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Happy birthday wishes for your pets: Wish your cute cat, dog, hamster or any other pet on their birthday

Updated on June 30, 2012

Ask anyone who has a pet and they will tell you how lovingly they wish their pets Happy Birthday despite the fact that their 4 legged friends can't read. Just like humans pets deserve to be pampered and wished on their birthdays. Here are original wishes, messages and poems that you can take ideas from to wish your pet a Happy Birthday. Don't forget to give your pet yummy treats along with your personalized wish.

Your pet's birthday will remind you of how little it was when you first brought it home.
Your pet's birthday will remind you of how little it was when you first brought it home. | Source

Your sartorial ways

Your ninja moves

Your nocturnal mind

Your scratchy paws

Your clean toilet tray

Your manipulating whiskers

Your nonchalant siesta

Your disregard for us lesser humans

And your sweet wet purr to top it all

Will always have a place in this house

Happy birthday to the cutest cat in the whole world.

Three Birthday cheers for my permanent Frisbee partner, my perfect accomplice in crime, my loyal sidekick and my soulful companion for the joys and sorrows in life. May you live more than I do. Happy Birthday.

I'd exchange all the wealth of the world to have a companion like you. On your Birthday today, I hope more people create happiness for themselves by bringing home friend like you. We love you darling. Happy Birthday.

Someone said that pets are the biggest treasures of life. I say that pets are not a part of life, they are life itself. Happy Birthday to my most treasured gift – my furry baby.

How can anyone live without woofs, purrs, squeaks, quacks or tweets in their life. My little buddy, on your Birthday today I thank you for gracing my life with so many wonderful memories of love. Happy Birthday.

Pets are your loyal companions who never complain.
Pets are your loyal companions who never complain. | Source

There's nothing more soothing than the twinkle in your eye, your wagging tail, your loving woof and your drooling muzzle. On your Birthday I wish that you never grow up and keep harassing me with your mischievous best.

Who wouldn’t like to have a furry friend like you trailing at their heels without any complaints? You my lovely pet have been the saving grace in my crazy life. Don’t stop woofing smiles! Happy Birthday.

You are a little ball of fur who brings a long smile on my face on the bluest of days. You the packet of joy who wakes me up every morning. You're the box of goodies who trails behind me wherever I go. You are an irremovable part of my life and the best pet in the whole world. Happy Birthday love.

I want no riches, I want no pleasure, I want no good times, I want no good luck if you're not around to share it with me. You are the pillar in my life. Thanks for being there and I hope you like the delicious treat I've got for you today. Happy birthday!

My dearest four legged friend, you've literally brought me smiles and drunk my tears. How can I ever say thank you to you? May you live long to spread cheers in the world. Happy Birthday.

Even a tiny little hamster can be the biggest joy in someone's life.
Even a tiny little hamster can be the biggest joy in someone's life. | Source

You have crawled into our lives to give us happiness, joy, wonder, warmth and love. With you, the dreariest of afternoons and the coldest of nights brighten up. Thanks for being there for me my little hamster.

Life without a pet

Is like a frozen lake

Life without a furry friend

Is like icing without a cake

Life without a purr ball

Makes everything around you fake

Here's to the most amazing pet in the world.

What do you call someone who wakes you up each morning, puts you at bed each night, cheers you up when you're down, stands up for you when everything else fails and waits for you to get goodies? It's you my little pup. Happy Birthday to the most precious creature in the whole world.

Until I met you, I had no one to put my chin up when the world went against me. But after you've entered my life, there's not a single day that passes without a laugh. Thanks for being there my furry buddy. Happy Birthday.

Your delicate whiskers, your soulful eyes, your sweet little paws and your furry tubby tail make for perfect ingredients for a perfect life companion. Happy Birthday to the best pet in the world.

Isn't this leaf munching rabbit the cutest ever?
Isn't this leaf munching rabbit the cutest ever? | Source

You're the joy of my life and the peace of my mind. How can I ever do without you my little bunny! Happy Birthday to the cutest little kitten of the world.

Happy Birthday to my best buddy

Without whom my world is fuzzy

Happy Birthday to my little baby

Without whom my life would spin crazy

No amount of words that I say

Will describe the joy I have while wishing you a Happy Birthday

Only a lucky few in the world like me get to welcome little cuddly pets like you in the house. And only lucky pets like you get to roll around the house without being scolded! Happy Birthday to the cutest and most lovable pet in the world.

We hope you have love living in this house, being a part of the family and tolerating our idiosyncrasies. Because we've cherished each moment of having you. Happy Birthday to the cutest bunny in the whole world.

Tip: Let your love for your furry companion run wild as you write your very own personalized birthday wish for your pet. Feel free to take ideas and inspiration from these warm birthday messages and poems for your darling pet.


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    • Vellur profile image

      Nithya Venkat 5 years ago from Dubai

      AWWW cute. Wonderful greetings for pets. Voted up.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      I think this is an adorable hub and I loved the pictures. I am a pet lover also and right now I have 2 cats. I should sing these cute poems also.

    • nybride710 profile image

      Lisa Kroulik 5 years ago from Minnesota

      This was funny. We estimated the birthdates of our cats based on how old they were when we got them. Angel turns 10 next month, so I will have to sing her a few of these poems.