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Difference between Apes and Monkeys – Apes and Humans – Humans and Monkeys

Updated on March 27, 2011


You are a primate. A monkey is a primate and a chimpanzee is also a primate. The difference between a chimpanzee and a monkey is that a monkey has a tail. A chimpanzee can swing from branch to branch but a monkey can not. Monkeys will normally run along the top of branches just like a cat can because their skeletal structure is similar to that of a cat.


Chimpanzees are apes and are more closely related to you than they are to monkeys. Other members of apes are gorillas, orangutans and gibbons.  Apes possess a high level of intelligence and may exhibit similar behaviors to humans.


Humans are hominids. The difference between hominids and apes is the mode of locomotion. Apes use all four limbs to walk while humans use upright bipedal walking. Humans have large brains and are far more intelligence than apes. We humans are known to share 98 percent of genetic material with chimpanzees. This means we are more related to apes than apes are to monkeys.

Monkey: The difference between a monkey and a chimpanzee is that a monkey has a tail. Image Credit: Whaldener Endo, Wikipedia
Monkey: The difference between a monkey and a chimpanzee is that a monkey has a tail. Image Credit: Whaldener Endo, Wikipedia

Little Respect for Our Women

If you are fortunate, or unfortunate, to live next to a forest infested with apes, then you already have learnt a few things about apes that other people do not know. Wild apes and especially chimpanzees have very little respect for our women. For one, they do not get scared of women whilst at the same time they tend to fear man. Yes, they are able to tell very clearly the difference between men and women. And yes, they understand humans so well that they can tell which cycle a woman is on a particular day. The other thing I do not like about these apes is the way they look at our women in a manner likely to suggest that women have no business in telling them what they should do.

No Problem with Human Babies

Apes have no friendship with dogs. The dogs fear them and apes will normally kill the man’s best friend – the dog. But more often than not, when the mood is good, they have no problem with human babies. They will pick the baby and will go with it.

Chimpanzee  Humans share 98 percent of genetic material with chimpanzees. Humans are more related to apes than apes are to monkeys. Image Credit: Thomas Lersch, Wikipedia
Chimpanzee Humans share 98 percent of genetic material with chimpanzees. Humans are more related to apes than apes are to monkeys. Image Credit: Thomas Lersch, Wikipedia

How Do You Get Your Baby Back If An Ape Was To Pick It To A 97 Feet Tall Tree?

When women go to till the land, they go with their babies to the farm. Next to the tree with the best shade, the woman will sleep her baby under that tree. The idea usually is to kill two birds with one stone - to take care of the baby whilst at the same time you till the land or you weed the crop. The crop could be maize, millet, cassava, beans, yams, bananas, or whatever.

Apes Are Good In Harvesting

The apes are very good in harvesting where they have not sown and gathering where they have not scattered seeds. They will strike your farm in broad day light regardless of whether women are there or not. They will come via the trees and unfortunately through where your baby is laying. Upon finding the baby, they will pick it up as they embark on harvesting your crop.

You Have Few Options

Upon realizing the apes have picked the baby, the women have very few options of getting that baby back. Despite humans having large brains and being far more intelligence than apes, the apes will run with the baby on top of tall trees – sometimes as high as 97 feet tall trees where the will be exchanging your baby as if they were playing a tennis ball.

How Do You Get Your Baby Back?

What should women do to get the baby back? The first thing you do is to get an estimate of how large that group of apes is – sometimes the group can be as large as 50. The next thing to do is to go from village to village looking for ripe bananas from the other women. You have to collect large enough quantities to feed satisfactory a family of 50 chimpanzees or whatever.  Once you have sufficient bananas, you will have to go and place the bananas exactly at the same tree where the apes picked your baby. You will pray and hope the apes will come back.

A Good Meal of Ripe Bananas

They usually do come back. The whole family together with your baby will come back for more food from your farm. Upon arrival, they will find a good meal of many bananas waiting for them. They will get excited and they will place your baby down as they party on the new found meal. Since your baby has no particular ape in charge of it, then as soon as they are about to get fed up with bananas, you have to strike. And this has to be done by a large enough groups of human men because if it was to be done by women, the apes will just stare at them in a manner likely to suggest that they can also be beaten thoroughly. Upon being scared by a group of men, the apes will run back into the bush but luckily enough they will leave your baby behind. And behold, you will have your baby back.

Article for Entertainment Purpose Only

This hub has been written for entertainment purpose only and it would be unfair for you to use it to interpret other different things like which race are more closely related to the ape.

Thank you and May God Almighty bless you all.

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    • profile image

      tysir robinson 

      7 years ago

      The plantet of the apes is just not all about the apes getting freedom its about more so watch the whole

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I would like to know, where did you obtain the information used in your article? Did you travel to Africa or live in the wild and study monkeys?

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      9 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for raising an interesting subject. I am sure it and does happened.

    • ngureco profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Thank you, Aya Katz.

      Yes, this story is for entertainment purposes only - so that I can avoid difficult questions about monkeys, apes and hominids. The story is based on what I have passed through and information that is passed from mother/grandmother to child again and again and with a very good reason - the reason being what to do if an ape was to run away with your baby.

      Losing a baby to apes is a very serious issue here because more often than not, you will not see that baby again - the apes may kill and feed on your baby. And yes, the apes have the capability of telling an innocent baby and depending on the mood of the troop; they may spare killing the baby not until they are tricked by feeding them on ripe bananas.

      Even the lower intelligent monkeys of baboons are no better either. When there is a drought, these ones are very good in breaking into your house and feeding on any food that you may have there. Perhaps this link may be an interesting read:

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 

      9 years ago from The Ozarks

      Ngureco, you say this hub is for entertainment purposes only. However, this is a very serious subject both for humans and for chimpanzees and other apes.

      Is any of what you have written factual? Have you ever see an ape carry away a human child? Are there documented cases?


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