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How To Train Your Beagle!

Updated on June 1, 2008

How to Train Your Beagle!

Is your beagle being naughty? Well I have a beagle too and it used to be uncontrollable but now I am going to share with those people who own dogs especially beagles on how to discipline a beagle.

I bought my beagle when he was 3 months old and his name is Snoopy. Yes, the first problem that most dog owners will probably encounter is they pee and poop everywhere!

Well, the solution to this is to be firm n discipline your dog right away! My method was simple. Whenever my dog pees everywhere, I would carry my dog in front of his pee, lightly slap his mouth (poor thing but u have to do it) and then carry him to the area where he is supposed to pee and tell him! You have to really talk to your dog as if he understands you. Yes your dog will understand you in time to come.

Beagles are outdoor dogs, they are hounds and are very hyper active.

Another problem that I encountered with my beagle is that he likes to run out of the house and not come back home! To prevent this ensure that your dog is fenced up and while walking it you must leash your dog.

Beagles are however lovely even though they are mischievous at times! It takes time for you to know him well and make him listen to you. Patience is the key to effectively train your beagle!


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    • profile image

      joy 5 years ago

      I have an 8 month old beagle who is as stubborn as they come. I take her out 15 minutes to an hour and she will not empty and do it a few min. later on the floor. She only listens to me. How can i get her to empty outside and stop her from doing it inside. Also how can i get her to listen to the kids when they take her out instead of attacking them. pls help

    • profile image

      Todd and Mason 5 years ago

      I have a beagle (mason) who i got 2 1/2 months ago...he's house broken and crate trained....goes to the door whenever he has to go....isn't that barky (we live in a condo) and we walk him all the time...(bout 6 times a day) must show dominance over your beagle...especially in their adolescence stages....they will test you!! When they exhibit a behavior you like/want (i.e when their laying down next to you....when they're chewing on a bone/toy or something you want them to chew....give them a treat...when you call them and they come to you....give them a lot of treats.

    • profile image

      Helen 5 years ago

      I have a three year old beagle, and only in the past 4 weeks have a second beagle, both females. My three year old was a challenge, however, she is the most well behaved dog ever. She is now teaching the pup. the pup is now 13 weeks and has had no accidents for two weeks in the house. She is crate trained,I watch what she eats and drinks, take her out accordingly. She sleeps through the night. Allready is well behaved. The key to a beagle is. Your beagle has to respect you, and your authority. They need to bekept very busy, believe me they tire out. My three year old walks 8 miles a day. daycare one day a week, she is a flyball dog, and does agility. She is tired at the end of the day. If you want a beagle , you have to put effort in. Everyone who meets her, loves her because she is so well behaved. Yes food is a motivator, so what, watch what you give them, so as not fatten them. Mine is sleek and muscular. and loves loves treats. I make pumpkin treats, no fat. The puppy is allready sitting, goes down and stays. They are so so smart. Please do not give up on this beautiful and loving breed.

      If I can help.E-Mail address is

    • freckles10101 profile image

      freckles10101 5 years ago

      Get a crate and whenever he is bad put him in the crate but where he can see you. If he howls give him a stern look and tell him 'No!' , eventually don't say anything at all and just ignore him. He'll eventually start behaving because he won't want to be in the crate

    • profile image

      Carrie 5 years ago

      We have a 10 month old beagle, named Chewbacca, appropriately-Chewy!- for short, he chew’s Everything! -Us, shoes, toys, cats, clothes, birds, every day, every minute he is awake and not sleepy. Chewy! This dog is so cute, those eyes, but I have no idea how to train him. And did I mention that he bits too! I thought beagles were good family dogs??? So what resources are available, most likely at this point -obedience training is the only options I can come up with, I have never had a harder dog! Be Blessings

    • profile image

      Amy 6 years ago

      I have a beagle puppy he is 8 months old his name is Bubby he is good until food is around he will dive all over us to

      try to get the food out of our hands,and if we are sat at

      the table he will jump,beg and cry until we feed him it

      and if we don't feed him it he will take it off our plate.

      when we let him in the garden he will digs holes,chew's conifers and eat stones.when we take him out for a walk he

      is good on a lead until we let him off he will run off and

      won't come back with dogs or without dogs he still won't

      come back we shout him we whistle him we have even tried

      treats and his favourite like chicken,beef and pork.He

      stress's my mum out and she says if he don't start behaving

      she will sent him to the POUND please help me.

    • profile image

      Em 6 years ago

      I have a 2 year old beagle , she lives with my mother now and my mum can't cope with her anymore. We tried sending her to 'Daycare' so she wasn't in the house all day but she just got worse. She chews EVERYTHING including phones, glasses, shoes..... We tried putting her in the garden forr a few hours a day, she was okay for a short while but then she started digging the garden up, and everytime she heard a noise she'd bark and jump up at the fence! Once she got so exited that she ran threw the fence panels and we had to pay to get them replaced!! She has cost well over £1000 in repairs and replacements. I love her to pieces but its not fair on my mum to have to come home to the bin emptied everywhere and everything chewed. We tried putting the bin in the airing cupboard, and put a metal weight infront of the door so it didn't open, but somehow she got in it! She bullies the other dog too, and the cats. She jumps on the furniture and is SO spoilt. We have to feed the cats on top of a cupboard so she can't steal their food. She's greedy. She jumps all over visitors, and goes to the toilet wherever she feels like it. We don't hit her, however if we threaten her with a water spray bottle she backs down but carries on minutes later. She drinks out of the toilet, and chews up the loo roll. We take her to fields a lot to let her release her hyperness, but she runs off and when she comes back, every single time she would have rolled in mud and then she goes mad if we bath her. How the hell can I control her? I just want a family pet, not a home-wrecker! I can't face having to give her away, she's my baby :-( HELP! ( )

    • profile image

      Robin 6 years ago

      Hi everyone, we have a beagle who is now 9months old, and in the beginning she was a real pain in the *ss to be honest (doesn't mean I love her less though) She peed, and did her business anywhere we couldn't directly see it, she also shewed up everything she could find when we were not around for a couple of hours. I've noticed how stubborn beagles are. When we get really angry at her and lower our voice and shout at her... she would only show sign of "shame" for about exactly 3 seconds... and then carry on and do the same thing over a few days later. And it is absolutely impossible to make her stay on her cushion when we get angry... she simply doesn't care... So after a while I gave up and would only repeat a command 2 times. The third time I would slap her quite hard on the butt, and to be honest, it works. I don't like being one of those people who has to physically "hurt" their dog in order to get them to listen, but I find my beagle to be extreamly stubborn. The worst is that she perfectly understand our commands, but only execute them when we treath her with a hand. We always congrat her when she doesn something though, even after we had to shout it 55 times. And now, most commands she does straight away... or after a second repeat... but I don't need to get really angry anymore...

      So my advice is, simply be ferm and don't make them mess with you, you are the boss, and if repeating a command doesn't work (one they understand) they should simply feel it...

      A second advice is: give them enough to play with, and never punsih them for destroying a toy. Our beagle has at least 20 sort of toys, in all different kinds of material, colour and form... and she now knows that she can do whatever she wants with them, but she doesn't have the right to touch anything that is ours.

      And my last advice: give them multiple times a day a low fat and low sugar cookie for doing something good...

      Nowadays, my beagle really listens well... because she damn well knows I'm not repeating myself 10 times, and she also knows that when she is a doll, she gets nice little treats :)

      But remember... beagle's will always be beagles... playfull... stubborn... but adorable

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      I have had a beagle now for a couple years. For the most part he is pretty well behaved. The only issue I have is he constantly makes a screeching noise when he is outside. He is always smelling different animals and makes an awful noise. I have tried giving him another command when he does this but nothing seems to work. I have used a bark collar but as soon as I take it off he starts again. Please help me! How do I get this to stop? I am at the point where I will need to give him away as my neighbours are always complaining. Any advice will help!

    • profile image

      Karina  6 years ago

      i just got 2 beagles one is 7(in normal years) and the other one 28.They constantly fight because theres a female in heat. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      Thanks Lisa Im going to try the chut.

    • profile image

      lisa 7 years ago

      My Beagle 1s 15 months old male, the main rule is to be the boss (pack leader) every member of the family is higher in order even the youngest of the children, the dog will try to be leader over the children and this must be stopped immediately or this will result in a bite! the dogs mother will bite her pup when naughty so this is the same for owners, if your dog does something unexceptable then using your hand as a claw shape a chut in the neck or rib is the same as a mother biting them to let them know and to stop bad behaviour, start with commands and if ignored try the chut lighty at first gradually harder if ignored, if the dog does something really awful like snap at a child or person then a very hard chut is needed this will result in a yelp from the dog but will not do again in a hurry if at all. If your beagle is jumping up, biting, rumaging in bins same apply give them a firm chut if they ignore your commands, leave things in the middle of the room that they like and they are not allowed to touch it, if they do they get a chut they soon learn what you want and can only have it if you say so.

      I can leave a plate of food on the side and my dog would not touch it, never chews anything, he is well loved and has lots of excercise, it is not cruel to show your dog who's boss they need direction, if your soft with your dog then be prepared for the consequences.

      Hope this has helped as it seems most of you are at your wits end.

    • profile image

      Jacko 7 years ago

      I can see a lot of the issues people are having with their Beagles are similar to the ones I have had or am having now.

      My Beagle is nearly 15 moths old now and is beginning to settle down. The main issue now is letting him off lead. I find that he is absolutely fine when there are no other dogs in the park, but the minute one comes in, he loses interest in me/our game. I keep him on a long line all the time when in the park and hold on to him when another dog arrives. The other day, after a dog left the park, I let go of his line and he just bolted.

      Does this behaviour stop as they get older? Can anyone out there with an older Beagle offer any guidance?


    • profile image

      nisk 7 years ago

      Patience is the key. We got our 5 year old beagle when he was 4 and a half months old from a breeder after the previous owner's found him to be "to hard to train". Right from the start we set the ground rules when he got aggressive which was very seldom, we'd use our hand like another dog's mouth and grab him firmly on the back of the neck. This helped to show our pup who was in charge. Another useful method use to take your dog and roll him on his back this is a submissive posture for dog's and also helps them understand who is the leader. Beagles are very social dogs they need to have companionship in there early development. Do yourself a favor find the nearest fenced in dog park in your area and take your dog there as often as possible trying to go at least once a week at minimum. Beagles are also very curious and they seem to like to be stimulated and love the opportunity to sniff out new things. If you can find a dog friendly wooded trail where you can have your dog on a leash well still letting him explore and sniff out all the squirrels he can find they'll enjoy the experience and if you set some ground rules well your there like letting him explore certain area's when you say it's alright. We use a retractable leash and simply keep it shortened well walking if we find an area we tell him to "go ahead and explore" and let him have the lead only for a time then "come on lets go" and back to shortened leash walking.I will warn you that my beagle was breed from hunting stock and has managed to catch what he was tracking a few times this way killing a couple rabbits and mice on our walks, so you may want to keep an eye on him if he starts to stick his head in holes and you have a feint heart. The first 1-2 years can be rough with housebreaking issues, there seeming desire to destroy anything in sight,fits of extreme separation anxiety and the stubbornness of a teenager it's all worth it in the end. Our dog has become a part of the family, he regularly goes to my parents house to play with there Chihuahua, 2 Australian shepherds, Pitbull ridgeback cross. He may not always listen but he's not a Lab if I leave food within reach and no one is looking he'll probably try and snag it, you learn these things though and stop leaving food laying out or other things to work with your dog's personality.He also seems to learn new tricks every couple weeks everything from the basics to sitting on his butt well sticking his paws straight up in the air like a robber caught in the act when I say "stick em up" with a fake gun finger pointed at him. He can be trusted if the door or the gate is open because he no longer takes off he'll walk around without a leash and just comeback if told to, this doesn't mean they should be off-leash he never leaves the house without it on it just means that if the pizza guy forgot to shut the gate i don't have to worry about losing my dog. Beagles are great dogs that need a lot of love, time and commitment to become the exceptional dog's they are meant to be. If your not prepared to spend a lot of time with training and rigid rules for your dog maybe a beagle is not the right breed for you, But, if you have a bunch of patience a lot of love and time to spend with them you'll end up with a little addition to your life that adds so much more then it took in the big picture.

    • profile image

      Brian 7 years ago

      I have a Beagle/Basset/Blue Healer mix (also known as a Basset bleu de Gascogne). I have had him for 6 years. He will be 7 in March. I crate trained him. But the best training I did for him was walk him properly and not let him pull on the leash. I was in charge of the walk not him. Now I totally trust him off leash anywhere. I also have a pure breed Beagle. He is estimated to be about 2 years old. I crate trained him also and walked him the same way. He has been a lot harder to train because of his nose. His nose will always get the best of him every time. Beagles are stubborn and take a lot of patience. The best thing to do for your Beagle is to walk him/her on long walks everyday. A tired puppy is a good puppy. The walk is very important to establish that you are in charge and you are human. The Beagle has to respect you as the figure of authority. I do agree that you do not have to slap his/her nose but you may have to be firm and be a little physical with him/her. The beagle will understand the physical part that is what his/her mother did when they were born. Beagles are beautiful dogs but are very scent orientated. Patience and calmness will your best way to communicate with your Beagle. House training would be best if they are shown where you want them to eliminate and praise them when they do eliminate where you want them to go. A good book on the subject of training your dog is "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by The Monks of New Skete. Another good book is "How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond" by Cesar Millan with Melissa Jo Peltier.

    • profile image

      Rose 7 years ago

      I have a beagle shes about 7 monthes old and she knows where to use the bathroom but I am having a problem with here tearing things up. I tell her no in a loud voice and she nows that she has done bad and she runs to her cage/bed. I dont know what else to do to dicipline her. What should I do to teach her.My email is

    • profile image

      stacey 7 years ago

      Im have two beagles one 14 and the other 8 both easy to train you just give them what they what treats. you dont hit them for going to the bathroom in the house its called crate training for a reason. and to stop them from running off it takes alot of work i started off when mine were pups with the commands come and sit. Then showed them boundry lines in the yard i could only do that with one of the two dogs though. there are alot of things you can find online on how to train dogs look them up they will help

    • profile image

      Camellie 7 years ago

      hay i want to train my beagle how not to track in the yard. We are training him on a fence. i am worried he will run away how do i train him?

    • profile image

      Kearstyn 7 years ago

      I have two beagles. A girl and a boy the girl will come to me with a whisle but the boy will not come to me at all!!! i just read tips on how to make him come back.Any other suggestions???

    • profile image

      marc 7 years ago

      wow i cant belive how many of these dogs are still peeing in the house haha i have a 16 month old beagle and hasnt peed or pooped in the house since she was about 3months i can let her off the lead and although not all the time but 9 times out of 10 she does come back i only have trouble getting her back if she sees another dog then all she wants to do is play. although my dog lives with us as a family member and is around loads of different people every day she knows she only has one boss. e.g i am the only one that feeds her and takes her for walks and has shown true authority through all her life. if any one tells her to sit she wont but if i tell her she will. thats why when ever she needs training its me that will train her not to do something i.e chew up furniture. if i tell her only a couple of times and really mean it by raising my voice she knows its bad. Beagles are really only one man dogs they get on with any one but only show a special bond with one person. Me and my beagle have a great bond and if any one would like any tips just mail me. p.s im not a dog expert or anythink like that but may beable to help as i have sufford at the hands of an untrained beagle gd luck :D

    • profile image

      Tracey 7 years ago

      My beagle is now 16 months old. He has now started to take the washing off the line! I have resorted to only putting it out when i am at home, but he still does it! I have obviously told him off, and he looks suitably ashamed, but 10 mins later he does it again! He ches it up, if I dont catch him, I am at the end of my tether. He gets things out of bins and hides under the boys beds and chews the rubbish up. Im forever shutting the doors to the bedrooms, but the boys forget. I would love to be able to let him wander everywhere, but he is such a pain. You have to have eyes in the back of your head! You cant leave anything on the side he will jump up and grab it. Please someone help, i love him, but im am very quickly running out of patience. He runs off if you take him out for a walk, and i feel mean about keeping him on a lead, so have been trying to let him off, taking treats with me to entice him back, and sometimes it works, but yesterday he ran off, and if it wasnt for some people he came across that he took a liking to and held him until i ran up from about half a bloody mile away and got him, he woul;d have been lost on the downs!!!! HELP ME

    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      HAHAHA.. God we are all in the same boat! my dog is 12weeks and he is mad! i can take him out for 20 to 30 mins after his dinner and he will do his business- then come in the house and do it again! Pain.. but we all knew when you get a dog he is going to be hard work...i find that he just likes to know you are there. apart from all this i find them very loving dogs.. stick in! and you will have a friend for life.

    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      I live with my beagle since he was 6 months old and his name is Biscuit. Together we made it to the third year living along under the same roof. Beagles today makes a wonderful family pet but, like other dogs, beagles require training. I do love to share my very personal experience in training beagles at ? Like many of the hound breeds, beagles tend to be independent and able to think on their own. This can make them a little stubborn at times. Regularity is very important when training any dog and especially so when training a beagle dog.

    • profile image

      Jamie 7 years ago

      I have a 10 week old beagle and I am trying to crate train him. Everytime I put him in the cage and leave he howls and cries for a while very loudly. I need to crate train him for when I go to class but I'm not sure the best method please help!!

    • profile image

      vinnie jones 7 years ago

      i have had my beagle for around 5 month now. my god is he hard work...bad points, he barks constantly, starting to nip and bite, always jumping up, ripping things up,

      good points, i can take him for a walk and he'll come bk of the lead, hes potty trained.(i know hes not a child but easy way to explain it)

      when he is asleep if he an amazing dog ha, no but seriously, im really finding him hard to keep now, i cant keep up with his madness, hes goes for about 4 walks aday, its not enough for him.. PLEASE any help

    • profile image

      ** 7 years ago

      i kind of ended up with a beagle on accident!i just adopted a puppy from an animal shelter and just finished potty training her! Crate training worked well. so now i have this 8 week old beagle... and i suppose i am stuck with it. well i feel stuck w/ it. i don't want to give it back to its old home because i am worried about its wellbeing.. I am researching beagles and understanding that they are a VERY hard breed to train.. any good advice on what i should do? -thannkyou

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      If you want your beagle to realize he is doing something bad, say "Bad boy" or "Bad girl" in a low and loud tone. It works for my beagle, and if you already have trained your beagle to do a trick, but it won't do the trick, try talking in an authoritative tone. This worked for my beagle anyway.

    • profile image

      amyc 7 years ago

      I have three beagles and I love them dearly. They know that they are supposed to do their business outside... but they still come in and occasionally pee on the floor. They know its wrong.. but seem to do it more often lately. They are driving me nuts because I know that they know better! Any advice please???

    • profile image

      Kayla 7 years ago

      I have a 1 year old beagle, and she is so lazy. She doesnt want to ever do anything... including going to the bathroom outside. We have tried everything from putting her nose in it and spanking her then putting her outside, to trying to crate train her. We take her outside and tell her to go "potty" and she just sits down. Its very frustrating and we dont know what else to do. Any help?? Please!

      email please:

    • profile image

      aveytare 7 years ago

      i have a 9 month old beagle whom i got when she was 7 months. at first, she chewed a lott of things like my shoes and clothes, but now she just goes for the garbage or things laying on the table in which she knows she isn't allowed to get. also, she runs into my room and when i try to get her out she bites the covers, shows her teeth, barks and whines. i don't understand what i'm supposed to do because i don't want to get bit. also, giving your dog a tap on the nose is not abuse. it doesn't even phase my beagle.

    • profile image

      TRESSE 7 years ago

      Please, there is nothing wrong with a little tap, he didn't say he beat his dog. What is wrong with you people? BIG difference in beating a dog and smacking his nose.

      Not all beagles, but the breed is known to be a hardheaded breed. Some are easier than others to train. Lots of patience and being consistant, will work with any breed. Good luck with your beagles!

    • profile image

      destructive muffin 7 years ago

      I have a 9 WEEK year old beagle and sometimes she pees and poops where she needs to go but she misbehaves and bites you when you pick her up to stop what she is doing.

      I love dogs ESPECIALLY MINE

    • profile image

      STEVE OH  7 years ago

      i have a beagle , i have had her for almost 3 years now , i have never once hit her , thorwn anyhthing at her , barley even ever had to yell at her , if you think you have to hit your dog to make him behave , maybee someone needs to wack you upside the head to make you behave !!!

    • profile image

      William 7 years ago

      Monique that may be your theory but it does work, yelling at the dog shows weekness to him, the dog simply doesnt care.

    • profile image

      Tatjana  7 years ago

      Good afternoon, can you please help me, I have a one year old beagle, and he is still peeng in the house. I tried absolutelly all advises which possible to find on internet, I bought a book how to housebreak a dog, but it looks like he does not even trying tohelp me, he kan just walk and wee at the same time, he can wee and lay down in it, he just do not care, he is deffenatelly not marking.

      For example I am takin him out in the garden, he is doing his business and then he is coming back home and after 15 min. he can make it one more time, I was at the vet and checked him he is healthy. Please help because I am already at this stage that I am prepared to give him away because I am so tired of him!!!!

    • profile image

      Monique 7 years ago

      Im sorry but I DO NOT agree with the way u said u should train ur dog. You should never hit an animal!!! I understand it isnot easy but their has to be another way. I do have a beagel and the only problem i have with him is he beggs and doesnt listen. But Love and paitence will work jus like it had for a year. But who ever thinks hitting your dog is ok. Its not and i hope your dog rips ur face off for hitting it!!! have a nice day!

    • profile image

      Trey 8 years ago

      I have a beagle that is seven months. Popping outside no problem. Peeing inside still a problem every once and a while. It's probably cause we have kept him in for too long. What are some signs to look for when he needs to pee. And does he howl cause he is bored. If not why does he howl. It not a lot but sometime at night when he is outside and at random times. Just a few problems looking for

    • profile image

      Will 8 years ago

      You guys could try crate training. It is the easiest way and you don't have to hit the dog. I have owned my beagle for about 3 days now and he always scratches at the door when he has to go. He is about 9 weeks old. We are using a crate but the most important thing is take them to the same spot in the yard every time they go. Which is what me and my wife do and he is already starting to get the idea. The only accident he has had is the first ten minutes we were home with him and this is after traveling a couple of hours since we had stopped to let him relieve himself. Oh and every time you take him out let him play for a couple of minutes and let him know he did a good job and you can even give him treats. If you don't let him play he will hold it so he can play before going. My pup is also starting to learn to sit as well. He isn't the best yet but he will be. Just remember the trick to training beagles is persistence, discipline, and reward. Beagle love to eat. This is my second beagle as an adult and my first one has no problems.

    • profile image

      jake 8 years ago

      i have a beagle and he is 7 weeks old. he follows me everywhere and gets really sad and starts balling when i leave him alone. i also have 2 huge great paraneses and they r trained well. my beagle just wont do nothing i say unless i have food

    • profile image

      cass 8 years ago

      i recently got a beagle from my grandpa because he had a heart attack and now i have to take care of it. its still a puppy and my grandpa hasn't trained it yet. i've tried to train her, but its impossible she thinks everything is a game even when i disiplin her. when she has done something wrong and i slap her nose she bits back. the only thing that i've been able to teach her is sit =( Please help. i don't want to have to tell my grandpa that he'll have to get rid of her. after he comes home he won't be able to handle her. =(

    • profile image

      raquel 8 years ago

      i have a dog that he love`s to get out the house and don`t come home . when the fence is open he just get out . please help me my dad say if he don`t stay in the house he isgoing away. pleasa help

    • profile image

      jglitz 8 years ago

      When they poop in the house show him or her an let him know there wrong. Then take the poop in a bag bring it out side and put it in a spot where you would wannt them to go believe me the never forget there sent and walla 2 or three trys of this and its no more in the house they rather go outside belive me it worked on all 4 of my dogs 2 english bulldogs one beagle an last but defenitly not last my french mastive 200 bls sooooooooo if it worked for me its a given for it to work for you but u got to be firm and patient good luck

    • profile image

      ANA BERMEO 9 years ago


    • profile image

      jude 9 years ago

      i have beagle too...he is always sad...even i will leave her for a while she easily get sad.and i do not know how to train him in everything.I need to be alert because he's still 3 months please help me!this is my email..

    • profile image

      Riley Montgomery 9 years ago

      I have two beagles and they are ok at behaving by themselves.They are sisters and mostly stay outside in a large fenced in area.Ocassional I like to keep them in over night. Where there away from each other there fine but when they see each other they wont sleep and chew on everything.How can I get them to be good together.There about 1 year old.Email me please at

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      brooke 9 years ago

      i have a beagle and she is a little over a year. We now live in a different house then when we got her 9 months ago. she is still not house broken and she gets into everything!!! she chews on my shoes, pens, anything she can get b\c she is stuck at home all day while i am at work. i cant take this anymore. i bring her to what she chewed or where she went to the bathroom and i point it out and say no! but she just doesnt get it. what should i do. please email me if you have any suggestions!