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Help For Guinea Pig-less Guinea Pig Lovers

Updated on November 4, 2007
Guinea Pigs are hard to forget.
Guinea Pigs are hard to forget.

Once a guinea pig enters your life, you are never quite the same. Perhaps it's their charm, perhaps it's their cute lips or the adorable noises they make, but for some reason your life is never quite right if there isn't a guinea pig to share it with. But there are many circumstances in a guinea pig fan's life that make living with a guinea pig impossible.

Case Story - Me

I sorely miss not having a guinea pig share my life, but having one right now would not be crazy. I live with a dog who shared her life with me when we were homeless. In order to survive homelessness, I encouraged my dog to chase rats and mice away from our campsites. I think my dog would mistake a guinea pig for a rat and kill it.

So, I don't have a guinea pig now and probably will not have one for as long as the dog lives (which will be forever, I hope). However, I've been able to curb the longing for a guinea pig in several ways. Hopefully, these tips will also help guinea pig fans who cannot keep guinea pigs.

Virtual Guinea Pigs

Although I don't have guinea pigs in my home, I can have them on my computer! There are scores of guinea pig videos on websites like YouTube (like the film below this article). You can also get cursers in the shape of little guinea pigs, screensavers, wallpaper and mouse pads in guinea pig images.

You can also collect guinea pig toys or figurines. And they don't need their cages cleaned. There are stuffed guinea pig toys, guinea pig puppets, guinea pig carvings, guinea pig calendars and even vintage hard to find pieces like Hagen-Renaker's guinea pig.

But my favorite place to go on the web is to check out the guinea pigs at OinkerNet (also known as GPTV). OinkerNet has been around for years and, even though the cast of piggies has changed, the reliability of the updated pictures is still the same. You, too, can get your guinea pig fix by going to

Higher Education

One of the great things about animals, including guinea pigs, is that you never can know all there is to know about them. Advances in guinea pig housing and medical care are jaw dropping compared to when I had guinea pigs last in the 1990's. Bedding has radically improved, as well as nutrition. By keeping up to date on the latest in guinea pig care, you not only help ease your cavy cuddle cravings, but will be ready in case Fate decides a guinea pig will one day come into your life.

There are great web sites that offer the latest and greatest in guinea pig care. One of the best places to check out is Guinea Lynx.

Another way of helping to curb cavy cuddle cravings is by writing about guinea pigs. In one way, it seems odd that now I get paid for sharing my knowledge of an animal I love but cannot have. But by writing, I hope to help others take care of their guinea pigs better.

You can also support the many fine guinea pig rescue and adoption centers around the world, and by not buying products tested on animals.

Great Big Guinea Pig!

My dog reminds me a lot of a guinea pig at times, especially when she begs or makes a lot of noise drinking. So, I sometimes call her a Great Big Guinea Pig. I think there's a little bit of guinea pig-ness in all animals. If you look a little for it, you can see the Inner Guinea Pig in any and all of the animals that share your life.

I watch films like this to ease the pain. Film by happylaurap.


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