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A short guide to the Bulldog

Updated on December 3, 2013

Introducing the Bulldog

For some, bulldogs are at the top of the list of most beautiful dog breeds, though the majority of us find their wrinkled faces and stocky builds amusing to say the least! Bulldogs are very recognizable amongst dogs because of their unique look and, of course, their personality.

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and bringing a Bulldog into the family, this short and informative hub should help you understand the breed in more detail.

If Looks Could Kill

A bulldog's size can vary from small to large, depending on the type. An adult bulldog will weigh on average between 20 and 21 kg. The body of the Bulldog is wider towards the head and shoulders and gets smaller as it approaches the little tail. They have short hair which is easy to take care of (no brushing necessary, minimal shedding – great for indoors!), which can be red, fawn, white, black or mixed in different combinations. The head of a bulldog is huge compared to the body! They have folds of skin covering their large flattened snouts. Their large eyes are set well apart, nose and mouth are short and they have a flattened face. It's common for a bulldog to have a protruding lower jaw and long lips that hang over the jaw; this usually gives them a comical appearance! Some say the ugliness of the Bulldog is what makes it so cute.

The Psyche Of The Bulldog

Bulldogs often come across as tough or aggressive because of their muscular stature and facial expression, but in reality they are very calm and affectionate dogs. They don't require too much exercise and they're known for being able to break into a high-speed run if they have to. They love relaxing, sleeping and being cuddled. Bulldogs are known for being quite stubborn and they're not the most intelligent of dogs, but they are faithful companions and will bring happiness to their families. Their good and patient nature puts them at the top of the list of pets suitable for a family.

Heath & Well-Being

Bulldogs usually live between 8 and 12 years. It's common for them to develop allergies, which unfortunately can lead to breathing problems. All dogs need exercise, but bulldogs in particular can get fat very quickly if they don't get enough ‘walkies’. Being overweight is a serious problem for these dogs as it can lead to health issues with the heart, lungs and joints. So make sure you take your bulldog for some nice long walks! Hip dysplasia can also become a symptom of a bulldog as it reaches it more senior years.

In Summary

So to sum up, if you're looking to find a peaceful, independent-minded dog that is good around children, the bulldog is the dog for you! One thing to keep in mind is that bulldogs don't fare well in the heat. Apart from this, they can adapt very well to either urban or rural life.

Basically the bulldog is perfect!

A Designer Bed for Bulldog Comfort!

As mentioned in the hub, given the chance, Bulldogs like to lounge around and generally take it easy, but ensuring they get exercise is a must. Still, at the end of a weary day your Bulldog will enjoy nothing more than stretching out on one of these fabulous dog beds, by ZEIPET. The dog beds are made to measure so you can expect the perfect size for your pet, made with the very finest Italian fabrics.

© 2013 jamesmcguire


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