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Places to Go Horseback Riding in NC

Updated on September 5, 2013

Mountain Trails

North Carolina is a very versatile state in which to live or visit. The Eastern part of the state offers the Atlantic Ocean with plenty of sand and sun at the many beaches located along the coast. Western North Carolina offers beautiful mountain ranges for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and outdoor getaways. For the equestrian, Western North Carolina has great places to go horseback riding.

Many people are beginning to take an interest in horses and riding than in previous decades. Finding new and fun places to ride can be difficult. North Carolina's mountains have many options for adventure for the new age cowboys (or cowgirls).

Burnsville, North Carolina, is surrounded by the beautiful and scenic Pisgah National Forest. It is also home to Clear Creek Ranch. They have a variety of horses to suit the riding abilities of the many different visitors to Clear Creek. The horses are gentle enough for even the youngest riders.

Wolf Laurel Stables
Wolf Laurel Stables

Wolf Laurel Stables is another area for equestrians near Asheville, North Carolina. They provide guided wagon rides as well as very gentle horses for horseback riding, and more than twenty miles of riding trails. Ride to the top of Big Bald Mountain and see panoramic views of Pisgah National Forest and Cherokee. Experienced riders can enjoy a two hour ride along mountain streams while climbing to higher elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Little Switzerland, North Carolina has a look similar to the mountains of the Swiss Alps. Horses are welcomed here, or choose from one of the horses from one of the local stables. Dutch Creek Trails and Banner Elk Stables are two of the local stables located there.

A small Western town in Iredell County by the name of Love Valley is where horses can be boarded on the property at Love Valley Cabin rentals. Love Valley has its own General Store and Tack Store, as well as a working Blacksmith Shop. Jack's Place or the Silver Spur Saloon are places to unwind after a day of riding.

Vacation with horses at Walnut Hollow Ranch in Hayesville, North Carolina. Go riding along the Nantahala Mountains area of the Great Smokies which has hundreds of miles of trails.

North Carolina horseback riding trails list is endless. Some other places include: Arrowmont Stables and Cabins, Leatherwood Mountain, Big Pine Ranch Outfitters, New Hope Stables and Campgrounds, and Riverside Riding Stables.

Horseback riding is less tiring than endless hiking trails and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. For beginners, or are talented equestrians, North Carolina's Western region is a great place to saddle-up and try being a cowboy (or cowgirl) for a day.


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    • Barbsbitsnpieces profile image

      Barbara Anne Helberg 6 years ago from Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio, USA

      This looks like a beautiful place to share riding with your loved ones and a horse! Thanks for sharing this hub!

    • profile image

      Tim Brown 7 years ago

      Man this looks good. We own ranches in Arizona, but i would love to do some riding in that part of the country.