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Guide to Choosing the Right Size of Doghouse

Updated on September 14, 2016

Caring for a dog is like having a baby in the house. You have to consider how well you will nurture it so that it will grow to be a disciplined pet that will help you achieve the purpose of having it. You should also buy him foods that will suit his characteristics, size and needs. Taking him to the veterinarian in a regular basis is also a must to ensure safety for your family, neighbors and passersby. You also have to build or buy him a convenient house to keep him warm during cold weathers and to protect him from the rain. In buying a doghouse, there are a lot of things to consider aside from your pet’s comfort. It has to be multipurpose and durable so that it will stay longer and can stand stormy weathers. First thing to do is to know your dog’s characteristics first. Below is a list of some kinds of dogs and their characteristics especially their sizes and how big will they grow.

Petite or Small Breed Dogs

  1. Affenpinscher – this dog is known to be capable for slaughtering mice.
  2. Border Terrier – known as the favorite breed of Mr. James Herriot, this dog is used to hunt foxes.
  3. Boston Terrier – this intelligent dog is friendly to other pets and is good in watching the house because it is very alert and is easy to train.
  4. Cairn Terrier – this active cute dog is good in controlling vermin and is a good family pet as long as it is provided with a good doghouse and fenced playground.
  5. Lowchen – these kinds of dog are known in European artworks because they resemble a lion.

If you will give your dog a present for being a good watcher, what will it be?

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An adorable hound dog
An adorable hound dog

Medium Sized Dogs

  1. Afghan Hound – great for hunting, this dog is developed in Afghanistan and is bred to hunt on mountains and deserts.
  2. Airedale Terrier – this terrier during the world wars were used to deliver messages and search for fallen soldiers.
  3. Australian Cattle Dog – if you are looking for a strong dog, this kind is also one recommended family dog.
  4. Black and Tan Coonhound – this dog is great in sprawling raccoons.
  5. Bluetick Coonhound – ticked with a blue color, this dog was brought out during the early decades of the 20th century


Dog Breeds of Large Size

  1. Akbash Dog – known to protect family livestocks from bears, wolves and coyotes, it is a favorite of American farms and ranches.
  2. Alaskan Malamute – a strong breed capable of transporting heavy loads on rough terrains.
  3. American Foxhound – this dog is used in fox hunting and is competitive in field games.
  4. Black Russian Terrier – with its weather resistant coat and alertness, this dog can be ideal in watching the house.
  5. Bloodhound – famous for his ability to sense fugitives, this dog is great for both police and family use.

Choosing the Right Size of Doghouse

Whether your dog is small, medium or large, you need not worry in buying it a dog house because there are dog houses sold in various sizes. You can also build your personalized dog house depending on the need of your pet. Giving him a house just enough for him to enter, lie down and move is the minimum requirement. Having a space larger than the dog size may benefit him during warm weather but will hurt him during cold ones. Assess the weather in your area and try to do some research on how to give your dog comfort throughout all seasons. Some dog houses for sale have features that can be cooler during summer and warmer during winter season like for example the Climate Master Plus which you can check through here: It can be bought through Amazon but is ideal for medium and large breed dogs only.

Will you buy your dog a house that is smaller than him?
Will you buy your dog a house that is smaller than him?

How to Measure Your Pet to Fit the Doghouse

  1. Measure your dog’s length from its nose through its butt and add an allowance of at least 5 inches. This measurement will be applied to the width and length of the doghouse because dogs usually move and turn too even when they lay to rest.
  2. Also, to match the measurement of the door, get the measurement from the dogs shoulder to the ground then list at least 75% of the measurement. You will do this because dogs will bend to enter using the door of the doghouse.
  3. To get the height of the house, measure through the dog’s head down to the ground (while the dog is standing) and then add at least 25% but not more than 50% of it. For example, the dog’s height is 25 inches, add at least 6 inches to make the doghouse’s heigh to 31 inches to 37 inches.


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