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Ways to Win The Love Of Your Cat.

Updated on November 19, 2021
ayeza shehzad profile image

ayexa L is the owner of 4 years old female persian cat and is caretaker of many abandoned cats.

My Cat Seems Distant.

We all have encountered the situations when our cat would just sit in front of the window all day and gaze longingly. Whatever we do, no matter how much we call them, they would pretend like we are dead. Wonder why?

Well, it might be because you have done something that has depressed them, and believe it or not, cats get depressed very easily. In those cases, you might think that your cat does not love you. But fear not my friends, choose your steps wisely and follow our lead to show your little furry friend how much important they are in your life.

Nobody Loves Me.
Nobody Loves Me.

A Few Changes And You Are Good To Go.

Such innocent creatures, cats don't really demand much and a few gestures from your side will really leave them secured.

Don't Abuse Them, Be It Physically Or Mentally.

Cats don't speak human language and they certainly don't understand why humans abuse them. If anything, it just ignites fear in them and nothing else.

Cats are very sensitive to noise and if you speak to them harshly or in a loud voice, they will definitely perceive it as a threat.

Same goes with physical abuse or punishment. Cats have no idea why their owner would beat them and even if you hit them lightly, they would start to associate fear with you and there you go, you have a depressed cat.

Tell Her You Love Her.

I know it sounds weird, but believe me, it is very easy. Just look at your cat in the eyes, squint your eyes a bit and give a little nod to your head. Your cat will love it and would understand it instantly.

That in cat language would be, how are you? I love you.

If you see your cat squinting back at you, then congratulations, your cat said I love you too!

Remember, cats are very smart and even the slightest change from your side will be picked by them and deciphered as either threat or carelessness, hence resulting in depression.

Pay Attention To Her Behavior.

Cats are master at hiding their feelings. The most important one being pain.

Instinctively, cats mask their pain and don't show them because if they do, their enemies would perceive them weak. So, the next time your cat seems distant, try checking her behavior, her litter box or her walk to see anything unusual.

If you do find something weird, call your vet immediately.

Play With Me!
Play With Me!

Talk To Her In Soothing Voice.

Just like harsh voice can affect them, cats can also pick up emotions from soothing voice. But don't worry, these are good emotions. So, talk to your cat from time to time in soft and soothing tone, for they will pick it up and would feel relaxed around you.

Give Her Some Space When Required.

Cats don't always require love and attention from their owners. Sometimes, they just want to be left alone, especially if some external threat is perceived, like some stranger is in the house.

Look at your cat's tail. If it is between her legs or near them, or if it is moving hysterically ,then it is time for you to leave her alone.

Take Care Of Her Daily Needs.

This is a very, very important point and the most neglected one. Cats are one hell of a sensitive beings and even the slightest change can affect them. So always keep it in mind that :

  • she is being well fed, but not too well fed.
  • more than one bowl of fresh water is present around the house.
  • her coat is clean and she is given a bath regularly.
  • she does not smell bad.
  • her litter box is squeaky clean.

Mommy, I Hate Taking A Bath.
Mommy, I Hate Taking A Bath.

That Litter Box Is The Problem.

We know that sometimes we are too lazy to clean the litter box, but what we forget is that if it is untidy to us,it is looking a lot worse to your cat.

By nature, cats are very clean and they can't stand untidiness. Also, cats have very sharp senses , so if you can smell the foul litter, your cat can too! Imagine her disgust when she has to pee while her foot is on her previous pee.

So, don't sleep on it people and keep the box clean and tidy.

Groom Your Cat Properly.

Your feline friend would need proper grooming at least thrice a day. Don't be fooled by the short haired cats, for they shed too. A proper measure from your side can prevent those nasty hair balls.

So grab that brush and get ready to go. Always brush them while talking to them in a soothing voice and after the grooming, give her some treats.

Play With Her And Give Her Treats To Encourage Her.

One of the most important act in creating a strong bond between a cat and her owner is the act of playing. Believe it or not, you will become your cat's favorite person if you play with her regularly. Besides, playing is an excellent way of keeping your cat fit and active.

Try to play with her twice a day and after your session, give her some treats so that she would look forward to every session and engage wholeheartedly.

Show your cat you love her, and you will see how much love your cat will give you for you will surely be overwhelmed.

© 2018 ayexa s


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