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How Dogs Show Affection

Updated on November 9, 2020
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Yuliss began blogging in 2009. Her site is dedicated to Weimaraner's health, fitness and rehoming intervention for families with children.

Mutual Dog Human Love
Mutual Dog Human Love | Source

Curious About Your Canine's Communication

As a typical dog owner, you probably come home to an overly excited dog who can not wait to see you! Your dog is eager to play with you and especially loves feeding time. And despite all that - you might wonder what are other signs your dog really loves you?

Eye Contact

Receiving eye contact from your dog is important. Your dog should look up at you occasionally. Such as, on a walk, or when playing or just when lounging around. Noticing your dog look you in your eyes is a sign of respect and trust. Eye contact between dog and owner indicate the depth of your relationship with each other.

Your Dog Finds Ways to Be Near You

Dogs want to be close to their owner. They tend to curl up near their owner for affection. Does your dog lay against your legs or lay their torso against yours while you are sitting together? Your dog not only look to you for affection but enjoys a sense of security with you.

Dog's Love You When They Follow You Around

Is your dog like your shadow around the house and even outside? That's love! That's your dog inviting his or herself to "best friend" position. Your dog thinks they are "working" with you and they want to get in on whatever work or fun you are having. Dog's are lovingly curious. To maximize the bond with your dog, talk to your dog throughout the day, show him or her what you are doing and explain why. If your dog seems attentive and is watching what you are explaining, and you get side ways face - you're so special to that dog!

Dogs and Humans Have a Special Bond
Dogs and Humans Have a Special Bond

"By tilting their heads, dogs are better able to see our faces and read our expressions, which they are also very good at."

— Stanley Coren (Psychology Professor & Neuropsychological Researcher of Dog Behaviour at UBC)

Nose Nudges and Licks of Affection

Yes, if your dog uses his or her muzzle and nudges your hand, arm or body - your dog love you! Licks to the face are also signs of love and affection. To animals grooming is an importance sign of love and affection. Nose nudges and licking our animal behaviors for "notice me!" "I love you".

Chewing Your Personal Items

Your dog finds your personal items and chews them, because your dog loves you! As a human we do not interpret ruining our personal items to be a sign of affection. For example, the shoes or shirt we appreciate the most, we have trouble understanding how our fuzzy buddy would ruin it. However, to a dog - they love you so much they want to be around your scent,especially if you are away. So they will lay on your cloths and chew your shoes, or even your underwear! Yuck!


Clark, M.Why Do Dog's Tilt Their Heads? (2019).

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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