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Meet Shivanshu K. Srivastava, an Undergrad Writing to Foster the Animal Liberation Movement.

Updated on July 9, 2017


Vegan magazines and forums are an emerging enterprises associating proud vegetarians from all around the world. While bringing the vegetarians and vegans on a common platform is only the secondary objective of these forums, promoting awareness against slaughtering of animals remains the primary objective. With this aim in mind, the vegetarians are making enough use of their writing skills on the social networking sites, blogs and print media to popularize their movement. One such example of a student-cum-columnist is Shivanshu K. Srivastava, an undergraduate pursuing BA.,LL.B. (Hons.) from Lucknow University.

About Shivanshu

Shivanshu was born to Ramji Srivastava and Mohini Srivastava in Lucknow and has been living here since birth. Being enthusiastic for writing, he writes columns and articles for different newspapers of India. Talking to an editor of a newspaper, Shivanshu says: "Although social media is one of the best ways to raise awareness against animal cruelty, newspapers tend to convey the facts in a more presentable way."

Shivanshu Srivastava feeding rabbits
Shivanshu Srivastava feeding rabbits

From vegetarian to a vegan

Born in a family strictly practicing vegetarianism, Shivanshu has been a vegetarian since birth. On researching a bit on vegetarianism and veganism, he propunded that vegan is the noblest way to lead a truly human life. Veganism and vegetarianism are often confused and used interchangeably.

However, there is a main point differentiating both these terms. Vegetarianism is the practice of not eating the flesh of animals. It includes fishes and eggs as well. Still, a vegetarian can consume the milk of cattle and the other by-products of animals. Thus, it refrains primarily the flesh and meat of animals.

Veganism, on the other hand, is the practice of abstaining from consuming not just flesh and eggs, but also any by-product of animals like milk and its products, leather, honey and silk. Thus, vegans don't consume even butter and cheese, which is manufactured from milk. Veganism is indeed the modified and purest form of vegetarianism. Thus, vegetarians are also called lacto-vegetarians, as the latin term 'lacto' means 'relating to milk', due to consumption of milk by them.

Shivanshu pointed out the fact that the milks that the cows produce are chiefly produced for their calves. Unfortunately, the calves are separated from their mothers at the time of their birth. If the calf is a male, then it is butchered in the slaughterhouse for producing beef and are sold and exported. If the calf happens to be a female, then they are raised separately till they produce milk, and are thereafter killed in the same matter. Thus, in both cases, their destiny is destined to be the same.

Shivanshu states that "cows are not milking machines, with their glands excreting milk every time. Like humans, they naturally produce milk only when they are pregnant. But they are forcefully inseminated and chemicals are coerced into them." This is the reason why we find so abundant milk products like sweets, creams, butter, cheese, milk products etc. produced under different labels produced in different firms. Left to themselves to live freely, cows will not produce such huge amounts of milk. Is it not grave injustice to them to breed them only to steal off the only things they own - their body and freedom? Think it over.

Writing articles to promote Vegetarianism

Although Shivanshu writes on various social and political issues, animal rights is his one of his favourite themes. With the articles based on relating topics, he seeks to raise awareness in more and more people to understand and follow animal ethics. He has contributed several featured articles in different newspaper on animal rights.

Shivanshu opines that choosing vegetarianism not only helps the animals live a cruelty free life, but also helps us to be healthy and physically fit. On the occasion of New Year - 2017, he wrote in his article "This new year, take an oath not to kill animals for food" published in Hindustan Times that "Vegetarianism is indeed the first step to stay fit and healthy. In this way, if your New Year’s resolution is to stay fit, you must become a vegetarian. As a bonus, vegetarianism promotes longevity, which is one of people’s major desires."

Last year, in a couple of newspapers he stated his desire that "being a novel law student, I will certainly file a PIL in a High Court once I learn some supportive laws and drafting, to advocate the animals’ right to live without being cruelly killed for food."

Some of Shivanshu's articles on animal rights


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