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The Heroic Dogs Who Sacrificed Own Life To Save Humans

Updated on January 3, 2018
The Heroic Dogs
The Heroic Dogs

Dogs are most admired and loyal human companions, who love someone without any condition or expectation. But some people suspect the dogs are loyal, just because they depend on us for food and shelter. They just go with them, who gave them treats.

But the fact is, dogs have inherent sense and stronger instincts of loyalty. They proved their loyalty since age, the most popular Josh Billings and Robert Wagner quote says-

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings

“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.”
—Robert Wagner

Meet the heroic dogs, who sacrifices own life to save their owners.

#1: Mouli, who Sacrificed his life to save his family from a deadly poisonous cobra.

Dog: Mouli
Place: Kerala, India
Date: March 16, 2017

The adopted dog Mouli, spotted a cobra that was intruding into his house, he started barking and attacked to cobra. After his furious fight for more than half-a-hour, the poisonous cobra bitten him and he died within 2-3 minutes. Even he sacrifices his life, but he injured badly to the poisonous cobra and alerted his family.

Dog sacrifice life to save owner
Dog sacrifice life to save owner | Source

#2: “Jacky” the brave stray dog that sacrifices his life while saving owner from a tiger.

Dog: Jacky

Place: MP, India
Date: June 6, 2016

The owner of Jacky, Gurdev Singh- was sleeping outside his house. When a tiger from nearby Dudhwa National Park appeared there, At the time Jacky was also sleeping nearby, he sensed the tiger's presence and tried to wake up Singh and raise the alarm and attacked to the big cat. He saved his owner, but sacrifices his life.

The dog that sacrifices life to save owner from a tiger
The dog that sacrifices life to save owner from a tiger | Source

#3: Mason the brave dog dies saving owner from wolf

Dog: Mason
Place: USA
Date: April, 2013

Mason, joined her owner to mountain trip, when they faced a wolf. The hungry female wolf attacked to Mason's owner, but the brave and loyal dog took stand to save her, but the wolf got Mason by the throat and killed him. Even Mason sacrificed his own life, but he protected her owner till his last breath and saved her life.

#4: "Mery" an adopted Stray dog, who took a bullet to save her elderly owners from robbers.

Dog: Mery
Place: South Africa
Date: April, 2013

The Elderly South African couple adopted a stray dog from the street, which was a friendly and smart dog. One day some armed gunmen entered into their house. To protect her new family, Mery attacked by one of the gunmen, but gunmen opened fire and killed the elder couple and shot a bullet in Mery's her front leg. Though the dog was badly injured, but she saved the life of her owners and set an example, how devoted are dog companions can be.

The brave dog takes a bullet to save elderly owners from robbers
The brave dog takes a bullet to save elderly owners from robbers

The Stray Dog, saved the people from a Suicide Bomber in Nigeria.

Dog: Stray Dog
Place: Maiduguri, North Eastern Nigeria
Date: April 2017

This Incidence happens in Nigeria, when people gathered to attend a wedding party in Maiduguri, city of North Eastern Nigeria. An Islamist militant Suicide Bomber girl, of the Boko Haram militant group attempted to infiltrate in the crowd. She had strapped bombs around her body and reached near to the wedding party. But a local’s stray dog sense suspicious and confronted her, then she exploded the bombs and killed the dog. The brave and loyal dog sacrifices his life, but he saved the life of a couple of people.

#6: "Khan" an adopted Doberman mix dog, who sacrifice his life to save the baby from snake.

Dog: Khan
Place: Australia
Date: NA
The Australian couple Catherine and her husband adopted the “Khan” a mixed breed Doberman dog, the dog was friendly and very soon he mixed up with family and babies. After 4 days of adoption dog was playing in the garden with Toddler Charlotte and her mother was cooking inside the house, and what she saw that was shocking-

The dog grabbed the baby with her diaper and throw her away across the grass. Mother Catherine was shocked, she rushed to the injured baby girl and same time Khan barked and fell down. This was strange, Catherine was not able to understand what was going on? Then, suddenly she noticed something and now the whole story was clear to her- there was a dangerous long brown snake, and Khan attempted to save the baby, but sacrifices his life, even after a long treatment his life was saved.


#7: Stray dog at railway station that sacrificed his own life to save train passengers from electrocution.

Dog: Stray Dog
Place: Chennai, India
Date: 3rd September 2014

It was a raining day and people on the road, were in a hurry to reach the home. And some people also, went rushing minding their way through small water puddles. But a stray dog was barking to keep people away. But a group of six men ignored him and kept moving forward regardless of the barking dog.

But what happens after to that - was unbelievable. The dog itself jumped in front of those walking people, landing in that puddle of water and died. People were shocked, they could understand what happened, the dog was lying dead. That hero dog saved those 6 people by sacrificing his own life.

Stray dog at Railway Station
Stray dog at Railway Station | Source

© 2017 ARADHYA


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