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How To Attract Wild Birds To Your Garden - Bluetits, Robins, Wrens, Black Grouse, Grebe, Tea, Crossbill & More...

Updated on November 21, 2017

Attracting Wild Birds

It is not always as difficult as one might think to attract wild birds into your garden. Many living in a terrace house, or on a housing block, would assume it highly unlikely that wild birds are unlikely to visit them - and therefore don't even attempt to pry them in. It is true that you have less chance of attracting wild birds if you are living in a build up rural area, but it is still possible. Here are some really simple tips that could have you finding some new exciting wild life visiting your back garden.

Simple Tips for Attracting Wild Birds

  • Make sure that your garden looks appealing to a bird. You want it to consist of lots of green plants and trees. The trees do not have to be large but you should have some to provide shelter to the birds. Birds also prefer a garden that has grass and wooden features.
  • Avoid putting anything in the garden that might deter birds. For example a scare crow, or a huge climbing frame for children. These make the birds wary and you have much less chance of succeeding.
  • Always try to make your garden resemble a birds natural habit.
  • Feed the birds daily, make sure that there is always food available, and start by placing it at the bottom of the garden.
  • Fat balls are easy to hang in trees, and can be down quite low. These give the birds a realiable source of food and once their confidence grows you will find more and more birds visiting more regularly.
  • Offer 2 types of feed at all times. This gives you an edge and adds appeal to your habitat.
  • Provide bird baths close to the food. You want the birds to be able to really enjoy the habitat that you are providing for them.
  • Once you have regular visitors you can begin to slowly bring the feed closer to the house. As the birds confidence grows, the more you will be able to get up close to them.

Some of the most common wild birds in the UK include:

Crag Martin, Crested Tit, Cuckoo, Bunting, Comorant, Collared Dove, Sparrow, Bluetit, Bearded Tit, Chiff Chaff, Chaffinch, Kittiwake, Kite, Tern, Grouse, Golden Eye, Warbler, Sandpiper, Avocet, Crake, Flycatcher, Redshank, Smew, Snowy owl, Shrike, Spoonbill, Teal, Swift.


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