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How To Look After An Aquarium

Updated on October 22, 2011

Purchasing Your First Aquarium

It is significant that you are capable to look after your aquarium and some thought is essential to decide which the correct one for you is. 

Few Points To Consider

  • How much place do you have in your house for an aquarium?
  • If floor space is a trouble, could you have a bigger tank?
  • Keep in mind the greater the volume of water that the aquarium keeps the more stable is the chemistry of the water, thereby making it comfortable to manage what type of stand do you need/want?
  • Have you an appropriate stand which can endure the weight of the water?
  • Make a list of all the tackle you will require.

How To Look After Your Fish Aquarium?

Buying a fish aquarium may seem like an easy job however saltwater and tropical fish require special attention and care to live a happy life.

The first thing you will require to decide is whether you decide on keeping saltwater fish or fresh water fish.

Actually speaking freshwater fishes are easier to keep so if this is your first aquarium I would recommend a fresh water fish aquarium would be a best place to begin.

Anything that is enclosed into your fish aquarium must be properly taken care of and monitored; it is significant to keep the water in the aquarium clean by checking for parasites, bacteria and fungi.

Although looking after a fish aquarium is an ongoing task specific fish can lighten the load, it is well worth investing in fish that search as they will clean the tank for you since it is important to research the kind of fish you buy to assure if they can live comfortably with the other fishes residing within your aquarium tank.

Harmful and toxic products can be crusade by the breakdown of protein, investing in a protein skimmer can be very efficacious; a protein skimmer will remove out impurities and residue from the aquarium tank and will clean the water. 

Never place your aquarium tank in direct sunlight; this will enhance the growth of green algae making your tank unappealing and difficult to see into.

Keeping a fish tank in direct sunlight will also cause the temperature of the water to rise making it difficult to control.

The larger the fish aquarium the easier it ill be to look after a stable water temperature, having a huge tank will also give your fish more space to move.

It is also very significant to give them lots of spaces to hide, conceive it or not the more places they have to hide the less they will hide from the view.

Feeding Aquarium Fish

One of the three rules of fish keeping is to not overfeed the fish. All uneaten food in an aquarium rapidly pollutes the water. Overfeeding kills the fish very easily. Most fishes will do well on a food consisting initially of dry flake food.

There is a huge variety of flake foods, and it is good to buy different types and feed a different one each time.

This aid ensures a more balanced diet for each fish in the aquarium. Healthy fish can survive for at least one or two weeks without eating. More fishes have probably died from severe water pollution.

How To Look After Goldfish Aquarium?

How to look after goldfish aquarium healthy in an aquarium? Water needed for each fish is about fifteen to twenty gallons. The aquarium tank size and capacity is chose with the number of fishes that live in them.

Water test kit is required that measures the ph and chemicals of the water. The tap water is not put directly in to the aquarium tank. Solutions to move out the harmful chlorine and other chemicals are added to this tap water and then poured in to the aquarium tank. Clean water and clear environment of the aquarium is very significant to maintain the good health of goldfish.

Gravel used as the lower most layer of the tank allows bacteria growth good makes goldfish healthy. The toxic craps of the goldfish and the uneaten food form deposits at the bottom. Pumps are used to remove out the unnecessary sediments without removing the gravel.

Filters are used to remove the toxins in the water of the goldfish aquarium tank. Natural plants aid a healthy environment for the goldfish growth. Tank must be cleaned once every three weeks. 

How To Clean An Aquarium


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      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      beautiful fishy hub

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      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for commenting! gotta check your work! :)

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      I'm into aquarium maintaining as well. Nice hub there, hassam. :)