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Updated on August 14, 2010

stray dogs in India

stray dogs are a threat to pedestrians
stray dogs are a threat to pedestrians
 captive dogs in the van
captive dogs in the van
their ever increasing population
their ever increasing population

The city of Bangalore is known as India’s Hi-Tech city or the Garden city or the more familiar term, the ‘Silicon Valley of India’. But lately its residence dared to rename it as the city of stray dogs, when its newspapers started reporting at least two cases of stray dog bites and deaths each day. On an average 12 people are bitten by stray dogs per MINUTE somewhere in Bangalore.

From the reports of the stray dog menace, it is sad to observe that kids are the main victims. The slum kids are more prone to these sorts of attacks. Also, kids enjoy playing out in the evenings or at dark and thus are left to the fury of the stray mongrels. In a shocking incident at Chandra Layout, a little girl was mauled to death by a pack of nine dogs. In another case, a school girl was attacked by a pack of dogs because she was carrying a Tiffin box.

They also pose a lot threat to road commuters, especially to cyclists and two wheelers, traveling at dusk. They chase these travelers, in most cases, cross frenziedly across the streets unexpected. The result is obvious, the travelers hurt and left to bleed on the roadside and in some cruel cases, attacked by these ruthless packs. With their bites, men are at the risk of contracting Rabies.

Rabies is transmitted to humans with the bite of a rabid dog. Their saliva carries the virus, which enters the human body through the wounds. This virus affects our Central Nervous System, causing the inflammation of the brain. In the early stages of this disease, the symptoms are malaise, fever and headache; while in the later stages huge pain, violent movements, uncontrolled excitements, depressions and inability to swallow water (hydrophobia) accompanies. Coma and eventually death due to respiratory insufficiency is certain.

Rabies vaccine should be given to the victim of a dog bite in or near the area of the bite.

India is reported having the world’s highest rate of human rabies because of stay dogs.

These incidents seem to happen not only in Bangalore but in other cities of India. Why is this happening only in India and how can we tackle these issues?

The main reason behind such a menace is that we fail to check the increasing population of stray dogs. The city municipalities have there after successfully captured many stray dogs with the help of expect dog catchers, but were criticized for their cruel treatment and killing of the captive dogs by PETA and other animal rights activists. In the land of Ahimsa, we need not resort to brutal killing of these abandoned dogs, but surely must prevent stay dog menace effectively and scientifically.

In Western Europe, there are lot of associations for the welfare of abandoned pets and stray dogs. There are also centers for pet adoption. We hardly get to see any stray dogs or cats on the street there. We need to set up such welfare organizations and adoption centers for dogs in India too.

Also, we need to sterilize and vaccinate these stray dogs to counter-check their increasing number and to prevent the spread of rabies. The dog owners should be made to obtain license and regularly immunize their pets.

In many municipal heath centers, there is severe shortage of rabies vaccine. We need to have adequate supply of the vaccine.

It is seen that the stray dog menace happens mostly in the areas where there are street meat and fish markets and hotels. To discard or litter the waste along the road sides should be penalized and the door to door collection of food wastes by the municipal authorities should be encouraged instead of the road side bins.

The stray dog menace is in fact a grave problem in India and the authorities should act immediately to tackle this issue seriously and effectively. Dogs are man’s best friends for ever, if we care for them!

garbage and the ever increasing dogs

cruelty towards the captive dogs

culling of the stray dogs
culling of the stray dogs

what we need to do with the captive dogs


stray dogs in Bangalore

what should be done with the stray dogs?

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    • profile image

      niSA 2 years ago


    • profile image

      kaushani ghosh 2 years ago


    • profile image

      US DESI VISITOR 3 years ago

      Now that I think about it again, its more of a combination of lack of funding, lack of government, human error, human cruelty, littering, lack of regulation, and a lack of kindness to animals we see and deal with everyday.

    • profile image

      US DESI VISITOR 3 years ago

      Been here over 2 weeks and feel super sad to see the dogs ignored and scared. I understand the bitting of ppl due to fear and hunger but also have to feel for the kids and adults who don't provoke a single thing and they are mauled and or killed with no cause. Who speaks for them. I have dogs so killing them is out of the question but how can a someone say that killing a dog is bad and flip out on a person like me but not me since I would never condone killing an animal when they have never been subjected to what I can only describe as torture.

      I feed the dogs and pet them but I would understand how some ppl fear them due to some past or family related attack in their lives. I can't stand any of the noise here though, car honks, drunk ppl, and the temples but the dogs are a consistant annoyance every night.

      I mean right now its 3:38 am and I have been awake listing to dogs barking and howling for over an hr now.

      Ppl here in India though should not be subject to persecution due to their extreme thoughts of killing a dog when there is little aid to those hurt. Ppl can comment and say this doesn't happen for no reason or the dogs were provoked but come here and test that theory. They travel in large numbers, packs, and could clearly gang up on a person. what is a kid or poverty stricken family to do?

      I mean if a child could die from diarrhea, or from not getting a $0.50 medicine because the pharmacist only mentions the high price name brand meds. Imagine the what happens when a person with a dog bite comes into a hospital and has no money here. Not all ppl are nice and would help those injured without payment. Its not a developed country.

      I would personally round up the dogs and sterilize them and relocate them somewhere but have no idea where.

      But do not say that ppl are cruel for wanting sleep and silence when you are not subjected to the lack of sleep. Think about what happens in america with stray pets who are not adopted. They get euthanized! Killed! Does no one wonder why Bob Barker kept saying keep pet numbers down, spay or neuter your dogs? That's because they use to run wild everywhere in america to till they started using the needle on the stray animals that no one adopted. This is sad but apparently no one stops them from doing it.

      Again not condoning it but try to see the other side. Do not judge a poster because of their extreme thoughts of killing when they are sleep deprived or have been attacked. Ppl here are from a different world so help then to understand your perspective and thoughts.

      Again sterlize the wild dogs and regulate numbers where they get large. The government here should have dog catchers and create more strict regulation for animal cruelty and pet ownership. Establish more centers for those who do not have money and need treatment and meds.

      However, I see how this would be hard to do in India.

    • profile image

      Arun 3 years ago

      Some common questions:

      1. Why only Dogs lives are so much important? Don't you think every animal in this world has same kind of life(Prana) in their body? If these so called 'Animal Lovers' want to show 'Humanity' to Stray Dogs, then I pity on their common sense. If whole world is killing millions of Chickens, Goats, Fishes, Cows, Pigs, then why not you go and fight with every Non-Veg person in this world?

      Infact, most of those animals have not created any neusance and not biten or harmed human beings the way these Stray Dogs have been doing.

      Just watch Aaj Tak, how street dogs have killed small and innocent human kids in various cities in India.

      Fuck these bastard so called biased Animal Lovers, who only love Dogs!!! I wish their kids get killed by these street dogs, then they will know how the general public feels threatened because of these stray dogs.

      On a similar note, if humanity has to be shown to everyone, irrespective to their actions, then why do you kill even Terrorists??? Afterall, they are also human beings???

    • profile image

      Ali Abdul 3 years ago

      All the stray dogs should be killed. They are attacking human beings and killing live stocks upsetting the livelihood of people. People who are attacked by dogs need to spend thousands of rupees for the treatment. Who will compensate their loss. Will dog friendly government or dog lovers will help them?

    • profile image

      Ramona 3 years ago

      The stray dogs hve the right to live but they should also be controlled

      some stray dogs tends to bite another dogs or do not allow people having pet dogs to move on the street and specially in Borivali IC there are many stray dogs and specially one dog in particluar tends to bite anyone passing by when in is in a fit of moods. hence I would request the authorities to any action on the stray dogs moving in the streets

    • profile image

      Animal Lover 3 years ago

      1) The stray dogs need to be sterilized and not killed in mass

      2) whoever dsnt love dogs or other animals I have no bad feeling against them but whoever said the strays will be killed I pity for you guys... you guys will give an amazing lesson to your kids and generation.

      3) Human Lives are def an important and the most critical... however our govt and Ngos or we people need to see how to overcome this kind of challenges.

      4) Plz note if we respect Nature GOD will save us... otherwise it will be almost the end of the World.

      N.B : I have two pet dogs and in my area there are many community dogs... havn't seen biting menance in last 5 years here....

      Think Before you speak Folks!!! Its a Life...

      All da best,


    • profile image

      ajay 3 years ago

      I can see a lot of jerks who vote for catch and kill them.

      I ask you people the animals dodnot have any right to live....?

      if you tell no....I have to tell even your childrens don't have any rights to live and even you too.

      you people leave those terrorists to live in prison who killed lots of people.

      I request you all please help animals give them food, isn't of giving tips in 5star hotels. Some times animals do mistake because of food. So they bit....they help you once.

    • profile image

      RWA 3 years ago

      Kill the stray dogs to save human suffering.

    • profile image

      Mia 3 years ago

      No animal is ever cruel towards others unless they're subjected to cruelty, abuse or are intensely hungry. We humans are the only species that are cruel to themselves, other humans and all animals under the sun.

      How can you term other fellow animals as menace or problem? When you face a problem with your kids or at home, what is your choice? You surely choose to deal with it. Dogs and humans and all other life-forms co-exist and we have absolutely no right, whatsoever, to maul any form of life. If dog attacks are happening, we must see why... Many slum children have habits of inflicting pain or irritating a dog and when it reacts, then it's the dog's fault? What judgement is this?

      The girl with the tiffin must have run seeing dogs... It is a natural instinct of predatory animals to chase what is afraid of them! Even human predators chase their victims, don't they?? Only difference is, humans do it for fun and thrill, animals do it because they are hungry and in need.

      We should make people more aware of animal behaviour and stop them from taking out their frustration on animals. I have known cases where drunk boys have tortured and killed stray dogs for no reason... Who accounts for these?

      We should join hands and sterilize dogs, give them love, share our food and behave ourselves with them if we expect the same returns.

      What kind of people vote to kill them?? Such hypocretes! Can they even love their children? Can they love anybody or anything except themselves? Who are we to decide to destroy the life God has blessed? People who have voted to kill, must feel how painful it is to be tortured... They should burn in hell.

      No animal attacks just like that. Don't be the spark.

    • profile image

      bia 4 years ago

      now a days the problem of the stray dogs area burninng issue.childrens are scared and they can't enjoy playingout in the evening.many of the people were attacked and cause death by stray dogs.many of the deseases will cause by the incresing of stray dogs.

    • profile image

      Jancy Thomas 4 years ago

      We have never come across even a single stray dog attacking or chasing a passer-by or anyone. It is really hard to believe. In fact, they are the ones who are subjected to cruelty . My sister has seven female dogs (though she is financially not sound) - all saved from the clutches of `inhuman' hands. Whenever we come across any stray dog, we used to feed them and they never attacked or tried to harm us. According to some newspapers, Vypin is said to have been ruled by stray dogs. Our experience proved the opposite. We came across some stray dogs in Vypin (bus junction) whose conditions were very pathetic - with infected eyes and bones stuck out due to days' starvation. We are not vypin residents and we have seen these dogs for the first time Seeing their pathetic condition , we decided to feed them. Initially they were afraid of us and later when they knew that we were not meant to harm them, they ate to their content . My niece, before feeding these dogs, even removed worm from an infected eye of one of these dogs. . This dog, even in pain, stood silently. When we left, they kept staring at us in gratitude (even something beyond that) till we were out of their sight and that SIGHT of course will never fade away from our memories. These dogs definitely might have become the victims of recent brutal killings carried out by the locals. These dogs are not made of stones - they have feelings and pains like we all have ; they breathe the same air that we all breathe; they too have the freedom to live. Remember the famous quote of our Nation's great leader MAHATMA GANDHI "THE GREATNESS OF A NATION AND ITS MORAL PROGRESS CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY ITS ANIMALS ARE TREATED". I live in Delhi . Here the stray dogs are safe and thanks to MANEKA GANDHI. May GOD bless her abundantly.

    • profile image

      rsimha 4 years ago

      Hi Sir

      Please suggest any possible solution to Dogs Chasing problem.

      Years ago dogs were not a problem (at least in our area in Bangalore), but off late dogs have learnt to chase kids, cycles, adults, two wheelers and cars.

      They just pop out from under parked cars and attack walkers. Day and night.

      Children and Two wheelers are most affected. It is almost like a mishap waiting to happen.

      As an animal lover, it has been really hard to see things happening.

      Dog complaints have been registered. Most dogs are neutered. Not all.

      What can be done. Please help

    • profile image

      Gr!p$ 4 years ago

      We can never judge a person based on the way they feel or think, coz each individual is a reflection of the life he/she has vitnessed, which is why we have different opinions. Me, for an example loves stray dogs only [not breeds] so so much, care for them like I would for my own child and yet fret when I see a gang of them on the road coz I've been bitten couple of times, but should that make me hate them and want them extinct? Never. They are the only existance in this world that is truly a man's best friend.

      Had there not been these noisy boistrous little creatures out there, there would have been umpteen times more number of murders, deaths, rapes, roberies and lots more of life threatining dangers that we could think of. Every time a criminal mind is in action it always considers the threat of a dog attacking it and where are these dogs?

      The same that each of you are talking of..The Stray that protect us when the world is alseep and no system to protect us. The same little one's that are hit and kicked and iltreated the whole day by mankind, unkowingly are protecting them all the while. God created them to protect us [It is even stated in religious books] but we are not doing our bit of protecting them. This is only because the world today has become a planet full of self-centered people [they call it being focused in life]. Every single human being is just to busy like on a stop-watch ticking to move ahead in life and proving themselves. If your child went out one day and in ignorance happens to kill or harm number of people, would you kill your child so brutally as the stray are killed? No, instead you would fight the whole world to keep him safe. Don't hurt those little hearts that cannot speak and tell us why they do things and how much pain they live in each day.

      What everyone is looking for is a reformed system with no menace around. Simply Silly..if you choose to rely on any Government that just has nothing right. To all the animal lovers and volunteers..lets all get together on common ground and work things out on how we can atleast get close to making this a Win-Win! Firstly, a massive appeal needs to be made to the autorities and the Government, to hire at large educated and heart-felt people who realy want to help rather than a bunch of ruthless drunks and dopers [the ones who actualy do the clearing of the dogs from the streets at the Government NGO's, they get themselves into that state so that they can buthcher those animals without any conscience]. If citizens of India want to compare there lives to those of other countries, firstly look at their Government, their system, the organised way in which they do things, without harming animals. Doctors in our country are paid so well. Similarly animal welfare should be a job of utmost profile so that everything is done in a manner which is correct. Right from garbage clearing, vaccinations, sterilizing, rescue, adoption..all of it. And yes to those who still choose to want evrything without volunteering to give time and effort to it, the least we could expect is support the cause, by supporting those who will work to make everything right for you. Heya Bow-Wow's, if there the evil people who hurt you, do not worry coz there will always be the Good people who will protect and love you. Rise Up India..that's all I can say! We need to seriously work in Unity towards what is Right Right Right!!

    • profile image

      malikibnu 4 years ago

      Kudos to SLAMI.

    • profile image

      malikibnu 4 years ago

      I am answering to Haryy 4.

      Harvy, Have you ever been attacked by stray dog. If so, then your comments would have been different. We are living in a helpless society wherein we do not get enough support from any one. I agree to your point that we do not have right to kill another human. But we do have all the right to kill the dog which attacks us.

      Do you know what will happen when stray dogs scared the two-wheeler rider by chasing. He will lose control and met with accident or else end up by bitten by at least one dog. Either he met with accident or bitten by at least one dog, he has spend around Rs. 3000/- for medical expenses and bearing injury with pain for at least one week.

      Please start think practically and put your comments on this forum.

      I appeal concern authority to take serious and severe action against stray dogs and change our living style.

    • profile image

      malikibnu 4 years ago

      If any one want to support they can very well take care of stray dogs by spending their own money, instead showing their concern against the person who got affected by stray dog.

    • profile image

      ashley 4 years ago

      "Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely, the world will change for that one dog"...

    • profile image

      Somu 4 years ago

      I love dogs but it doesn't mean that I can spend sleepless nights forever. In my area there are more than 60 dogs. Few months back when we complained to concerned authorities about the increased number of dogs some people came here and caught a few dogs to sterilize them. After a few days they left more dogs back than what they had taken away. Now after a couple months I can see a dozen puppies playing around. I wonder what happened to sterilization? I challenge ANIMAL ACTIVISTS

      to come here and spend few days. Let them bear the barking noise for 24 hours. Even after that if they are not agitated then I will think I am wrong. Any one who dares to accept my challenge?

    • profile image

      pramila 4 years ago

      to all those who consider dog as u tnk v humans r perfect? dey dnt hv sense lyk humans....dogs r better tan humans in every way...ts world is nt only for humans bt for every living beings...dey too hv right to leave in this world

      stop accusing innocent dogs...first look in to urself

    • profile image

      sujan danai 4 years ago

      its very sad to read this article people don't take their responsibility. sterlize is a good method to treat this problem. i am a very animal loving guy especially dogs wheather stray or not i don't care. killing can never be a solution. people mostly get bitten because they run away when they see dogs. in india people are not supportive to this organization working to control them like birth control. if u kill one another produces 6 babies how can u control it. if u sterlize one then practically that is like killing more than 30 dogs in humenly way. comeon guys this world doesnot only belong to us they are also part of us. just u support organization and see the result.

      u just refer to this video and u will see how it work.

      i myself infact have adopted 5 dogs street not those costly one and 4 of them are female and sterlize them all and its already been 4 yrs not a single puppy if they were in street and didn't sterlize then there would already have been more than 30 extra dogs. its we who should take responsibility so support don't kill.

      infact dogs are the most beautiful and lovely animals. u watch haciko movie and i am sure u will fall in love with dogs

    • profile image

      Haryy 4 years ago

      All u guys are vry cruel fellows wen u dnt hav rights to kill human hw can u kill dos poor dogs , u must have sum curtsey towards them to more over stop taking ill about women as if males are always right k... u can adopt our stray dogs instead of adopting dis stupid foreign dogs to be frank evn dos costly dogs are stray dogs in dr country eg: German shepherd which is used by shepherd. plz dnt ever b harsh n any animals . no human with gud heart will think of killng

    • profile image

      mehter 4 years ago

      i think you should not kill them nasty street dogs. just clean them up and pack them as bedmates to women who talk against women. women who talk against women only deserve nasty smelling street dogs, not human male company

    • profile image

      klvinay 4 years ago

      ABC or sterilisation will never work. The only fit solution is to have the dogs shot (like they do in Singapore) and arrange for their mass burial. Dogs can be sent to Nagaland or other places in N E region where dog meat is a delicacy. If we cannot shoot the dog then at least we should be allowed to shoot the NGOs working for stray dogs.

      We are not allowed to sleep even a minute such is the barking of dogs the entire night. My son suffered a fracture when he was riding a bike and around 17 dogs attacked him without any provocation. so many of my friends and neighbours have suffered attacks from stray dogs and spent Rs.2000-3000 for injection, mental and physical suffering etc.

      In bangalore every 100 yards there are groups of 10 -20 stray dogs.

      We have stopped going for morning walk since the first thing I see in the morning are dogs, pissing, shitting, vomiting or mating.

    • profile image

      Loveispowerful 4 years ago

      Ohh..i know how that feels as even i have a cat at home..:( ... But theres nothing we can do about it .. Its just their nature... And what nature demands of them ... Sadly we cant do anything about it :(

    • profile image

      cvipa 4 years ago

      today, some street dogs ganged up and ate my neighbour's cat.... i saw and heard the kid cry to death and screamed for help.... the dogs were so ferocious that no one dared to stop them.. they were about 15 dogs... that ate the cat like a wolf feeding.... don't know what to say....

    • profile image

      Loveispowerful 4 years ago

      There are more poor people n india who live in streets... They too have 6-7 kids , most of Whom also don't end up having a quality life , get killed or raped...and some of them turn out to be criminals u suggest we kill them too ?? Humans scare me more than animals...!! My friend , killing is NOT a solution...take know the dogs in your area are the NGOs..they do the sterelisation for free....don't wait and say that its not your job.....

    • profile image

      Vineetz 4 years ago

      The dumb and retarded muncipality should be screwed for this. People should protest and raise their voice.

      It's not like these stray dogs have a quality life. the live on the streets and die there. they get into fights get raped killed. it's very hurtful to watch dogs with hugs wounds with nobody to take care of.

      It's the same reason tht i don't go home alone if its late. I'm pretty damn scared of the dogs to be truthful. I was once chased and cornered by a huge pack. they were very brutal. thankfully i called my frnds who reached on time.

      There shouldn't be any stray dog cow or any animal in the city atleast. Moreover they miltiply by 6 times. I'm against street dogs. they're scary.

    • profile image

      Loveispowerful 4 years ago

      What a bunch of losers we have here ... Seriously...talking about killing stray dogs ??? Haha... ...I was bit by a dog which was the furiest in the gang...the next day I took injections came back home and all I did was fed him a glass of milk...from the next day he comes and jumps all over me happily when I come home...and doesn't even bite back even if I hit him when he barks at others !!.and so that he and his gang don't become a problem..i called the NGOs and sterelised him..they do that for free !! our problem is we find the easy way out of everything.....and killing them man ??And that too just because they bark and you can't u just kill them??? Is it that easy to do and say ..its their world heartless are you guys ??Our morals and values are well explained by how we treat someone who depends on our mercy ... It is easy to hate , but love is more powerful .

    • profile image

      Ashima 4 years ago

      Hey slami

      I understand your emotions regarding the issue....I have been bitten by street dogs 2 times ...and still i refuse to believe that the dogs or any animals infact should be killed....

      We made the city by steeling their homes....they were well off before..but we made their homes into ours...where else would they go...

      What makes you say that human lives are much more important than theirs??? If you have a problem with someone..killing them is not a solution...

      God gave us intelligence and a mind to think...not to act as the rest of the animals....if u just go and kill whatever bites you...what's the difference between them and you..???

    • profile image

      ch.sandeep kumar 5 years ago

      According to me must not be killed because they too have equal rights to live on this earth.If anybody says that they must be killed its not because if they want to know reason why ask the person who saved with the help of dogs is situations like bomblast,kidnapping,robbery.....etc.And we should not forget that we are SOCIAL ANIMALS that which resembles that we have ability to think and even to understand the feelings of animals.The who are telling that they must be killed they lost their values,patience and ability to think.They must realize that one doesn't have right to kill other living organism and must not forget that no human being cannot with animals.Its a natural phenomenon.They balance the ecology system.They give us many indirect benefits.Stray dogs should not be culled but vaccinated,sreilised and de-wormed{ridding their body of parasites}.

    • profile image

      Rahul 5 years ago

      Please act like Humans and let our conversation also be like humans. First of all we are not animals so please don't compare we humans with ANIMALS ( only the athiests and ANIMAL Activists believe that). When it comes to not saying that we should kill them but please explain MR ACTIVSTS please let us know what would you do if your wife or old mother is bit by DOGS or your child is bit by DOG. Yes I agree we sould not kill all the dogs but then IF YOU ALL are so angry with this killing concept please come up with definite measures and do it otherwise we will surely kill some dogs( not all). UNDERSTAND DOGS are there to balance the environment ( as a creation of GOD BUT THEY ARE NOT EQUAL TOHUMAN BEINGS.

    • profile image

      Save Our Strays Penang, Malaysia 5 years ago

      Neutering the dogs are the best solution. And leave them alone, this world is for everyone ...only sellfish human will support killing the dogs and these people do not deserve love at all.

      Human always take easy way out and make themselves look so ugly, worst than an animal.

      Human wake up !

    • profile image

      .prasad 5 years ago

      im a animal lover to but its our basic right to safeguard ourselves and to sleep peacefully in the nights ever since i have moved to kasturinagar im havin sleepless nights bcoz of the stray menace and which go on barking whole night,its affecting my routine and performance too,and i want to tell those so called animal lovers if they love their animals soo much they should keep them at their homes as a citizen of this society i hav my all rights to protect my own kind so i strongly feel they shoul d be killed if dosnt do it i will do myself

    • profile image

      animal lover 5 years ago

      if the dog bites you or your family member and then they die because of rabies but still you are against killing stray dogs.. then I agree with you :)

    • profile image

      letstraysfuckurwife 5 years ago

      best way, buy some chicken pizza/ chicken kebab and carefully add high dose of rat poison/tylenol+ibuprofen tablet dusts (and put some sauce into the piece to hide the smell of the poison)... keep those in a plastic bag, set ur alarm at 2.30 - 3 AM.

      wake up, go somewhere else and leave that packet.... come back home and sleep. no need to talk abt this much... next day everything is gonna be tata-bye bye..

    • profile image

      killthestrays 5 years ago

      Smartest answer i have found in this page is the comment of zombie_killer and AK .

      Dude, I appreciate ur thinking....Everyone else talking against killing stray dogs are fucking idiots.. they are eating full plate chicken tandoori and mutton keema in their air-conditioned dining room and bullshit over here.....we need to kill them too.

    • profile image

      AK 5 years ago

      Kill the dogs , kill the stray dog lovers too

    • profile image

      rahul 5 years ago

      i hate dogs

    • profile image

      kj300 5 years ago

      if humans take up the whole planet where will the rest of the animals go? There are people freaking everywhere !!

    • profile image

      Anamika 5 years ago

      Victoria Salter, I totally agree with you.

      For all you people who have just 'Murder' in your heads, why don't you be fair and kill those criminals wandering about in the city!

      You basically have absolutely no right over the lives of any other living being other than your own. Do what u want to yourselves. Not to another living creature.Every problem can be solved if rightly approached. If you consider yourselves human then use those 'brains' to find sensible, practical, humane and effective solutions than suggesting unreasonable and stupid solutions.

    • profile image

      zombie_killer 5 years ago

      Kill em like anything.

      rat poison+milk maid


      small pieces of glass(glass powder)+milk maid

      =form small round shaped capsules. Feed em.. forget em.

    • profile image

      venku 5 years ago

      I am staying in "House No:18, Venkateswara Nilaya, Nandini Layout, 1st Main, B.Narayanapura, " here the dogs on the road are not allowed to go on the way.they are attempting to bite the people.It is very horrible to cross the dogs. That lane has got around 30 stray dogs which keep on howling, barking, crying the whole night and residents are not able to sleep. Can somebody please take those dogs away from that lane? I don't understand what the govt in Bangalore doing. Isn't it the responsibility of Municipality to take care of these things?

      Please take actions as soon as possible

      It is most difficult especially when we are going alone in this way.

      Please save me . we are very fearing about my lives.

      Thank & Regards



    • profile image

      Iftikhar Qureshi 5 years ago

      ..Contain the population growth of dogs and let them die their natural death..!!

    • profile image

      sumaiya 5 years ago

      i love the dogs i want to sleep with the dog sat the one night without sleeping with jitendra and sheeba rani

    • profile image

      ABC 5 years ago

      If we cannot kill the dogs so how can we kill cockroaches and mosquitoes?

      they are also animal or alive things...

      Let them bite us...

      That's true "Ahimsa"...

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      KILL offence to animal lovers ...even iam one..but there s a difference between pets and pests ..street dogs are a pain in the wrong place ..n trust me there are so many dog lovers out there who just feed these street dogs but will never adopt one ..every one like s good breed..KILL THEM if they are out of control..dogs are no longer mans best friend ..THEY EAT KIDS GOD DAMM ..WILL ANY ONE LIKE IT IF IT HAPPENED TO YR OWN KIDS..

    • profile image

      Dan 6 years ago

      India is the playground for the animal-rights-mafia organizations, just like Bulgaria, Romania, Rusia and other 3rd world countries.

      If you have the curiosity to search, how the countries with no strays on the streets manage their abandoned pets, you will see the classic scenario: Catch, keep in shelter for 2 weeks, euthanasia if no one adopts them.

      There is no Catch-neuter-release (which, by the way, didn't succed in not a single country), no human haters and no one is even considering keeping the dogs in the streets.

      There are lots of animal lovers in those countries too, but they realize that putting other people's life in danger is not an option. Also there is no life in the streets for a dog, being vulnerable to being posioned, being hit by cars or by other people, so for most of them euthanasia is a better option.

      So, for most of you who think you are animal lovers - you are not. Feeding dogs from time to time, doesn't make you a dog lover. If you truly loved them, you would have taken them home, offer them a family, offer them love, food and shelter. You are just brainwashed by those terrorist organizations, and you are iresponsable for the society you live in.

    • profile image

      sincere 6 years ago

      The Golden words are: Maintain the Balance....

      Don't kill the each and every canine u come across and don't save the one's who are a very good option is to sterilize them, but again the problem is- it's feasibility


    • profile image

      Chi 6 years ago

      I insist my opinion seriously ,

      Leave them alone !

      Everyone should care more about the dogs

      They are life, they just cant speak out for what they want.

      They're not like human , human sometimes worst then dogs. Dogs are more humanity then the human.

      Human has right to make the right for own, Dogs also have the right to decide how their life should end up. Never decided by the human, human has no power, no rights to do.

    • profile image

      prasad 6 years ago

      Please read this..As one of famous enterperneurs says knowledge is always better than ignorance...

    • profile image

      Luís 6 years ago


      This is obviously a big problem in bangalore. Also around the world.

      It is funny (not funny, sad) to see that this arouses lots of passion from any side.

      I recently came upon some ideas that seem to offer possible solutions:

      dogs are highly adaptable animals. and highly trainable (heck! that is why they paired with us humans in the first place) - there are numerous ways to train dogs to do useful things in society: health (dogs can early detect cancer, heart attacks, diabetes...); transport (those dogs that pull love sleighs love it); security; hunting; helping people with disabilities.

      Some of these "capabilities" can be used to earn money. If there is possible money, there is a solution. has anyone though about building a neat sleigh pulled by dogs to drive people around?

      I'm not saying that this solves the problem in bangalore - it is obviously escalated to a "too big" issue to be dealt with only one type of solution. But I'm going to try and develop a project in my country to help stray dogs by training them to do useful things.

      I hope these words can inspire new ideas to overcome this issue.

      see also this video of a TED Talk using crows (it was my inspiration):

    • profile image

      sheetal 6 years ago

      My little puppy is sleeping besides me as I am reading your article and I am shocked really that a human being can be so self-centered! Listen, legally they have all rights to live. Propagating this kind of inhuman solution to kill the animals is highly condemned.

    • profile image

      Che Guevara 6 years ago

      We bloody Humans, the dirtiest and the most unwanted creatures ever to walk on earth, we have been conditioned over generations by all the religions, education and training and governments that the whole existence is for our use. whoever has recommended in this forum that the dogs should be killed doesn't deserve to live. what kind of a living being are you, who is ready to take another creature's life. cant you for a single moment stop and look the innocence of the dog????? if you cant, then you are blind. the dog has gone stray because of us. you squeeze the habitat of the animals, u kill them, u kick them, u don't have a heart to throw a biscuit at them, you don't have the mind to see their innocence, you are retarded to understand that they are being themselves, not cruel. and you come here talk bout killing them. you are a pain to the world. there cannot be two opinions about it. Respect them, be a man... when i say be a man, i mean be a human. this existence is not for your use. it is for you to co-exist. its due to your way of thinking that we don't see sparrows in bangalore today,.. you are not the center of existence. be kind to animals. they ll throw back the same in a million folds. a dog is a dog is a dog. a man has been a christ as well as hitler. be a christ.

    • profile image

      Joseph 6 years ago

      If the vaccination of the stray dogs is a success as is claimed by whoever it is , how come we have thousands of puppies all over Bangalore ----- Guys get real --- Get rid of the Dogs ---- The only Airport where you can see more than 20 stray dogs ----- "A" City Bangalore !!!!! Nice way to welcome anyone to the IT City !!!

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      I'm 18 and I agree with Daniel, we should find out what the dog's like. If it's diseased or watever then kill it, but if not then why kill it for no reason?

    • profile image

      Daniel Richardson 21 6 years ago

      After seeing how many people voted to catch and kill these poor animals, it just broke my heart. But then again, we all have our oppinions. My oppinion is that we sterilize, then put the dogs up for adoption so that way we know how the dog is. If it is too aggrssive, then we will have to kill it, but we should at least see if it is at least able to get adopted and get a home. I am a vetranarian and my girlfriend has a dog I love, so I am an animal lover. I hope you agree. Wonderful website. Very useful. Huge thumbs up!!! :) Not usually this..."Sophisticated" XD

    • profile image

      aliss 6 years ago

      i find it sad how many people want to catch and kill stray dogs. first we abandon, then when they look up to us for food, we kill them. why not kil all humans and animals without homes?

    • profile image

      Victoria Salter 6 years ago

      A lot of people who have commented on here are WRONG! We do not have to kill them! I know that strays can cause an awaful lot of damage, but sometimes I have to say that I cannot blame them. Look at the damage WE have done to the planet and to animals and compare it to how much damage they have done. We destroy rainforests, churn out fumes, pollute lakes and oceans, drop litter on the ground and destroy countryside. We also perform millions of useless, barbaric experiments on animals, hunt wild animals for no good reason, club seals because they dare to eat fish, abandon companion animals when we no longer want them, drown puppies and kittens and wmost of us don't even see anything wrong with killing insects.

      Stray dogs are still dogs! After all, dogs are man's best friend. Okay, don't get me wrong, I respect the fact that some of you have had some bad experiences with stray dogs, but if there were packs of strays living around my home, I would NOT, under any circumstances, want them to be killed or harmed. I would want them to be captured, not harmed. I would want the animal shelters to try to re-train them so that they could be adopted, and if they were too badly-behaved, I would want them to be trained by proffesionals or released.

      Stray dogs have saved lives before.

      A lot of strays are homeless through no fault of their own. Dogs are often abandoned when their owners no longer want them or they may have ran away due to cruel treatment. What gives us the right to kill them just because they tip over trash cans and chase people. Not all strays are vicious killers. If you look at the Dogs Trust website, you will find that a lot of the dogs on the website were strays.

      If you still want to kill them because some of them are dangerous, then why not go round killing homeless people because some of them are criminals?

      Animals are often stray because there are too many people who want to breed them and not enough people who want to keep them. We are overrun with animals. Despite this, however, breeders carry on breeding more dogs and five to seven million of them are destroyed in shelters each year.

      Do you really think that animals enjoy being strays? Strays risk starvation, being hit by vehicles, killed, cruelly treated and being attacked by other animals. They often have fleas and numerous health conditions.

      The answer to the stray problem is not to exterminate them. Rather, the answer is to re-train, sterilize and adopt them and to place strict laws on animal breeding.

      Please DO NOT kill or hurt anyone, animal or person!

    • profile image

      Sukriti Chauhan 6 years ago

      To all the people who say kill dogs especially jhumki

      I wish i could say i would kill u, but i cant. Its a free society and no one person is entitled to kill, person or animal.

      you are a disgrace to the whole world. this is what you will teach ur children and this is what they will teach theirs. and i ensure you my children will meet yours and set them pretty straight. Don't send your love to us. we don't need it.

      A dog lover


    • profile image

      smile 6 years ago

      the people will rot and die who are thinking of getting dogs killed.just see dog killing .if you people have a little bit of, heart then it really will melt. think yourself in the place of those poor dogs.they do harm us.they only bite and we are thinking of killing them.what right do we have to kill those poor creatures!dog haters please try to avoid them.

    • profile image

      reenee 6 years ago

      the people who support killing should try to kill the dogs themselves.they should actually try.we should not kill them

      but i would prefer to sterilize them.

      i m a dog lover.even if i weren't one i would not support KILLING.

    • profile image

      Pradeep 6 years ago

      People who spoke of not killing stray dogs should also think of turning vegetarian if they aren't. If they are non-vegetarian, then supporting against killing of dogs do not make sense. Any living things be it dog, chicken or plant for that matter feel pain and agony.

      After going through the comments above, the best way forward seems to be sterilization. If animal activists are too keen on stopping anybody from sterlizing them or killing them, then they must come our of their houses and then protest against killing of scores of chickens and goats everyday. If they cannot do this then instead of showing the teeth of law by puking out section names and punishments, they should help curbing this national issue through support, healthy conversation and most importantly a feasible solution. Just embracing law and suggesting no solution does not make anyone an animal activits.

      A manace is a menace, no matter who creates them!

    • profile image

      bipasha 6 years ago

      i think killing them is not an option. Even they have the right to live.But i WOULD LIKE TO HAVE STREETS WITHOUT DOGS.when i go out i see them running and making noise which i seriously cannot stand.At least in a month ,i see the headlines of people getting bitten by dogs.but I seriously do not support killing them.

    • profile image

      Reality Check 6 years ago

      As a visitor to India, I can tell you quickly why there are so many stray dogs:

      1. Indians are generally too soft to kill a dog.

      2. Too many Indians feed these mutts

      If more people banded together and started mass killing these dogs and reprimanding their neighbors and local shopkeepers for feeding these mutts, the problem would be solved quickly. Hey, turn it into a new sport: Dog Hunting!

    • profile image

      Suhail 6 years ago

      Well i strongly would like stray dogs to be off the streets for various reasons and also because of past instances which has resulted in many unnecessary deaths in the recent past.

      Either you kill them or u keep them away ( in a separate place) whatever you do is upto the authorities. The point is to clear them off the streets. Sterilizing them is a solution but is a slow solution.

      If the ones who are so protective about not doing away with these dogs then they must take more initiative than anybody else rather than just loudmouthing on the forum. Its not gonna help in any which way by showing your concern with words. Please act rather than making comments like the one made by neo77 "you people shpould rot in hell and blah blah...etc"

      Nevertheless the point being stay dogs are a menace. Not just saying it cause i hate dogs ( not that i do) but it really is a menace.

      Few simple reasons like - Cleanliness , Noisy at night , They attack random people walking on the road which is unsafe - espcially for kids playing around, At times does cause accidents for motorists passing by.

      Please understand that i write this simply because i see them outside my house and they cause the exact problems that i have mentioned above.

    • profile image

      neo77 6 years ago

      I am just DISGUSTED by the comments posted by some of the people here thinking that killing a stray dog is "ok"..You people should rot in hell and i am sure you will end up there by such hideous thinking..maybe when your kids and grandparents are caught and their throats are slit, you will realize how a dog feels when it is killed..and people who cant "sleep", you fucking misers get some sound proof people are disgusting, now wonder a country like India is so broke because its people are so fucking selfish...and JHUMKI AND LATENIGHTWORKER..i hope i meet you will fucking feel the pain, i promise you..u BASTARDS

    • profile image

      apurva 6 years ago

      i seriously think killing stray dogs is not an option they don't hurt us intentionally only we all react in a way that they get irritated like we drive faster and nearer to them throw stones on them or hit them when they are asleep.They help us in many ways but the thing is we don't realise that i really had issue with all this human nature of hurting these dogs what there is a use of being HUMAN when you can't use your brain to tackle the problems of these dogs.It's a status symbol these days that if you have most expensive dog you'll b more rich or dog lover i don't think so that by doing this anyone can prove themselves as dog lover if you really love them then pet those dogs who don't have home do charity for dog shelter homes take part in events help by NGO's,zoo and other hosp. for dog welfare. killing these dogs won't help at all the best way is to pet them or just sterelize them it would help a lot they won't be able to breed more and to make food blocks near your home so that rather than throwing that food in garbage the dogs can have them.Even i pet street dogs which are around my home or in my colony i give them medicines food shelter everything but don't tie them i leave them free i almost pet 500 dogs till now and they live with me and go i just take care of them when they are ill or need help i never let anybody to take them away forcefully or beat them i strongly oppose this and i request all to do the same because even they are alive they breathe they feel they cry they laugh they do everything these are the most social animals that human can have as a campanian so we just can help them in a way!!! and the most imp thing is dog can rehabilitate a human much faster than doctors and medicines so these are the best drug for our brain which do not allow bad feelings to enter in our brain so just get these drugs from the road and put them near you!!!

    • profile image

      xyz. 6 years ago

      when the children of these dog lovers end up as dog food, only then will some sense cm t them.

    • profile image

      jitendra sharma 6 years ago

      respected sir i wish to request you that please do something new to get relief from stray dog menace(problem).we cant drive two wheeler at night after 12pm,dogs hijack the city, because of their barking noise we cant sleep at night, even it... has come to our notice that now a days dogs are digging the graves and taking out the dead bodies and eat, the buildings where we stay the dogs spoil our steps, terraces,even our doors are spoiled daily, in some buildings the dogs have occupied the terraces such away they don`t allow us to go up, after hardly one month summer will start we will be going to sleep on our terrace, but now we think this will be very difficult for us, so large number of stray dogs in our society and dirtiness they giving us can cause any epidemic damage to the society, cases of dog biting is increasing daily, long queues can be seen in the hospitals of the victims of dog`s biting. Neglecting all these trouble to public muni. commissioner has only one answer that we will do the sterilization of the dogs but this remedy is not going to solve our problems this process gives advantage to the contacts giving and taking bodies only, removal of stray dogs from society only is the way for this problem but no one is free and ready to understand the truth, even some of the newspapers we saw one day they write some thing about dog menace and next day we see there is a advt. in the paper from a.m.c. that `tender is invited for the dogs sterilization'.and every thing gets over, means problem is solved..therefore today hereby we request you to tell us the right way where we should produce our this problem and who is the authority who can give us relief from this problem. finally i would request you to arrange and start a movement in which any pvt co can catch the dogs and leave out of city by charging money from suffering people, and role of municipality in this regard should be abolished and removed. thanking you. From; jitendra sharma,ahmedabad ph-27414007,e

    • profile image

      aranish 6 years ago

      i myself take care of 8 street dogs in banshankari..............what is the big problem with them? YES I VE BEEN BITTEN....ON THE FACE.WITH 14 STITCHES............still i love what?


    • profile image

      sandesh 6 years ago

      My msg to those who 'care' for stray dogs - Pls adopt them and take care ok if you have that much care and love towards them instead just giving comments about love and peace towards those idiot and useless dogs. Only those who had gone thru the pain and suffered can only understand the depth of issue, in many cases its matter of life and fear of life. People feel fear for some unexpected accidents in their life leaving home but death is next in front of us in roads passing by in form of stray dogs. Request concerned authorities to take this matter seriously and ensure safety security to citizens pls. Myself resident in coffee board layout bangalore and facing terrible horrible exp daily with these bloody dogs. pls help

    • profile image

      Jamie Rose 6 years ago

      Why the @#&*%! In the world would u capture & Kill dogs Instead of giving them a Home?

    • profile image

      aarti 6 years ago

      Every day at least one kid is either killed or is injured because of the Mad stray dogs. Talking about respect of other creatures..why doesn't Madam Priyanaka Gandhi herself respect the life a cockroach or a rat in her house. Why does she kill them? They are less harmful than these Mad violent dogs. I would like to suggest to Madam Priyanka Gandhi and her so called followers to keep these stray Dogs in their houses if they love them so much and not put or lives in danger.

    • profile image

      nikhil 6 years ago

      hi every body, now stop all this nonsence,hey animal actvists plz listen to me and answer frankly. what will you to if some one cames to attack you every day will you start making love to them, plz don't give any illogical answers be practicle. i don't say to kill all the stray dogs

      but make sure you kill some.. i literally saw some 15 to 20 dogs attacking single person who had just arrived,some how we managed to rescue him, i really appreciate him after he was caught by 2 dogs to both the legs he just kicked some 7 to 8 other dogs, and if i get any bodys contact no plz come to the situation and see, i sincerely pray to god that every animal actvist should face the same situation and if any one shows its guts to love those dogs after that then i will join you people...

    • profile image

      andy 6 years ago

      i am a uk man living in thailand. i am led to believe that in 1992 the thai police culled many stray dogs and were stopped by buddhist monks and animal rights. if i were the thai police i would round up the now 300,000 stray dogs in bangkok alone and take them to the do gooders and brainless wonders, the temples and monks and say ok now you sort it as you seem to love these things so much, then we would soon see a turn around in attitudes.these ugly things are filthy, harbour numerous disease, breed like rabbits, attack people in packs as three or more dogs resort to pack instinct and are very dangerous, they usualy attack children playing in streets and in bangkok alone thousands of people are hospitalised every year due to dog attacks and disease from dogs. the dogs themselves live miserable lives and it would be a kindness to the dogs themselves to be culled. now to all you animal lovers out there, yes i do have a gun but no silencer which is very lucky for these vermin, so please tell me what nice doggy food i could put out on my shop front at night which would kill large quantities of these vermin creatures i dispise so much. if you love these things so much then you find a nicer solution if you can, as said if i were the thai police i would round every one of them up and dump them at temples in compounds and say ok you won t let us kill them so now you feed them and care for them and a strong reminder that it is against thai law to allow your dog or vermin to wander the streets.

    • profile image

      Aditi 6 years ago

      I love dogs!!!! Because only a few gifted people can understand tat,A dog becomes a esential part of balance in nature.... a stray dog bites lesser compared to a pet dog as it is a study which has already been proved... dogs i feel try to stuggle lik people for space, food and shelter as we cruel humans want everything for ourselves... we have taken soooo much tat now several species are becoming extict due to our selfish needs and one day so will the same be... with "mans Best friends"... PLEASE DON'T BE SO HEARTLESS JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE CONSIDERED TO BE THE TOPMOST IN THE LIST OF SPECIES ON EARTH.... SAVE OUR PLANET BY LETTING NATURE DEAL WITH SUCH THINGS IN ITS OWN WAY!!! BEFORE YOU FIND OUT ITS TOO LATE!!

    • profile image

      Sanyog Deshpande 6 years ago

      The logic is very simple. If stray dogs would have behaved as a decent no nuisence animals like "Cow / donkey etc" there was no reason to Kill them. But, when "DOG goes mad" its better to kill one. All Peta supporters i want to listen from you "HONESTLY" saying that though a Stray dog has bitten my 5/6 years son/daughter i am not going to do anything about that.

      Do you have guts to do that. If anyone share their contacts and i would like to meet him/her for further discussions. They say "Jab apne pe bitti hai tab samazti hai". So pls stop giving F..KALL advice and go to hell with stray dogs.

    • profile image

      Prabhakar Nambiar 7 years ago

      There should be a telephone number in the municipality available for citizens to help them with the problems of "DOG MENACE"

      I have one number but that is either engaged or not lifting.



    • profile image

      Anando 7 years ago

      What a bunch of idiots , the only reason there is a dog menace in this country is faggots like you are ready to work till 2 am earning money then fucking your wives till 4 am but wont spend 1 hr a month to get the dogs sterlized. Cities like Jaipur Gangtok and Chennai have almost eradicated rabies by sterilising the dogs. GO watch your saans bahu serials and STFU about eradication of animals because you have no scientific idea about anything. MCD and NGOs don't sterilise animals en masse and people like you are standing with your dicks in your hands hence all the problem

    • profile image

      Help 7 years ago

      For the people who are against killing the dogs please strap a steak around your neck and walk down the street at midnight or give us your address so we can drop a pack of them off at your house to play with your children.

    • profile image

      kannan 7 years ago

      Then Everybody should kiss the dogs which are all coming to attack us...

      There is no control for this here in bangalore...

      Even sometimes accidents are also happening for those who are all driving in 2-wheelers...

      I request this corporation to kill or adopt, do something to control these street dogs...! we want peaceful public...!

    • profile image

      lolipop 7 years ago

      hey, slami!

      if u don't like stray dogs so much go out and try to shoot one and c how u feel then u probably wouldn't even try unless u don't have a heart! and besides i was close enough to pet one one time and i almost did to! it was just scared and tht is the ones without rabies! and btw i was the only to get tht close to tht dog like ever and she was really sweet just SCARED!!!!! maybe animals just love me tho maybe animals tht don't kno me try to protect me! o! wait! they do! cuz i would never even send an animal to the pound unless it was really sick so... :P

    • profile image

      beatrice alvares 7 years ago

      I think it's best to catch them and put them in the forests where they can survive like the other wild beasts which they are when they are let loose on the roads. In the forest a lion or tiger or cheetah can catch them and eat them (prana for prana) and thus a life form will not be wasted. The clever ones will survive's about survival of the fittest. If they are man's best friend, then why do they howl all night and keep us all awake. Dogs should be allowed to be kekpt by people who can keep them clean, train them properly and inside their homes and compounds and not on the streets. Heck I can't even go to my local post office without being armed with a stick or a stone as a pack of dogs are waiting there to harass everyone who goes to do some business there. Dog lovers can contribure and build a big shelter outside the town where they can feed and care for them. i prefer birds. You can bliss out with a bird singing, but a barking howling dog is nothing but an irritation. Try to meditate,talk, work on music or concentrate on any job with a dog howling beside you Impossible!

    • profile image

      anmol glenn 7 years ago

      Well! well! very interesting and mixed bag of emotions here. for the people who have so much against the stray Dogs...let me ask you what would you say if we remove the dogs and they are simply replaced by rats and snakes, then does it all seem like a better place??... coz that is what exactly happens when the dog population is unnaturally reduced. suite your self if you rather have plague around that can sweep out your entire city's population as compared to handful of unfortunate cases of rabies. learn to live with rest of mother earth's children this is their home too be it dogs, rats, snakes or any other living creature, balance of things is what we have to strive at.what are we doing about keeping the city clean? managing our waste? restoring the lakes and natural habitats of animals?...NOTHING. mother earth is watching if you misbehave with her children her fury will destroy the so called city dwellers in seconds and you plight will be worst than the strays. look around the world and see the tornadoes, earthquakes, flash-floods, climate change... no stray dog is responsible for destroying the planet it is all thanks to the super smart Us!!! PEOPLE NEED TO MEND THEIR WAYS. DOGS ARE WAY MORE HUMANE.

    • profile image

      Shobha Malhotra 7 years ago

      Humnas.. the self appointed gods of society. Anything/ anyone which stands in their way of comfort zone is casually eradicated. Its a watse of tme to say anything more about these kind of people coz first they need to educate themselves and open their minds and hearts to learn Campassion and kindness. These are the very ppl who sit in their ac comfort and talk about INtolerance in society....How vile r they?

    • profile image

      Speed 7 years ago

      Yes Dog menace has reached its extreme in Bangalore. Not only a member of my family been mauled by a group of 13-14 dogs on the street leading to our house.... we have also stopped going out in our two wheelers or by walk after 6:30. Its psychological trauma to see these guys stalking you, chasing you, attacking you and then bitting you or your loved ones in the dark. I really did not appreciate them bite my family members.

      They move in packs, chase pedistrians and some times bite them badly!

      I called the BBMP. They say we will take the dogs vacinate them, castrate them etc etc.

      BBMP officials firstly are not able to catch the dogs.

      Secondly, even if they are captured, vaccinated, and castrated, how does one gaurentee not getting bitten by them or tromatised by them!!! Can't be guided by stray dog rules...unless they are running the Govt.

      Per me they should picked and moved to a isolated location where they do not conflict with Humans.

      The aggressive ones should be put to rest.

      If Animal activists have better solutions keeping in mind the "Human requirements" mentioned by in my above narration, would be most welcome.

    • profile image

      Trashe 7 years ago

      What the Fuck is wrong with these people:

      Some talk Love

      Some talk compassion

      and some Education

      What the hell should I do: show my MBA certificate to a Dog about to attack me, or make some wild Love to it?

      What would these bloody dog lovers do if one of their family members get attacked by a stray dog.

      Why am I pissed or frustated?

      If you happen to just know a person is in ICU, Reason: just because he choose Bangalore to earn and support his old poor parents who live far away and ill fate strikes in form of a stray dog.....what do I say

      Go fuck yourselves u Dog shagging bastards..

    • profile image

      murali 7 years ago

      I live in Bangalore, where there are umpteen street dogs in every STREET. I have also faced all the issues faced by other people who have left their comments here. I am an animal lover, but still, having street dogs bothering the childrens and adults is a major issue. We do not have fancy organizations like WSD India or the Blue Cross (they don't bother anyway!!). The only solution is to kill stray dogs who are infected with rabies, and sterilize the others. This has to be done in a war footing, but neither the Government not BBMP seems to bother about this! :(

      I hope the BBMP, who's responsible for this gets their act together and do the needful.

    • profile image

      Srikanth Matrubai 7 years ago

      It is imperative that the Govt and the Animal Welfare Society need to work together to address the problem of stray dogs that are threatening public safety and have a long term plan in place to solve the problem.

      The project should include tracking down stray dogs, vaccinating them against rabies and then releasing them back into the wild. A red collar put on each vaccinated dog would indicate that the animal is secure.

    • profile image

      Srikanth Matrubai 7 years ago

      It is imperative that the Govt and the Animal Welfare Society need to work together to address the problem of stray dogs that are threatening public safety and have a long term plan in place to solve the problem.

      The project should include tracking down stray dogs, vaccinating them against rabies and then releasing them back into the wild. A red collar put on each vaccinated dog would indicate that the animal is secure.

    • profile image

      Humansamongus 7 years ago

      Looks like there are still some humans in India.

    • profile image

      Killthedogs 7 years ago

      Yes. It is a menace. The stray dog is a pest when not adopted just like a rat or an insect.It invades private premises.It is unsanitary compared to the stray cat.In bombay we see dog poop on walkways, private premises and roads which is usually picked up if the animal is adopted in western countries.Dog scat on paved surfaces needs to be cleaned by the owner of the premise or by the municipality.Dog bites are also common.The animal is more harmful than the rat. Why spare the dog when other pests have to die under similar circumstances.I am currently using high doses of rat poison.I have killed two dogs but after 15 feedings for each dog who happened to be on my premises regularly during the monsoons seeking shelter and dirtying the premises.

    • profile image

      funny26 7 years ago

      KILLING is WRONG and who would want to do such a thing ?

      who is responnsible for stray dogs biting and scavinging US!! WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER ON THIS ENVIROMENT THAT WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE !!!!!!!!!!! WATT IS KILLING DOGS GOT TO DO WITH THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seeing dead dogs lieng everywhere is worse than seeing them scavinging. A DOG IS FOR LIFE !!!! NOT for death and not for FOOD !! y can't people get it into there heads death is not a way to end our lives so y theirs ???? arghhhhhhh I HATE PEOPLE WHO KILL DOGS tht cud of been a family dog if it had a home. make a child happy this christmas......... i know i would if i was to receive a dog witch had,had a very bad (life) it could be a start for a very good enviroment and a good life for a dog !!!!.............. Xx

    • profile image

      vinod  7 years ago

      who is responsible if stray dog bites

      govt,so called animal lovers or ngo,s

      do you think dog,s life is more important than human life

      don't know what to say

      people make streets dirty in the name of feeding dogs.they all call them self educated and dog lovers

      bt never try to sterlise them

      i am a dog lover bt not at the risk of human life.

    • profile image

      funny 7 years ago

      easy to say kill them but who is responsible for creating a stray dog that's you and me hey man take responsibility and act re!!!! why don't you punish the people who r responsible? AHA!!

    • profile image

      Mona 7 years ago

      A tried and tested way to effectively drive off stray dogs. here

    • profile image

      Tintu321 7 years ago

      Well !!! When I took google and searched for dog catchers I never thought that we have these many stray dog lovers. Now I perfectly understand why I am struggling in my own layout.

      Ya I see people feed them biscuits or whatever they don't want to give to the garbage people who come in the morning ... Lazy though u can always say that I feed some stray dogs .. Bloody !!!!

      The girl who stays in front of my building feeds nearly 6-7 dogs daily but that bitch have a very good office life of 8 am to 5 pm and safe at her but inside home .. But being unfortunate that We some guys stay thr who does shift and come back at odd Hrs without cab facility to the door step we need to walk a fair distance fighting for life .. I do not feed them so don't expect me to feed them and mke love as some others do thr ...

      I wear a good leather belt daily , just to fight my way till my home. I did so many complaints requested the cab fellows to drop me near my home thinking of our beloved one's stray dogs... But they cant do that as we are guys who doesn't fear human beings y to fear a dog .... hhuummmm !!!! that's in a way true but dunno y I fear them !!!!!

      Atlast I thought thr is some solution somewhr and thought of a search in net and end up dissappointed by seeing such blogs who are very much in love with stray dogs !!!! CANT YOU PEOPLE GET THEM TO YOUR HOME AND FEED THEM AND SLEEP WITH THEM !!!! Simple and Humble request .. I will then be happy will also be happy rather giving sentimental touching dialouges and sleeping at home safely.....

      Now to my friend Rashmi who wanted a solution rather speaking nonsence Hmmmmm ...

      Now someone tell me how to poison them. I have also started to search .. most commonly it is antifreeze vodka mixed in chocolate.... I will find something and post it for all those who are struggling ....and those for the stay dogs please get them inside your home.

    • profile image

      Jeet 7 years ago

      @Eli : I understand ur sentiments towards animals but u wud perhaps be on our side if u wud be biten by a dog or sum1 u knw wud be biten. U perhaps dun knw wat a dog bite can do. If dogs cant be friendly towards human, we sudnt be either towards them.