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How To Introduce A New Cat Into Your Home When You Already Have A Cat

Updated on March 16, 2015

If you already have a cat and are planning on bringing another cat into your home, you may worry if the cats will get along with each other. Some cats are territorial, especially cats who have lived without any other cat in the house. Here are a few tips you may want to use to try to get the cats to be comfortable with each other and keep peace between them.


Cat toys are a good way to help bring cats together. Use a cat toy with a string or something that they have to jump up in the air to catch. Move the toy around in front of each of the cats. Show them the toy and let them both play with it at the same time. This helps them to interact with one another and have fun while being around each other.


It may be good idea to feed the cats together. Even if they are territorial and do not get along, feeding them in the same room might help them to bond better. If it gets too bad though and one of the cats refuses to eat, then it may be better to separate them while eating.


One time when I brought a new male cat into my home, my female cat seemed very angry and would swat and hiss at the new cat. I started feeding cat treats to my cat whenever the new cat was around. This way she would associate the new cat with a treat and it would divert her attention. Try feeding your cat treats whenever the new cat is around it. You might also have to give the new cat treats if it comes over to steal some of your cat's treats as this could cause more fighting.


If you are not opposed to cages, you may want to put the new cat in a large cage. If you do not want to put the new cat in a cage, you may to let it stay in a spare room for a little while. This will help the new cat get used to being in a new environment. It is hard enough for some cats to come into a new home and get acclimated. So when another cat is already living there and is hissing and growling at it, the new cat may become fearful and more stressed.

After placing the new cat in a cage or spare room, rub the new cat with a towel or a sweatshirt. Then bring the towel or sweatshirt over to your cat so it will get used to the scent of the new cat. Try to do this everyday until you feel comfortable introducing the cats to each other.


Talk very gently and loving to your cat when the new cat is around. Always make sure to give the cat that has been living with you a lot of attention to help prevent the cat from feeling jealous or spiteful of the new cat. Give each cat attention equally. Do not give the new cat all of your attention while neglecting the cat you already had living with you.


Sometimes it can take a few days and sometimes it can take months for cats to be able to coexist with each other and get along. There may be a lot of hissing, growling and fighting between the cats. You may find that there is nothing you can do to help the situation, even if you try. Eventually, the cats may learn to accept each other and may end up cuddling or grooming each other. In other cases, some cats just do not get along, but the frequency of fighting may settle time as time goes by.


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