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Updated on March 5, 2013


Now a days the chicken or eggs available in the market are nutrition less. The trend of using organic food and vegetable is reviving back. This is very easy homemade procedure for getting organic egg and chickens, likewise one can also grow organic vegetables and fruits at home. Such ways of producing organic eatables are gaining popularity.


1. Following are few of the requirements for the task at hand:

(a) A medium sized Styrofoam box

(b) A 25 watt bulb

(c) A digital thermometer

(d) A plastic bowl

(e) A piece of foam

(f) 3 to 4 feet wire(for connections)

(g) A fan regulator

(h) A bulb holder

(i) Fertile eggs (eggs used for hatching chicks)

Steps for Setting up the Unit:

The under mentioned steps need to be followed:

(a) The first step is to prepare the Styrofoam box by joining Styrofoam sheets in the shape of a square or rectangle

(b) Connect the wires through the bulb holder along with the regulator connected in series.

(c) Now make two holes in the wall of Styrofoam box and put the bulb inside the box or put some tape to hang it.

(d) Place a digital thermometer inside the box.

(e) Now put the bulb in the holder.

(f) Put some water in the bowl along with a piece of foam.


To make the incubator work, plug in the wires (of bulb) into a switch for maintaining the temperature between 99 degrees to 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the bowl containing water closer to the bulb for maintaining the humidity level within the range of 60 to 70 percent. Keep the eggs in the box (Styrofoam incubator). For making this experiment a success the most you need is care, patience and persistence. The minimum time for hatching eggs is 21 days. The eggs should be turned over at least three times a day on 8 hourly bases. Mark the either sides of eggs with different characters to avoid confusion. If the eggs are not turned on the proper time that will result in deforming the chick inside the shell or none of the eggs will hatch. Unsatisfactory results are observed in case of lenient attitude. Some points to be kept in mind are that the eggs should be fertile, humidity and the temperature should be maintained by checking it from time to time. If the experiment is done with great efforts good results can be observed.

Checking the fertility of eggs:

The procedure for checking the fertility of eggs is known as “Candling” however, no candle is used in this. A torch is generally used to check the eggs. On the 7th day of the process, eggs should be candled. To candle an egg you need a torch to see through the egg; if you see some veins then it implies that the egg(s) is/are fertile if no veins are visible it means the eggs are not fertile. Moreover, if you see an "eye" or a “small ball” type of structures with some veins around it that means the egg is fertile.


· The incubator should be kept out of direct sunlight.

· Avoid moving the incubator after the process is started.

· Try to keep the temperature and humidity within the above mentioned limit.

· Don’t place the eggs very close to the bulb.

· The bowl containing the water should be checked frequently if the level of water is in the good range.

· Try to avoid the movements of eggs.

· If the variations are observed in the temperature try to maintain it with the regulator connected.

Personal Experience:

Maintaining the temperature was a tricky task, as twice the bulb of my incubator got fused. Baring few such issues, it was a fun experience.


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    • profile image

      Deogratia 3 years ago

      Dear sir.

      you have an interesting website, I am a young person trying to get into the chicken farming job, but i am totally new to this, i believe i can raise chickens but i will like more info's on how to make a simple incubator that can hatch me at least 20 eggs..... thanks for your understandings and i look forward to read from you, my email address is ( dnkwenti @ )

    • hurabbas5 profile image

      Hur Abbas 5 years ago from Peshawar, Pakistan

      Hope every one will try this ..