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Its No Laughing Matter When Dogs Are Overweight

Updated on March 2, 2013

Overweight and Obese Dogs

Dogs that are overweight are no laughing matter. There is a serious problem of overweight and obese dogs in the United States. The problems with overweight dogs are getting worse as time goes by. Overweight dogs have many health issues that are very similar to overweight humans. Why do dogs so much weight? A dog may be eating an improper diet. The dog eats too much, and he or she cannot get enough exercise to burn off the excess calories that the dog didn't need in the first place. The dog might be eating too many high calorie treats. Dogs shouldn't eat people food or at least shouldn't eat too much people food. Some people food can upset a dog's stomach, can make the dog sick, and the dog will throw up leaving a mess to clean up.

An obese dog weighs way too much, and a dog could reach a point where he or she isn't able to walk, or even move anymore. An overweight dog needs an appointment, and should be seen by a veterinarian, who can test the dog to determine if there are any underlying physical causes of the dog being so overweight. The vet would be able to treat the dog once he or she knows the cause or causes of the problem. If there are no underlying physical causes of the dog's weight problem, then the vet could put the overweight dog on a safe and reasonable diet.

An Overweight Dog


Health Issues with Overweight Dogs

Dogs that are overweight or obese face serious health issues that can be dangerous to a dog's health. Overweight and obese dogs can have serious health problems, which include: diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems, respiratory disorders, other conditions, diseases and disorders. Obesity in dogs can complicate other health issues that dogs already have and makes it hard on the dogs. Dogs should not be fed table scraps, hot dogs, or dog treats that are high in calories, especially overweight and obese dogs. Dogs should eat high quality dog food that is formulated, provides all the nutrients and vitamins that dogs need to stay healthy. Feeding an overweight dog food that is high in calories will just add to the problems the dog already has, and could make the dog sick. Overweight dogs shouldn't eat junk food that people eat (people shouldn't eat junk food), because junk food is unhealthy and can make dogs sick. Dogs should always have fresh water to drink and a diet that is 100% nutritionally complete. The dog food shouldn't be corn based. Dogs need protein that comes from meat. Dogs are carnivores and need meat. Good dog food should list protein (meat protein) as the first ingredient. Corn shouldn't be listed as the first ingredient. A veterinarian should be consulted about the best kind of dog foods and supplements that are the best for the age and health of dogs. A veterinarian should be consulted about supplements for dogs. Too many supplements can be bad for the health of dogs.

Obesity Epidemic

Dogs' Lives Can Be Shortened By Obesity

Obesity can shorten the lives of dogs that are overweight or obese by as much as two to two and a half years. Never put a dog, or any other pet on a diet on your own. Obesity in dogs are medical conditions that can only be treated by veterinarians. Veterinarians should always be consulted for dogs that are overweight. A veterinarian can do tests to find the cause of the weight problems in a dog, and then, the dog can be properly treated. Overweight and obese dogs need to lose weight gradually. Dogs need exercise and need to keep moving, so that dogs can stay healthy and alive. Dogs should live long, lean, and happy lives. No dog's life should ever be cut short, because of obesity.


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