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Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

Updated on October 22, 2012

Be Proud of Your Dog

Although one of the things that you may love most about having a dog is teaching that dog some new and fun tricks. Teaching your dog tricks helps to create a strong bond and relationship with you. Interacting with your dog is fun and you and your dog will thoroughly enjoy it.

Teaching your dog exciting and fun tricks like dancing on its back legs, interacting with people, sitting, jumping will bring joy and laughter to your friends and family.

You'll be able to take pride in the fact that your dog is so skillful. You can show him/her off to your friends and your dog will see how proud you are of his/hers accomplishment.

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Easy and Fun Ways To Teach Your Dog Tricks...

Most important when teaching your dog new tricks, is that you stay in control and follow through. Teaching a dog tricks will help your dog to learn to concentrate and be calm. It also helps the dog to be confident but charming.

Make sure to be patient when teaching your dog new techniques and tricks. Have a specific time frame in mind for teaching your dog new tricks in a day. Try not to over tire your dog. Be conscientious of how quickly you move from one dog trick to another. Use some kind of treat or motivation to get your dog to respond to what you say and teach.

Repetition is very important in teaching your dog tricks. Be patient and continue to repeat yoru instructions.

When learning to teach your dog tricks, make sure that be clear and very consistent in your feedback. You will find that your dog will look to you for another trick. If you don't comply, your dog may be confused and you will have begin again.

Keeping your dog tricks simple is the key to getting the best results. Start with simple to learn tricks first like sit, stay, down and more when you move on to show your dog a new one. Obedience training is important to not only a dog's well being but also the well being of friends and family around him or her.

Try to teach your dog tricks in a place where there are no distractions and your dog has your full attention, this will make the process much easier and more successful. Once your dog is ready, include distractions in your training and see if your dog has fully learned the trick.


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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon

      Those are great tricks and techniques for training your dog. My little dachshund has not figured out the tricks well, but is trained otherwise, so might have to try some mini tricks.