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How To Kill Cockroaches

Updated on February 22, 2015

The Most Effective Way To Kill Cockroaches

Every summer, my friends used to always have a problem with cockroach infestation. We know those roaches can get nasty; sometimes even entering inside the fridge. What do we do? How do we successfully eliminate them, especially if we have children in our household?

Solutions On How To Eliminate Cockroaches

I'm sure you've tried all those insect sprays that's bad for your health, tried those paste-like things and pasted it all over your nooks & crannies but it still didn't work. They are still everywhere.

You've tried cleaning up your dining area floors & bathroom floors with clorox bleach from time to time. But they still multiply like crazy. You've thrown away empty boxes because they seem to breed there. But now you see that they just moved their hiding place into a different one - extension cords coz it's hot there & apparently, they like that! You've bought trash cans that have covers on them but they're still there. You always wash the dishes & keep food covered. But it seems they have their own galaxy in your apartment's ceiling. You see little holes where they creep back into once they're done running around your household & pissing the bejeezus out of you. Your family members might have surrendered to these little insects because they think you haven't really found a way to eliminate their source of food. But what keeps them coming back into your place if you keep cleaning up?

When the lights are off and you need water to drink, the kitchen floors are filled with these tiny creeping insects that just piss the hell out of you.

Do you have some suggestions on how to kill cockroaches? If you have some other advice on how to defeat these little monsters, please share with us through the comments below.

Steps In Eliminating Cockroach

Here's a tried & tested way to eliminate those little suckers.

  1. Don't leave food on the table. The cockroaches will come back for more.
  2. Buy different kinds of cockroach paste or gel bait.
  3. Fill the insides of gaps and holes with different types of cockroach paste or gel bait. The cockroaches are smart. Once they tried something that was effective in killing them, it seems they avoid them the next time.
  4. After filling all the holes & gaps with roach killer gel or paste, where you see the cockroaches hide, CAULK it so the cockroaches can't escape and they will be forced to eat the different gel baits you injected in their holes because they are locked up inside for good & that's their only food.
  5. Keep cleaning areas where food stains are rampant w/ soap & clorox. Also, put all leftover food in the fridge. Vacuum your carpet regularly especially in the summer. And don't throw food in the trash often. If you have to, seal it & throw it away in your condo's main trash bin in the ground floor or outside your house if you live in a house.

Good luck & hope it works for you as it worked in my friend's home. Bye cockroach!


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    • profile image

      Dadayi 6 years ago

      I heard that if you leave a bottle of bleach open for a while maybe an hour and leave the house, when you return, open the windows to get rid of bleach smell but the roaches will have died! Has anyone ever tried this? If so, does it work

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      Roach Proof! Not sure where you get it, but its a blue powder that will rid the little bastards! Living in an apartment means they could be coming from the neighbors next to you also, Put the roach proof down the gaps under the sinks and places they would enter, behind the washer and dryer, behind the hot water heater, We got millions of them from the neighbors next door to our HOME, we have fought them for months and the majority are gone!