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Guinea Hen Colors

Updated on September 22, 2011

If you’re looking for fun farm birds that are useful and colorful, then consider buying guinea fowl. Guinea hen colors range from lavender to white, and quite a few pastel colors in between. These birds are popular with farmers because they’re useful as a form of pest control. They’ll eat just about any insect, but seem to be especially fond of stinging insects like wasps and bees, and seem to put an end to tick problems in areas where they live. The color variety is just an added bonus!

Guinea Gallery

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Assorted juvenile GuineasWhite juvenile GuineaPearl gray guinea fowl Pied juvenile GuineaCrested guineaVulturine guineaGuinea roosterAssorted juvenile GuineasDay old keets (guinea chicks) - many different varieties
Assorted juvenile Guineas
Assorted juvenile Guineas | Source
White juvenile Guinea
White juvenile Guinea | Source
Pearl gray guinea fowl
Pearl gray guinea fowl
Pied juvenile Guinea
Pied juvenile Guinea | Source
Crested guinea
Crested guinea | Source
Vulturine guinea
Vulturine guinea | Source
Guinea rooster
Guinea rooster | Source
Assorted juvenile Guineas
Assorted juvenile Guineas | Source
Day old keets (guinea chicks) - many different varieties
Day old keets (guinea chicks) - many different varieties | Source

Guinea Hen Colors

Pearl Gray





Lite Lavender

Royal Purple



Buff Dundotte




Powder Blue

Sky Blue

Lite Blue

Coral Blue




*More photos of the various colored guineas to come - I've got a flock of 30 various breeds that will be feathering out soon!

Other Guinea Fowl Varieties

French Guinea Fowl

French guinea fowl are larger (about 2 pounds heavier) than the domestic colored variety of guinea hens. In addition, their eggs are also larger, much closer to small to medium sized chicken eggs. The French guinea fowl are raised primarily as meat birds. The meat is a tender and fine grained; it is all dark meat.

Vulturine Guinea Fowl

The Vulturine guinea fowl has a head that is similar to that of a vulture, thus its name. It has a beautiful blue color around its neck and breast, while the rest of the bird has gray spotted feathers. It is only suited to homes in warmer areas, otherwise they must be provided with heated quarters during the colder winter months.

Crested Guinea Fowl

The Crested guinea fowl are easily distinguishable from other varieties because of their feathered crests (similar to top-hat variety chickens). They can adapt to mixed aviaries and are considered to be quieter than some other varieties of guineas. As with the Vulturines, this guinea fowl is from a sub-tropical climate and will need heated quarters during cooler winter


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  • Gerber Ink profile imageAUTHOR

    Charlotte Gerber 

    7 years ago from upstate New York

    Hi Sadie423, We have quite a few blue, lavender and 2 chocolates. The "ringleaders" however are the pied. Good luck with your keets!

  • sadie423 profile image


    7 years ago from North Carolina

    I didn't know there were so many different colors. Our first keets are only about 4 weeks old now. Mostly pearl gray and pied. We wanted white, but had to settle for a few with lots of white in them.


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