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Heated Cat Beds

Updated on August 30, 2009

Is there a cat who doesn't love a good snuggle with something warm and fuzzy? I thought not. Cat's seem to spend a huge part of their lives seeking out sunbeams, clothes that are still warm from the dryer and anything else they might be able to curl up with. At the same time, cats love to snuggle up in soft, plush, tiny places. Why not make your cat ecstatic and combine the two? Take a look at these heated kitty beds and I'm sure one of them will have your cat's name written all over it.

K&H Thermo Cat bed

K&H makes fantastic heated dog beds and they are high quality products so you can feel confident about their cat beds, as well. This particular bed measures 16x16x6 inches and can be plugged right into any outlet in your home. The heater heats the cat bed up to 102 F (38.8 C) when kitty's in the bed and the rest of the time the bed will average 12-15 F higher than room temp until kitty returns to it. One year warranty.

Slumber Thermal Cat Bed

If you'd rather not use something electrical, you can try Slumber Pet's thermal kitty bed. It contains a reflective material that heats up and warms kitty as her own body heat is magnified and reflected back to her. The pad itself is machine washable for easy cleaning and it can fit even large cat breeds.

K&H Lectro Bed

If your cat is outdoors often and you want a really sturdy outdoor heating pad for him, you can try the small version of K&H's Lectro bed. This model is very popular with dogs and dog owners so you know that it's going to hold up outside. It maintains a temperature of 102 F and the pad comes with a 1 year warranty.

K&H Thermo Kitty Hut

You only have to look at this one to know that most cats would be in heaven if they had one of these. Warm and snuggly from all sides? Fo' shizza! The 4 watt heater has two temperature controls and the bed will heat up to 102 F when kitty is in it. The cover can be chucked into the washing machine and the bed itself measures 18 x 18 x 8 inches (little bit bigger than the first model at the top of the page.)


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