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How We Celebrate Our Dog's Birthday

Updated on November 13, 2013
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Alicia has been an Author, Columnist, and Reviewer for 8 years. Her success came from perseverance plus organized goal setting.

More Dog Birthday Ideas

Birthday alternatives for small and medium breed dogs:

1) A toy the dog must play with to get the treat out. Dogs love these according to my veterinarian; keeps them busy for hours. I have seen these at Paws Around Town and Petsmart.

2) Brand new dog wear: for some reason my neighbor friend Paula claims her two small breed lady dogs love getting new stuff to wear like a vest harness, doggie dresses, sweaters, coat with matching booties for the paws (for cold, rainy plus snowy days), doggie hair piece, etc.

Birthday alternatives for large breed dogs:

1) Play Tug-O-War with a large breed dog rope toy or birthday Frisbee with your large dog. I used to own a yellow labrador, and Frisbee was his favorite game to play. He loved catching it and bringing it back; his happiest version of fetch!

2) Gift your birthday dog with a new collar; goes over well according to a friend of mine that has a greyhound and other large breed dogs. Her greyhound loves receiving a new collar every birthday as well as a special birthday treat.

Thinking up special birthday things to do: whether it is a car ride or playing with your pet is a great way to help them feel loved. Dogs are empathic pack animals by nature, so doing this type of thing where you show them love, affection and that you view them special can help them feel loved plus part of the pack you and your dog create together. I have found as a pet owner, this brings you closer to your pet, creates a very special bond that you cherish for the rest of your life. These are very precious memories.

Enjoy your unique birthday plans with your dog!

Every year when November 16th rolls around, my husband and I go out of our way to make our dog's birthday special. We do not do this out of obligation, or believing our dachshund would know the difference if we skipped one. We recognize his birthday annually by making it special for him because we love and want to show him how special he is to us.

No, our dachshund, Fritz, does not get cake with candles or wear a birthday hat. He does not get special birthday dog attire. He would not wear hat or attire even if we tried to put it on him. We fight Fritz every winter with his dog-sweater before taking him outside. Our Fritz prefers to be the rugged macho manly man dachshund and wear only his collar no matter what the weather is outside including snow or ice.

Instead we buy him his favorite toy, a nylabone with a blue middle that comes with a beef flavor in the "medium" size. Fritz, even though a dachshund of 15 pounds, goes through the smaller size nylabone made for small dogs in one day; the "medium" sized one lasts a year. We further treat Fritz with his favorite Caesar's "sirloin tips and eggs" or his second favorite "smoked bacon and eggs" wet dog food by giving him half a portion instead of one-third.

As we hand him his favorite toy, usually right after lunch, we say, "Happy Birthday, Fritz!" Then comment positively as our dachshund does his happy dance (which looks like a dachshund trying to do a jig while moving his backside in a circle with his tail up and wagging) with his new nylabone in his mouth. He loves the attention and receiving the new nylabone. We make certain to play with him and the new toy, while (when he is not looking) we take away the old nylabone, that is usually raggedy and in need of replacing. On his first birthday we made the mistake of exchanging the bones in front of Fritz and that went over like a lead balloon. Fritz spent hours looking for the old one, refusing to play with the new one until we gave back the old nylabone. We had a difficult time that year getting the old nylabone from him. Fritz kept guarding it; even slept with the old nylabone to make sure we did not take it away. His second birthday we tried the method of making certain Fritz was not looking before taking the old nylabone, and that was successful. Fritz did not miss it and his birthday went more pleasantly.

After Fritz has eaten his daily serving of dry dog food (after we have had our dinner), we give Fritz his favorite half portion of Caesar's wet dog food and wish him another "Happy Birthday, Fritz!". We found this the best method; prevents him from refusing to eat the dry food and becoming hungry in the middle of the night. Trust me; a hungry dachshund in the middle of the night is not a very pretty or handsome sight. Fritz makes certain to wake up the entire house until we cooperate by giving him something to eat.

Of course, on Fritz's birthday we do not prompt him to go to bed at 9 p.m. (When my husband usually goes to bed, Fritz likes to go to his bed at the same time). Instead my husband stays up, and we put on a rented movie DVD that is dog related (has a dog in the movie or is about a dog type of story). This way the three of us are on the couch viewing it together. Yes, Fritz enjoys lying on the couch, and to me seems to be watching the television with his head and eyes in the correct direction.

We wait for our dachshund to tell us when he wishes his birthday to end by allowing Fritz to go to bed when he desires. This makes the special treatment last longer, something Fritz does not mind. It is fun catching Fritz in his bed, lying on his back and snoring his little boy doggy snore with his small blanket covering only his middle section.

Hope this birthday tradition is of help or gives inspiration. Our dachshund is family to us. Happy Birthdays to all!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

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    • profile image

      zoey nichole 5 years ago

      my dog loved it he is a boy his name is tubby he is a bull dod so most of the time he is bullheaded i really think that he hates his birthday he rips the hat off and tears it up in shreads thanks so much :)

    • profile image

      dog lover 6 years ago

      wow, that's really sweet and thoughtful.. it's my dog's birthday today.. so we're going to let him wreak all the havoc he wants :)