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Horse Crazy Tuesdays

Updated on April 16, 2019
Ellison Hartley profile image

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.


Every day of the week is a little different. For horse lovers, we have our own set of meanings for each day. Read on to find out more.

Dublin seems to have a passenger bird on his back!
Dublin seems to have a passenger bird on his back! | Source

What The "T" Stands For

"T" stands for thank goodness we survived the first day of the week at work or school. "T" it stands for thankfully you got off work to get to your lesson on time. "T" stands for tomorrow. How it is exciting to think that you will get to ride your horse again tomorrow.

Next Comes "U"...

"U" stands for used. How glad you are that you got a used saddle that is already so nicely broken in and comfortable to ride in. "U" stands for a unicorn. All of us horse lovers, whether we admit it or not love Unicorns. We consider our own horses to be so perfect that they practically are magical unicorns!

"U" stands for understanding. Understanding what our instructors are telling us to do. Understand for what our horse's body language means. It is very important that we learn to understand the nature of the horse.

What is with that face Zoe?
What is with that face Zoe? | Source

"E" Comes Next!

"E" stands for everything. Everything that could possibly go wrong with horses always seems to. Not to mention, at the worst inconvenient times!

"E" also stands for eating. Since that is our horse's favorite thing to do in life, we have to mention it. We also mention it because sometimes we get so horse poor, that our horses eat better than we do!

Then There is "S"

"S" stands for the saddle. How you can't wait to get in the saddle every day. It is the highlight of our day and we look forward to it constantly.

"S" stands for the stable. It stands for the stable and the great lengths you went to in order to make sure you found the perfect one for your beloved equine.

"S" also stands for Secretariat. We have to mention him. The amazing triple crown winner who won the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths!! We have to mention him. Never heard of him? That should be a requirement for being horse crazy! If you don't know about him, watch the movie "Secretariat", you will love it, it's great!

There he is, that is the legendary Secretariat!
There he is, that is the legendary Secretariat! | Source

What About D?

"D" stands for daily routine. Horse people know that horses thrive in a stable environment where they have a regular daily routine. Anyone who has ever worked at a horse farm knows all about doing the same process day after day.

"D" stands for dangerous. I know that sounds a little extreme, safety around horses is so important though. They are big, strong animals. They are prey animals that by nature want to flee when they are scared. Unfortunately, they don't take us into consideration when their instincts kick in. Which makes getting hurt a possibility if you are not careful.

"D" stands for dogs. It seems that horse people and dogs tend to go together. I have many a trainer whose dog stood by their side while they taught lessons. I know my dog is always at the barn with me. Though she is a princess and opts to stay inside when the weather is less than ideal.

D is for dogs, this is my dog Ziva.
D is for dogs, this is my dog Ziva. | Source

Then There is "A"

"A" stands for always wear a helmet! Going along with our "D" word dangerous above. Always wear a helmet when you are working with your horse. Whether you are grooming and tacking up or riding. It is easy enough to buckle a helmet on your head and it could save your life.

"A" "A" stands for awesome. As in how awesome it feels to work towards your goals with your horse and succeed. Which leads me to another meaning of "A".

"A" also stands for accomplishment. Everything you have learned about horses and horse care is quite an accomplishment. It is one that you should be very proud of!

"A" of course also stands for apple. This is a friendly reminder for you to stop and get your horse an apple or two on the way to the barn.

Lastly, "Y"

"Y" stands for yourself. Deciding to take riding lessons or spend time with horses is a great decision. It is one that you made because you wanted to do something for yourself for a change. You deserve it!

"Y" stands for yanking on the reins. As in please don't do this. Your hands should be soft and gentle on the reins. Remember the horses have metal bits in their mouths. Yanking does not feel good and makes them tense! So for your horse's sake, please don't yank!

"Y" also stands for youtube videos about horses. There are a million horse videos on youtube. I'm sure all of us horse people have been guilty of spending hours watching some of them! It's all good though, it is a learning experience.

The old man, Kemerton
The old man, Kemerton | Source

What About The Other Days Of The Week?

Now you know what Tuesday means to horse crazy people. Stay tuned to find out what Wednesday means! Happy Tuesday!

Every Day Is Different

Every day of the week is a little different. For horse lovers, we have our own set of meanings for each day. Read on to find out more


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