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Live Frog Habitat Kit: Grow Live Frogs

Updated on October 15, 2010
Frog Habitat kit
Frog Habitat kit

Mall kiosks are now selling live frog habitat kits in the same manner that they used to sell betta fish and hermit crabs. The frog habitats come with everything you need to care for your small frog.

Also available are live frog habitat kits that not only come with everything you need, they also come with a coupon to send into the manufacting company. In return they will send live tadpoles that you can grow into full grown frogs.

For children under 6, this will not be an appropriate pet. For over 6, the frog is a good way to teach responsibility to older children. With adult supervision of course.

The Frog Habitat

The Uncle Milton Frog Habitat comes with the following:

  • Clear Frog habitat with vented lid. Measures 16" x 9" x 8" and is break resistant and escape proof

  • realistic pond environment that allows for underwater view through.

  • cave hideaway
  • coupon to mail in for live tadpole
  • does not come with food

Caring For A Frog

Wondering what's involved with taking care of a frog? First of all, taking a frog on as a pet isn't just like getting a fish. Frogs can live for a very long time, they are a pet that requires a long term commitment of a years.

In the beginning, your tadpoles can be fed small tadpole bits. As your frog gets older it is going to want its food to be LIVE. Yes, there are prepackaged frog food but when your frog is an adult he may desire a diet that is made of more then just dead crickets. Be prepared that part of the care for your frog will require handling of bugs.

Your frog habitat should be cleaned once a week. This requires everything to be taken out and cleaned in HOT water and never soap.


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