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Holistic Pet Care Tips

Updated on January 2, 2017
HolisticPet profile image

Rhonda Jewel is a holistic pet care practitioner and owner of Holistic Pet Care, LLC.

These simple Holistic Pet Care tips are going to save you hundreds of dollars in Vet bills! No kidding! This is for real. If you follow these simple methods- your pet with stay healthy and give you years of fun and love!

Treat Holistically when possible...

I have had cats, dogs, chickens, horses over the past 35 years & I treated them all naturally as much as possible.

I have used these natural methods whenever I feel it is something I can treat myself. I try not to call the Vet when some little thing goes wrong with one of my furry friends. I do, of course, call the Vet if it is an emergency or something more major that I cannot diagnose easily myself. I recommend you call the Vet when you are not sure- that is the best thing to do. However, there are many minor issues that you can treat holistically- that is what I want to impart that you can also do with just a bit of know how.- on any type of animal or human s too!

My Holistic Pooch!

She is a Pomeranian/ Toy American Eskimo Cross
She is a Pomeranian/ Toy American Eskimo Cross | Source

What is your favorite Holistic treatment for pets?

Do you use any of these homecare treatments:

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Colloidal Silver for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Farm Animals and Other Pets and Peeps!

I give my pets and even farm animals colloidal silver- an animal that are looking run down, or are sick at all colloidal silver is a great cure all.

CS can be used on dogs and cats for hot spots, wounds, rashes, mange, can be put directly into eyes, ears, and directly into the mouth to remove teeth plaque.

It has been known to even cure the deadly parvo in puppies when given to them very aggressively, meaning up to 7 ounces a day.

Not only do I use colloidal silver for everything from the common cold to other conditions such as toenail fungus, but all my cats and dogs over the years get colloidal silver in their water bowl on a daily basis as just a good ole prevention.

If you’re an animal lover, colloidal silver is a “must have” cure all to have for pets and your 'peeps' in the home.

Activated Charcoal:

Activated charcoal is great for healing & drawing out toxins. It can be given internally as well as used as a poultice. Used to treat any form of toxic ingestion- and continues to be a way to cleanse the GI tract of contaminations- Ideal for first aid treatment for poisoned animals—

These are the Holistic Pet Care Tips:

10-20PMM Colloidal silver or CS

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV

Raw unrefined coconut oil

Activated Charcoal

Food Grade Diatomaceous earth or DE

Food Grade peroxide diluted to 3% (great for cleaning wounds, cancers, drops in water bowl for health)

Montmorillonite/Bentonite clay powder

Raw honey

Virgin organic olive oil

Nutritional Yeast and garlic ( I do mention Garlic below for dogs but research it yourself, many wont give dogs garlic.)

Baking soda

Turmeric ( good to boost the immune system, stop blood flow in wounds)

Pure filtered water

Raw Dog and Cat Food

Kombucha tea or KT

Scoby/Kombucha culture

Natural Pet Shampoo

Use Natural Pet Shampoo

Stay away from commercial pet care shampoos that contain chemical preservatives and additives. Pets are super sensitive to many types of chemicals which can be carcinogenic and do effect and can compromise the immune system.

If you don't use a good organic shampoo for your pet then it is easy to make your own:

Avery easy to make is excellent for washing and cleansing any type of pet: Use Hemp oil. coconut oil or olive oil - add baking soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, colloidal silver, Lemon juice, food grade peroxide (diluted), and cedar essential oil if you are also needing a flea shampoo. If you'd like a bit of soapiness and suds add about 1 teaspoon of Dr. Bronner's soap or liquid castile soap.

Then add in about 1 cup of warm water & shake vigorously. pour on the amount needed and work into the fur - getting down in the skin.

Be aware feeding dry kibble

Most people don't realize this but dry kibble is can contain many GMO toxins. Also, dry kibble is known to be contaminated with many different bacteria, mycotoxins, funguses, small insects and their wastes as well. These dry animal foods are often grain based (GMO laden) and are too high high in carbohydrates and inferior plant-based proteins- that are not ideal for your pets.

Our goal is to feed a diet that nature intended for our carnivores


Go Holistic!

Raw or Cooked?

The is much debate among animal owners and experts what is best for our pets.

The anti-raw food camp are concerned about bacteria, germs and parasites from not cooking.

The pro-raw People are concerned about loss of healthy nutrients from cooking and processed animal foods.

However, it is not about an either/or approach. Both are beneficial methods and best of both are given- but most important is whether it is a good quality, grass fed meat source.

I buy free-range, organic and antibiotic-free meat- best options are lamb, bison and venison if you can get it. ( I found a great pet grade bison and venison at a meat market in Canada)

grass fed Beef, Bison, chicken thighs ( for small dogs or cats) or Chicken necks and backs. ( For larger dogs, it is more affordable-have them ground at the butchers )

Feed. Most dogs will be fine to make a diet change in just a day or two:

: one night feed your usual kibble for dinner, then the next morning feed a raw breakfast.

Most dogs will relish the raw meal- but some dogs and cats need to have the food mixed with a high quality treat they love to get used to the new texture and flavors.

Some dogs need to be fasted to get hungry enough to get excited about the new food. Of course never do this with puppies.

Do not mix raw food and kibble together because it digests differently.

kibble takes much longer to digest- So feed at different times.

Cats can be more finicky as they are very conditioned by the food they were fed as kittens. It can take a lot longer to switch cats over to raw. Just be patient and keep giving it to them with bits of tuna, sardines or something else you know they love and relish.

Canned organic 100% pumpkin is great to have on hand to regulate any digestive upsets.

Colloidal Silver for Pets


Pet Food Additives:

To the above mixture for the healthiest daily mix I Add to pet food:

My animals have always been healthy and happy with shiny coats- their teeth white due to the colloidal silver they take daily in their water- If you can add at least some coconut oil to their food you will see the difference, but here are some other great additives if you can do it:

Add DE, coconut oil, Clay & ACV to pet food, amounts are dependent on weight of animal & on the animals taste or pickiness.

I also add a few teaspoons of Colloidal to my pets daily water to prevent parasites, help with dental decay and just as an overall preventative.

For Dogs I add 1 tbsp of coconut oil & 1 tbsp DE or 1 tbsp clay powder & 1 tbsp ACV and 1 T. Nutritional yeast stir & feed them (once a day) ~

For Cats: add 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of DE or 1 tsp of clay powder & 1 tbsp of ACV & feed them (once a day).

Chickens: I add the DE sprinkled over their food, DE is also in the dirt where they dust themselves, ACV & Colloidal silver is in their water

Holistic Treatment for Feline lower urinary tract disease

Use activated charcoal water & colloidal silver

Make a poultice with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, wheat germ oil & colloidal silver & covered the whole stomach area. It right away eased his discomfort & he slept like 5 hours & woke up as he finally started going again, yea he had to go a lot but he is now back to his normal self.

Treating Parvo in Puppies

Treating Parvo can be tricky, but the vet does not offer anything that works so I recommend going after parvo aggressively with holistic methods. First of all you will need a couple of quarts of Colloidal Silver. This is a very time consuming method but you can and will most likely save the lives of your puppy.

You will need to administer it to them every couple of hours throughout the night and day until you see they are fully recovered - You will need to give them on average a quart or 2 per day of 20ppm colloidal silver depending on the size of the pups.

All the while In between these doses of colloidal silver you will give them the activated charcoal water (2 tbsp of activated charcoal to 1 cup water) two times a day. You will need to have an oral syringe to get this down them.

You have to be extremely diligent with this protocol. Don't give up with all colloidal silver, keep giving HUGE amounts even up to 3 or 4 quarts. Whatever you do DO NOT give up!

. Colloidal silver is widely known to eliminate the deadly parvo- however, you must consistent.

If you have other dogs on the property that have been exposed give it to them as well in large doses. This is a good time to buy a colloidal silver generator of your own!

Fleas, Ticks and Mites.

Add Apple Cider Vinegar to their waterbowl everyday twice a day- Bath with natural cedar flea shampoo- ( see above) Spray with Colloidal SIlver and let dry. (especially if they are suffering from hotspots)

Then sprinkle diatomaceous earth like any normal flea powder right into your pets coat with gloves on.

Do this every day & rub into skin also sprinkle their bedding with DE as well. . This does the trick if you are persistent/ You can also sprinkle it on your carpets & furniture overnight then vacuum up or leave it. Also sprinkle on baseboard, in cupboards etc to kill fleas & other bugs safely. You can also give dogs nutritional yeast and raw garlic to repel fleas.

Ear Mites:

Clean ears thoroughly with ear cleaning solution below and remove all the 'brown dirt' looking stuff that is the mites. fill ears with colloidal silver and swish around in the ear by holding the dog and rubbing around for about a minute, then let the dog shake it out. Do this 2-3 times a day until mites are gone.

Ear cleaning solution:

Witch Hazel

rubbing alcohol

Colloidal Silver

Mix together 1/2 and 1/3 both witch hazel and alcohol and then add equal parts CS

For aging pets: Give daily to their food- Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar- always keep about a Tablespoon to an ounce of colloidal silver in their waterbowl as a maintenance.

Keep giving diatomaceous earth in their food. This is great to increase energy, to help with pain, just a good overall health practice.

Kombucha tea is great for people and pets! Many dogs love the scoby as a chew toy. If you don't already make your own kombucha- recipe is below!

Kidney issues: Apple Cider Vinegar and colloidal silver are both great for kidney issues. Some pets won't drink the water with ACV, but both work great added to the waterbowl. You can add the ACV and DE to the food as well. Kombucha tea is good as an overall health tonic and for kidneys as well.

Worms/parasites: give colloidal silver daily in their waterbowl first off. Colloidal silver prevents worm infestations. If they already have worms add diatomaceous earth directly into their food so they get it internally. - Add nutritional yeast and garlic.

Hot spots &/or dry skin: -Spray with colloidal silver up to 5-7 times daily-

Apply Coconut oil to the spots after spraying with CS.

Give a bath using baking soda/raw honey paste,- add about 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to quart of warm water work it in with the paste - then rinse off. Spray with colloidal silver when dry.

Best Health Tonics

For any and all diseases such as colds and flus, cancers, tumors, fungus, viruses, bacteria, or any other types of animal or people illnesses: - always give extra Colloidal SIlver to their water.

Also- coconut oil, baking soda, food grade hydrogen peroxide, diamtomacious earth, apple cider vinegar and Kombucha tea- These are all excellent health tonics for overall pet health

For Wound Care

-Colloidal silver sprayed directly to wounds is great - and give homeopathic calendula internally.

You can make healing salve with colloidal silver, clay & coconut oil. If you can find the weed plantain growing in your yard crush it up and add to above.

If the wound is bleeding heavily add turmeric powder to stop the bleeding.

Wash area with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda water.

If you make kombucha use a kombucha Scoby like a bandage directly on the wound and tape it down if possible.

Infected wound, abscess or inflamed hot spot: -All animals- Mix raw coconut oil or animal healing salve made with plantain and comfrey root if you have it, and 1 tsp powdered activated charcoal, 1 tsp of colloidal silver, some organic turmeric powder or fresh if you can get it, mix this all together into a type of salve. apply directly to the wound.

This salve is healing, soothing & antifungal, antibacterial, detoxing and will help to stop the drainage & bleeding.

Mange, rashes other skin issues: Give them a good bath in baking soda water and apple cider vinegar, spray with colloidal silver after the bath and when completely dry sprinkle on the diatomaceous earth and work it into the fur. I recommend wearing gloves. Give internally bot the DE & the colloidal silver.You can apply the animal salve or coconut oil on any skin issue as well .

Homemade Kombucha

Get your gear. Acquire a gallon glass jar - Your SCOBY should come in a bath of starter (i.e., already fermented) tea..

Make your tea

Add organic sugar

Let the tea steep for at least 30 minutes. .

Add the SCOBY and the starter.w one will grow on top if the mother sinks.

Ferment your brew. Cover the jar with a double layer of extra fine cheesecloth . Wait 7 days to three weeks

Summary of Healing Ingredients

Colloidal silver ~ All round pet cure all- great given during low periods, illness or any disease give in times of stress or as needed - give both internally and externally

Diatomaceous Earth -Use the food grade type - Daily in food for general health, can also be added to food, directly on your pets, carpets, and bedding for parasites. Can also help with pain and old age in general.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide ~ Of course use the food grade only- Can be added to water for any disease including cancers, tumors, infections etc.

Coconut oil ~ -Raw, virgin is best. - Helps with skin and coat issues. A great daily food additive and tonic is a natural anti- fungal and healer. Good for general pain healing wounds and ulcers in the mouth etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar~ Best added to the food daily for general health, and parasites, balancing the ph and good overall health tonic.

Clay ~ Another good tonic as is DE.

Activated Charcoal- Any digestive issues. When they ate something yucky - helps stomach aches, toxins, poisons and any overall pains etc.

Honey ~Great healing and natural anti-biotic. Good in general wound care , put in salves, add to coconut oil for mouth ulcers.

Organic olive oil ~ great as pet fur conditioner & healing oil with many uses

Baking soda ~Ideal for bathing pets with- use for making homemade shampoos good for odor control- and internally for ph balance as well.

Good filtered water~ wathc out for chlorine in water- get a whole house water filter

Kombucha tea -Is a wonderful overall health tonic for people and pets. Easy to make - can can be given just like AVC.

Essential oils and Homepathic remedies: There are many homeopathic remedies one should have in your first aid kit - Calendula, Apis, Arnica to name a few and also some very useful essential oils. Tea tree, lavender, and peppermint are a few of my favorites.

Homemade Raw Dog Food

Cast your vote for Raw Dog Food


Prep time: 15 min
Ready in: 15 min
Yields: 4 lbs finished product. (4 weeks for a small dog)

Ingredients for raw dog food if not feeding Raw Meaty Bones

  • 1-3 lbs free range meat, cut into pieces
  • 1/4 lb or less liver or organ meats, cut up
  • Supplement probiotic and enymes
  • 1/2 cup ground organic egg shells, dried and ground up in coffee grinder
  • 2-3 T. virgin coconut oil, optional but great for the skin and coat
  • 1/8 t Spirulina, Good source of Vitamins and Minerals

Instructions for Raw Dog Food

  1. Recipe: Cut up meat into pieces
  2. Add if you have available about add supplement and same amount of ground egg shells from organic eggs. Mix together- in serving sizes. Keep out want will be enough for 3-4 days and freeze the rest in serving sized containers or freezer bags.

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