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Updated on August 13, 2012

Hummingbird Battles and MUV

Early evening I sit on the deck overlooking the lake and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance, close by, hummingbird battles rage; they seem to take turns guarding and running each other off...

The titmice drop like falling leaves to the regular bird feeder. A few weeks ago they had their young with them; they’d grab a seed and dart to the limb to feed their babies. Now the whole flock knows where the feeder is and come twice a day, morn and eve.

The cardinals racket around in the morning until I get out there to refill the feeder. One sits on the feeder, the other guards on the ground. We have feral cats in the neighborhood so they have to stay alert.

Today I wrote a letter to Chase, telling them they’d won and I’ve lost the battle to keep this lovely place. I’ve struggled for years, borrowing from relatives and friends but to no avail. Thought sure I’d get it sold and leave without feeling disgraced. But, no. Sept. 12 is foreclosure sale on the 2nd mortgage, also held by Chase,so a lawyer advised me they’ll buy it in. I’m out of here after that, maybe I’ll stay through the great October weather, maybe not. Time for a new beginning. And at age 75, though women in my family are long-lived, I need to get on with it. Back to my “roots”, get involved with the historical society in the little town in Fla where I was born, where my great-grands homesteaded on S. Hutch with a houseboat and a cook tent in 1886.

SO not all bad. Time to leave this place. Twenty years of beauty is about all I can stand.

MUV: oh yeah -- discovered a mouse in my before yesterday Daisy and I were at the dog park; as we exited the car I noticed some pine needles (not too strange around here in the piney woods!) in the spot where the door closes on the body of the car, pulled it out, and Whoa! SOMETHING scurried back into the area behind the engine compartment. When I got home I stuck a Cloroxed paper towel in the area, yesterday got out the ole vac and SUCKED that sucker up. Well, unlike my froggie, the mousie didn’t get sucked into the vac. But it did remove its nest, so I stuck another Clorox towel in there. Hope (s)he takes the hint! But if not, my trusty mechanic in Ft.P. will get ‘er done I’m sure.

I’ll miss my birdies, though!

Love from the mountains


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    • gerrywalker profile image

      Gerry Walker 5 years ago from Treasure Coast, Florida

      You're right of course; I noticed last year the mockingbirds in the condo parking lot do a lot of "beep beep" songs...copying all the car door openers! When I was a kid there were huge flocks of birds that flew over every day en route to the interior swamps to feed; at night the white ones (egrets) nested on a spoil island in the Indian River; I'm sure a lot of them are still there and I know that the sandhill cranes are quite comfy in human habitat. I'm looking forward to some of the newer bird trails,etc. that have been built since I lived there last.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      There will be more beautiful birds somewhere else. Who knows, you might even discover a few more.