tire.

Milk jug tether: Rinse out a one-gallon plastic milk jug and suspend it over your horse’s stall. The jug should be level with the horse’s head. They enjoy knocking it back and forth like a tether ball. This is a great free horse toy!


Horses like grazing and prefer some room to roam.
Horses like grazing and prefer some room to roam. | Source
A bored, stressed horse will crib and chew wood.
A bored, stressed horse will crib and chew wood.

Likit Boredom Breaker: This horse toy can be used in several ways. It’s a round ball that’s hung about five feet off the ground, and the horse plays with it to get treats. You can use the Likit treats, or use your own, like carrots, apples, or chunks of melon. You can also drizzle syrup on the ball for the horse to lick off.


Tongue Twister: This is similar to the Boredom Breaker, but instead of being suspended, it mounts to the stall wall. It keeps horses busy and entertained as they try to get the Likit treat from the rolling ball. The Likit treats come in several flavors.


Six-inch play ball with grip: This ball is made of molded vinyl and has a “handle” where the horse can grip it with his mouth. Horses love tossing these balls around. It’s especially good for foals and young horses.


Tug-n-Toss Ball: This is a tough ten-inch ball with a complete handle. Horses can toss it by grabbing the handle in their teeth. The balls bounce, and they don’t inflate with air. Even if your horse bites through the ball, it won’t be destroyed.

Jolly Apple: These are great horse supplies! This is a nine-inch plastic red apple that hangs in the horse’s stall. The horses bat it with their head. This is especially nice because it has the added scent of real apples, so the horse’s attention and curiosity are naturally piqued.


Snak-a-Ball: This is a great combination toy and feeder. You fill the round ball with feed pellets, and the horse has to roll the ball around to make the pellets come out. The action required mimics and substitutes a horse’s natural grazing tendencies, and this thing will keep your horse happy for hours!

Giant soccer ball: These are horse supplies that will entertain both your horse and you! These huge forty-inch balls of made of rugged PVC, then covered with polyester. The cover can be removed and washed. Horses have a "ball" with this toy! I've seen them actually tackle the balls before as they roll them around the pasture. Watch the video below to see how much fun your horse can have with horse supplies like these!


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