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Housebreaking and Puppy Training Avoid Little Accidents

Updated on November 21, 2012

Housebreaking and Training your new Puppy

Housebreaking and training your new puppy will take patience and persistence. It is best to begin housebreaking as soon as you can. Young puppies will relieve themselves on average about six times a day. Taking your puppy out right after they eat will help develop the habit of going pee outside but also help them because the food inside their stomach puts pressure again the bladder.

If you wonder why puppies go all the time it is due to the fact that they can not control the muscle that affects the flow of urine. Part of housebreaking your puppy will be following it around and looking for signs of impatience like pacing and circling.

Puppy Training

where you pee... outside
where you pee... outside

Puppy Training Housebreaking

When you take your dog on daily walks they are less likely to urinate in your home due to a lack of anxiety. It is best to disapprove when you catch the dog peeing if you do it later they will not associate the later action of peeing as bed. The trick is to encourage the act when it happens at the good place (outside) and discourage it in the bad (inside) immediately.

With today’s hectic schedule it is hard housebreaking a dog. To avoid your puppy urinating all over the house and creating a big mess when you come home most people use a crate or fence type system to limit the puppy’s access. You will have greater difficulty housebreaking a puppy if they smell their urine in places you do not wish them to relieve themselves.

Housebreaking Your Puppy

Take note that a dog that is kept in a crate for eight to nine hours a day and then is let out in the evening after you come home from work just put back in the crate for the remainder of the night may become, destructive, neurotic and noisy. If you can, try and find someone who is willing to take your dog out for walks. It is best that when you leave your dog all day you should find a room without hard floors, put food, water and toys out and invest in some Wee Wee Housebreaking Pads for Dogs. Make sure to spread the toys out from the center of the room. This will keep your puppy busy and occupy them while you are at work.

When you are outside with your dog training housebreaking them, be patient. Puppy’s have to go several times in one outing. Typically 10 minutes will suffice before taking them back inside. Avoid playing with them to let him know this is a business trip.

Having consistency and establish a schedule. Be considerate to your new dog they can’t be expected to stay alone in their crate for eight hours and not relieve himself. If you have children make sure they involved in the housebreaking process. This will help speed the process as everything will be consistent and teach your dog what is expected of them. Do this by using the same spot in the yard and the same word. Use a straightforward word like "outside" when taking your new dog to the chosen spot.. When you notice them going in the direction of the door and you say "outside" they can say Yes, that’s where I need to go by looking at you and by reading their body language

Dog Obedience Training

The average dog training housebreaking period is about five months but until that time, you are going have to watch them closely. After that time you will be able to trust and communicate with your new puppy. They will learn that when they please you by going outside to wee, they get more freedom in the house.

You must be prepared to invest time and energy for just five to six short weeks in housetraining. The effort you put in now will last for the rest of your pet's life. You can also consider options like dog obedience training schools, professional dog training, online dog training, dog training certification, service dog training and dog school that may be offered at your local pet stores. Since your puppy is young consider these Holistic Dog Food Review & Dog Food Secrets

How to train Puppies


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    • lundmusik profile image

      lundmusik 5 years ago from Tucson AZ

      thank you for your perspective on puppy training, i often wonder if every house/apartment shouldn't have a doggy door to go inside and out,,, not available for some apartments.. would you be willing to comment on my article on puppy training?

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