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Hairless and Beautiful! The Chinese Crested Dog Breed!

Updated on January 27, 2014
No hair...who cares! Simply adorable!
No hair...who cares! Simply adorable!

Country of Origin: China

The Chinese Crested is a hairless dog with decorative trim! They are small, affectionate dogs that stand nine to thirteen inches in height, weigh twelve pounds or less and live approximately thirteen to fifteen years (that's a long life, therefore a HUGE doggie commitment)! Although there is little information available on the origin of this hairless canine, it is believed that they originally descended from African hairless dogs and transported to Asia by traders. It first arrived in the United States in the nineteenth century.

Chinese Crested: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)
Chinese Crested: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide)

Read all about this bald breed BEFORE you bring one home. Knowledge is power...the more you know beforehand, the better!


No Hair? No Care? NOT SO FAST!

Even though the Chinese Crested does not have hair they do, in fact, come in several colors. Their skin may be lilac, blue, gold, or pink. The skin is often spotted or dappled and tends to lighten in the winter and darken in the summer. Though this adorable pup does not have hair they do require special care. The Chinese Crested needs the same skin care that you would give to a small child (think cleansing and moisturizing). They also need plenty of sun protection (sunblock) in the summer or their skin will burn (ouch!). These pups can also develop skin problems such as acne and blackheads if their skin is not properly cared for. The hair that the Chinese Crested does have needs to be combed and clipped or it will become tangled and yes, even matted. If you are thinking of getting a Chinese Crested because you want a dog that does not require coat care, think again as skin care will take just as much time! If you suffer from allergies and have always wanted a dog….the Chinese Crested may just be the perfect pet for you as he is ideal for allergy sufferers!

Love to SNUGGLE & CUDDLE! Awwwww...

The Chinese Crested is a loyal dog; devoted to his owner (they LOVE to cuddle). They truly love to be part of the family and adore children. It must be noted, however, that this breed is quite dainty… so small children should be taught how to play with and handle this delicate breed (the Chinese Crested is definitely not suited for rough housing). As for training, well, they are quite intelligent but can be a challenge to train as the Chinese Crested as a mind of his own! If you want a strict obedience dog, choose a different breed (a Labrador Retriever, perhaps!). Though stubborn, they can be taught right from wrong and thrive on positive reinforcement (harsh training techniques and yelling will only turn your hairless friend into a skittish mess). This breed should be socialized early and often. They enjoy the company of other pets but obviously should be supervised around large dogs so that he doesn't get hurt!

Consider Adoption!

If you are a couch potato then you have found your forever friend as the Chinese Crested requires minimal exercise. Short, frequent walks will keep your hairless pooch happy and satisfied (and you sitting on the couch for long periods of time!). Don't get me wrong, this breed enjoys long walks; however, they are not required in order for him to thrive. As for medical problems, the Chinese Crested is prone to skin issues (as mentioned above). They also can develop leg problems such as dislocated knee-caps and hip disorders. Over all, they are a healthy, sturdy breed.

If you are interested in owning a dog that is loyal, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, entertaining and odor free, then the Chinese Crested is worth checking out! Though hairless isn't for everyone, just remember, bald is beautiful and all dogs need love and deserve forever, loving homes! If you want to add a hairless dog to your family, please consider adoption. There are several Chinese Crested rescue groups in the United States…all you have to do is a simple internet search! Woof!


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    • Cygstarz profile image

      Cygstarz 6 years ago from Maryland

      Loretta...Here is a great skin lotion for dogs that is all natural.

    • profile image

      Loretta 6 years ago

      What kind of moisturizer is best. Ican only find people products.

    • Wolfyone profile image

      Wolfyone 6 years ago from Central Maine

      I have three chinese cresteds, two are rescues. I love the breed. They are not always easy. You weren't lying when you said they have a mind of their own. But you couldn't ask for a more loving or lovable pet.