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History of Ten Rare Cats

Updated on July 15, 2014

Unique Rare Breeds of Cats

Those who breed cats will focus mainly on the health of the cat but also on the appearance. Judging on what is considered to be a rare breed of a cat will be a difference of opinion by breeders. Guidelines in determining what a rare cat breed is depends on a few different factors, rare color combinations on a cat, if it was hard to find a breeder and certain breed of a cat, but also was it newly registered or already a recognized cat breed. History of these rare breeds of cats are really amazing at how they came about. Some of the rare and unique breeds of cats that will be discussed are:

  1. Burmilla Cat
  2. California Cat
  3. The Donskoy Cat
  4. The Elf Cat
  5. The Kinkalow Cat
  6. The Kurillian Cat
  7. The Ojos Azules Cat
  8. The Serengeti Cat
  9. The Skookum Cat
  10. The Sokoke Cat

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Burmilla Cat

A very social cat that is crossed between two breeds of cats, the Chinchilla Long Hair Persian cat and the Burmese cat. In 1981 this adorable cat the Burmilla, was created, in Britain. The history of this breed is that it was a accident when mating of the Lilac Burmese and the Silver Chinchilla Persian and created the Burmilla cat. To achieve a cohesive look the two breeds were being outcrossed at different stages. Colored shading that's remarkable with a silver undercoat, with a tiny trace of a tabby cat markings, on the legs, tail, and head. The Burmilla cat has a M mark on its forehead, and eyes that can be any shade of green, that has a dark pencil on the eyelids. This gives it a look as if wearing eyeliner. The five colors the cat can be but all have the silver white lining undercoat, are: Black, Blue, Brown, Chocolate, and Lilac. The coat patterns are: smoked, solid, and tabby, either short or long hair. Genes are inherited from both parents. This breed is a friendly, outgoing, social, and loves children. The Burmilla cat is not noisy or demanding, and makes a great family pet.

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California Spangled Cat

An very expensive breed the California Spangled Cat, which is a new type of cat. This cat is believed to be made up from a Spotted Manx, Silver Spotted Tabby Long Hair, Seal Point Siamese, British and American Short hairs and Feral cats from Asian and Cairo, that were non pedigrees. The reason this cat was created was to fund the plight of large cats.

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The Donskoy Cat

Elena Kovaleva from Russia, recused a kitten in 1987 that was abused and because of stress the hair fell out but later give birth to kittens who after being borne soon lost their hair. A friend who was a professional cat breeder Irina Nemikina, took a kitten and bred a new breed of hairless cats, which she called Don Sphynx. The registries of the TICA called it Donskoy, which it is known by now. The Donskoy gets along well with other pets, social, active but elegant, and never should be without a companion. Four different coat types:

  • Flocked - A thin coat that falls out, and feels like a chamois cloth.
  • Velour - A bald spot on top of head and borne with hair that it loses over time turning completely bald.
  • Brush - This type only loses part of its hair over time, soft and wavy with bald areas on back, neck and head.
  • Rubber Bald - Stays bald which it is borne bald, usually grows a winter coat that appears as fine hairs but in spring it loses the hair.

The skin of the Donskoy cat is similar to human skin as it sweats in heat and will get sunburned so extreme caution should be used in the care to prevent sunburns. Warm dry climates are better for this breed of cat.

Medium size cat that the front legs are shorter than the back legs, but it still is proportion correctly. The toes are slim and long and have been referred as a monkey hand.

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The Elf Cat

In 2013, the Elf Cat was thought to be the rarest breed of cat but still needs to be recognized by the Cat Association. This type of breed is a hybrid of the American Curl and the Sphynx, which was created by Karen Nelson and Kristen Leedom.

This an inside breed of cat the Elf. A very active cat that loves to be center of attention, alert, gentle, smart, playful, and very affectionate. Twice a week this breed of cat the Elf needs to be wiped down or given a bath.

Picture by Angela Orton - Vanyar Elf Cat

Kinkalow Dwarf Cat "Raven" by Helmi

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The Kinkalow Cat

In mid 1990's, Terri Harris established a hybrid dwarf cat which was first named, Kinalow "Munchinanes Kinkalow Louie" , which was a experimental Kinkalow cat. It was originated by crossing the Munchkins cat with the American Curl cat which has the Munchkins short legs with the American Curl back ears. A spontaneous mutation of a gene which causes the shorten of the front legs due to the control production of the cartilage; however, they don't carry the gene for hairless.

Their colors can come in a variety and patterns with either long or short hair. Considered to be playful with other cats.

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The Kurillian Bobtail Cat

The Kurillian Bobtail cat is the third most popular cat in Russia but not very well known in the Western World. This breed came from the Kuril Islands of Russia that stretches to the Japanese Island of Hokkiado. For 200 years this cat the Kruillian Bobtail has been on the island, and the middle of the 20th century scientist brought some to Russia; however around 2013, they were still unknown in North America, with less than a hundred in the United States.

The tail reminds you of a pom - pom, however no two cats have the same tail. They are medium to large size with long or short hair. There are many different varieties and coats, that can be solid or tabby colors. Very sociable, get along well with children, other pets, enjoy games that involve jumping activities and running games.

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The Ojos Azules Cat

The Ojos Azules cat was first reported around mid 1980, New Mexico and the name means blue eyes in Spanish. A genetic mutation causes the blue eyes which it can come in any color but the eyes are always blue. The TICA recognized this breed in 1991, which it was temporary suspended because it was discovered that mutant gene caused the blue eyes, which could cause skull defects and mortality in kittens. Later it was learned that the mutant gene was harmless so breeding continued. In 1992 there were only 10 that were left that was recorded with very little known about the breed.

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The Serengeti Cat

The owner of the Kingsmark Cattery in California, Karen Sausman, was the person who created the breed of Serengeti cat. What she hope to achieve was a domestic breed that looked like a Africa Serval. The Savannah Cat breed has the Africa Serval blood running through its blood where as the Serengeti Cat does not. Amazing how this breed of cat came about by cross breeding the Bengals Cat and the Oriental Shorthairs.

This cat breed is of medium size with long legs but short coats. These cats are yellow to a gold color that have a wide spaced black spots, but there are some that are black in color. Their gold amber eyes are large in size, even their ears are also large. The Serengeti Cat has an upright posture, and large bone structure as the Oriental cats.

A very loyal cat that is a graceful jumper and active but very vocal and it is said that they are known to have conversation with their owners. The vocal is from the Oriental bloodline.

Angel Short Haired Female Skookum by Beth Fillman of Calico Rose Cattery

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The Skookum Cat

This adorable little the Dwarf Skookum was created by Roy Galusha for his creations in the 1990's. Once in awhile the desired standards doesn't always happen and that what makes this cat breed so rare with either long or short hair. The whiskers and eyebrows are always curled. Should be kept indoors or the use of a cat enclosure when outside or a escape proof garden for safety.

This breed of cat the Skookum was a cross between the Munchkin and the LA Perm, which resulted in the short legs with a curly coat of hair. The Dwarf Association and TICA was registered as an experimental breed.

The skookum cat in the above picture named Angel is owned by Beth Fillman

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The Sokoke Cat

The Sokoke Cat is a natural breed which is natively in Kenya. It isn't known when the Sokoke Cat became a breed. The first people to live with this breed the Sokoke Cat were the Ciriam Tribe. Then in 1978, Jeni Slater happen to discover wild kittens on her coconut plantation, so she decided to keep two kittens, which she later breed together.

In 1984, her friend from Denmark, Gloria Moeldrup imported the first , two Sokoke Cats. Then in 1991 and 1992 a total of four were imported back to Demark. January 1994, Fe'de'ration Internationale Fe'line, recognized the Sokoke Cat as a championship breed.

Then in 2001, Jennie Knocker did some research and then obtained the Sokoke Cat. The breeders of cats in Europe were contacted by Mrs. Knocker son, who helped to import the cats in order to start a new bloodline, then seven of the new bloodline were sent into the United States. TICA accepted the Sokoke Breed in 2004 for the registration but in 2008 they meet guidelines and were advanced to Preliminary New breed Status. The brown (black) classic tabby is all the TICA recognizes . Recently (2013) a blue kitten was produced with long hair.

This breed is territorial but loves attention, curious and very active.

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