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How To Buy A Bird And Take Care Of It

Updated on January 9, 2015

Parrot Care

When getting an Indian Ringneck Parakeet you have to realize parrots are not like cats or dogs. They require a lot of attention, you cannot leave them unattended as they are very social animals. They require care like a child, if you do not give them attention they will get depressed and resort to plucking themselves or even getting themselves sick. So keep in mind only buy a bird if you are willing to take care of them wholeheartedly.

1. Always try to buy a bird from a breeder, as when buying from pet stores there is no guarantee unless stated that the bird was bought humanely. Remember this matters because if it is a bird that is forcibly taken out of the wild they probably will not be as playful as other birds nor will it be as trained resorting to aggressive behavior.

2. Buy a bird when it's weaned, meaning you should only buy a bird when it has all its feathers. This is because when a bird isn't weaned it may get sick and they won't have the proper nutrition to live a long life like they are supposed to.

3. Once you get the bird do not put it in a cage with other birds right away as they might act aggressively toward the new bird. Birds are very territorial of their surroundings they will not take anything into consideration when it comes to a new bird marking their territory.

4. If you do want to keep birds together, buy a separate cage and bring the cages next to each other so they could get used to each other. Once they get closer keep the bird in the cage for a short while and see how they act. Slowly make the time longer and they should get along.

5. When feeding birds, make sure they have a pelleted diet as it provides the most nutrition for them that seeds will not give them. Seeds should be given as a treat to birds not so much their full diets. Along with pellets, give them fresh fruits and vegetables daily except for avocados as they are poisonous to nearly every animal including birds. Do not feed birds alcohol, chocolate or candy. That also includes not feeding them any meat as they are primarily herbivores. You can feed them eggs and egg shells in moderation.

6. Keep their water clean at all times.

7. Give them plenty of toys as they are curious birds and they love playing with things. Be careful not to leave any important documents near them either as they have the tendency to bite paper and chew it.

8. Keep their cages clean since they are easily prone to sicknesses if their environment isn't clean.

9. Try to go to the vet yearly as they will assess if they lack any vitamins or necessary supplements as well as if they have any sickness.

10. Do not feed them anything from the mouth as our mouths have bacteria which can prove harmful to our feathery friends' health.

11. Remember your bird values your attention a lot even if it has other birds in the cage with it. They will always care for their owners and listen to them if you give them the right attention.


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