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Halloween Dog Safety Tips

Updated on October 31, 2017

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Halloween Tails!

 How to Keep Your Family Dog Safe On Halloween!


  • Plan to keep your dog indoors for most of Halloween night.  Even outdoor dogs should be brought inside to be protected from loud noises and all the commotion. Protect your dog from falling prey to bad tricks from neighborhood children, as has happened in the past.  For example, dogs being injured by fireworks.


  • You can take your dog trick-or-treating with the family.  Just make sure the dog is on a leash at all times.  Also, watch your dog for signs of distress and return home immediately if your dog appears frightened by the noises, or costumes. 


  • Yes, dogs do notice people are dressed up as the costumes appear darker and make people look bigger to a dog.  The dog interprets this as threatening and the dog may feel stressed and could potentially act out aggressively. 


  • Keep Halloween decorations out of reach of your dog.  As dogs can get curious and get hurt by attempting to eat or play with glass, plastic or rubber ornaments around the house.  The SPCA warns ornaments can cause cuts and bleeding around the dog’s mouth and bowel obstructions if swallowed. 

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Tricks - But No Treats Please!


  • Make sure to tuck cords and electrical wires safely away from the areas your dog will be staying in, to avoid accidental tangling, strangulation or electrocution.


  • Pumpkins look great when they are carved and lit up inside with a candle.  But fire posses a huge dangerous to your dog.  Dogs are naturally fearful of fires and flames, but keep them well away from lit jackolanterns for their own safety. 


  • Keep all candies and chocolates away from your curious dog.  The SPCA states that sweet candy made for people contains xylitol a substance strongly toxic to dogs.  When a dog ingests human candy they can experience a significant drop in blood sugar that they cannot correct on their own.


  • A dog who has ingested xylitol may present with lethargy, depression, lack of coordination and seizures as noted by the SPCA.  See your veterinarian immediately if your dog exhibits these symptoms.

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Halloween Dog Satety Interventions

  • It is recommend to leave the TV or radio on if the whole family will be away to Trick-Or-Treat. The noise of the TV or radio is meant to soften the outside sounds of fireworks and loud noises to ease anxiety in your dog.
  • There is some controversy over how to socialize dogs to Trick-Or Treaters that come to your door. Some sources say to keep the dog in another room away from the constant disturbance of visitors, to minimize stress and anxiety.
  • Other sources state the constant influx of visitors at the door is a good opportunity to train your dog to obey your commands and for you to take charge of your house, letting the dog know that you have control over how to greet the guests. Showing your dog how to behave at the door is essential to have the dog respect those who visit your home.
  • I suggest whatever works for your dog. Consider your dog’s and your guests safety overall. If your dog is more hyperactive and anxious, it’s probably best to minimize stimuli and keep them in another room for the children’s safety. If your dog is more willing to meet new people and is good with strangers, it is good to let them see what is going on at the door.

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Happy Halloween


  • Dressing up your dog can be fun and exciting.  The SPCA recommends only dressing up dogs that are calm and comfortable wearing clothing.  Make sure the costume is the correct size for your pet.  That the costume does not obstruct your dogs breathing, hearing or vision. 


  • Make sure to avoid dog costumes with many dangling and loose ends to avoid your pet getting tangled and injured in the material.  


  • Make sure your dog is wearing a proper and current tag proving his or her registration and identity, if any reason your dog escapes on Halloween, proper identification improves that chances that he or she will be returned home


  • Have a safe and fun Halloween!

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How do you keep your dog safe on Halloween?

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