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Homeless Starving Dog Time

Updated on October 30, 2015


Can you imagine what it would be like to have some one dump you off in the freezing cold because they did not want you anymore. Without reason or warning you are out of here. You would be confused scared and probably sick to your stomach. I hate to think how this would feel.

I started a homeless shelter when I was 15 years old. I grew up on a small farm in Indiana. My mother was a rare individual because back in those days she had to go to work. She would get up every morning at 4:00. My brother and I got to do what we wanted. We were both responsible kids.

During the fall months in Indiana we had a lot of dogs running loose starving. I would put them in our old barn out back. I would try to keep them so I could find homes for them. I at one time had the barn looking like Noah's ark. I had two geese, one had a broken leg, 2 rabbits, 3 kittens, 2 female cats, one male white spits dog.

I also had a coon dog, one mixed breed puppy, one sparrow with a broken leg and one carrier pidgin.

My Mother knew I did this and she never said a word as long as I took full responsibility. I suppose this is when I became a dog lover. We all know how loving and kind homeless pets are if given a chance. A chance is more than a week or two, dogs can outgrow bad habits, with the proper love and correction.

Most of the homeless animals all have that same look when you find them, if they were abused its more pronounced in the eyes. I have had many dogs in my life since those early days.

I realize we cannot all start a homeless shelter this fall but there are many things we can do to help the animals.

1. Donate to the Humane Society

2 Donate to the ASPCA

3. Volunteer your time at your local Humane Society

4. Donate to your local shelter a bag of dog food, green bones,

5. Donate Dog Beds

Some Pets That Were Homeless

Trixie was a rescue dog and was a day short of being put to sleep.
Trixie was a rescue dog and was a day short of being put to sleep. | Source
Kloey turned out to be a great best friend.
Kloey turned out to be a great best friend. | Source


Trixie is my little girl. She is very special and very well behaved. She is totally deaf but we are use to it and have our own system of communication using hand signals. I have no trouble getting her to listen to me. She loves 3 things her bed, walk and dinner. This all makes Trixie one happy dog. Trixie is a tri color beagle and is 13 inches high. Out of all the dogs I've had she sheds more than when I had 3 big dogs in the house. She has beautiful short hair and it is so thick if you brush it back you can barely see her skin. The good thing about Trixie is she won't go on the furniture so it stays without hair. We love her anyway.

Kloey is a black lab that is 8 months old. As you can see she loves children and company. She is a very sociable girl and loves everyone.

Homeless Dogs

Lucky Spot was found in the garbage dumpster eating on a cold November day.
Lucky Spot was found in the garbage dumpster eating on a cold November day. | Source

Homeless Dogs Need Help

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Lucky was found when my husband came home from work. He stopped when Lucky almost got killed jumping out of the dumpster and into the highway. He was stinky full of ticks and was obviously living in the woods. After a month no one claimed him so we got a beautiful Dalmatian that was less than one year old. It took a while for him to warm up to us as he was gun shy of everything, but he did and he made a wonderful pet. Lucky Spot won numerous contest for different shows are community has each year. Lucky has been a wonderful dog I cannot think of one thing he has done wrong, no chewing, no potty problems in the house, a great dog.

About a year latter my husband and I were taking a walk on Christmas morning when 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs followed us down the road. We asked everybody and know one wanted the dogs. So, we decided to take them home we only caught the skinniest one the other one ran through the woods. We got a new puppy for Christmas, that was very nice. Brownie after only a few weeks became the alpha dog. In all the years that have passed since Brownie is an outstanding dog and has been another exceptional pet.

Brownie is a gentle giant, lots of the other houses got robbed a few years back but not us. Everyone is afraid of Brownie, but she is a loving girl. I will let people think what they want we know the truth. She is also an excellent babysitter and family dog. A good reason to want a dog.

Sam came about 2 and 1/2 years latter. We were having dinner and he laid down on our patio and crossed his feet put his head on his feet and watched me and my son eat dinner. We hoped he would have had a collar and ID on but of course someone dumped him. We did it we went outside and fed him some biscuits, and when my husband came home he told us there is a stray out side. Sam was protecting his new house barking at him, he just did not know that was the owner. The rest of the story is history. I took Sam to the vet he was a very abused dog, he had his tail hacked off and had been abused severely physically and mentally, but lots of love and he overcame his problems.


Brownie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback
Brownie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback | Source
Sam was the only mix bred out of all the homeless dogs. Who knew there were so many purebreds running homeless.
Sam was the only mix bred out of all the homeless dogs. Who knew there were so many purebreds running homeless. | Source

What You Should Do

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Another Winter Is Here

Another Winter Means

more homeless dogs

the shelter was full just a month ago,

more supplies are needed beds,blankets,food,medicine,

Please Help!


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