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How Mice Get Into Your Home

Updated on June 21, 2012

House Mouse


Pesky Mice

Mice can do damage to your home and cause sanitation issue. They carry diseases, leave urine and feces everywhere, make messes, and chew through things which can include the wires in your walls. It is extremely important to ensure your home does not become infested with mice. The longer mice are in your home the more difficult it is do get rid of them. Mice reproduce very quickly and can be very smart.

Top Places Mice Enter Into Your Home

1. Through Your Garage

If there are mice in your home this is most likely the place where they have snuck in, that is if you have an attached garage. Garage doors often do not seal tightly and leave cracks where mice an enter in. Solutions could be sealing those areas with some kind of weathering striping or placing locked poison boxes in the corners next to the doors.

2. Through Your Doors

Over time as your home settles the doors may shift and leave cracks or openings where mice can squeeze in. Also weather stripping and sealants break down over time. So check to be sure that all your doors seal tightly and also that the frames do not have any cracks that can give mice access inside of your walls.

3. Through the A/C Pipes

This is a very common point of entry for mice. They run up the pipes that go from your A/C unit outside the home to find that the sealant around the pipes has broken down and they run right inside of the house to make it their home. The simple solution here is to seal that pipe.

4. Through Other Cracks Around the Home

The older your home the more cracks and openings there will be for mice to gain access inside. Be diligent in searching for cracks in the foundation, siding, or around doors and windows. This can be very difficult and time consuming but it will be worth it in the end. Often if mice are entering through a common place you will be able to see that they have chewed the hole wider or there may be grease stains from their fur.

5. Through Tunnels Into Your Basement

This is rare and is only the case in extremely old homes with extremely shoddy basement walls for foundation. If this is the case you may want to look for a new place to live because mice are probably not the only living in your basement.


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