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How to Build/Make a Small Dog Bed

Updated on February 21, 2015

Everyone can build a personalized bed for a new puppy or a small dog with things around the house, making a good substitute for a regular bed for our dog, but we want the best to our beloved dogs, so we need to ask ourselves, it's a proper bed and/or it's doing some kind of damage to our our pet?

You have the option to buy an expensive full bedroom for dogs with furniture and some special decorations, but if you are not good with tools you can take some ideas from this article and talk with a carpenter or a crafty friend, but more funnier and with more love for our pet is building the bed ourselves. I will give you some ideas in creating a proper bed for a newly welcomed puppy or an older small breed dog, you can also build a bed for larger breeds you're only going to need more fabric. Also this ideas can be useful with other small species like cats and ferrets.

Before starting doing the bed for our pet, we're going to need some material and make an sketch, without a clear idea and some step to step plan we can end doing a real mess, a weak bed or not proper bed.

The ideas.

Having a clear idea of what you want for your pet and what is better for the comfort is the start point of making a proper bed for our dog. Making your pet bed with your personal signature can be really fun and leave you with a feeling of triumph because your pet will use it and will be comfortable thanks to you but also you can make an easy and cheap bed with normal proportions and some blankets within to keep your dog comfy, but you can also think outside the box and do something you will like also without much money but only with some extra time and originality, or maybe to be a matching bed with the furniture around it, you can do whatever you want, you only need to be a little creative and be ready for the work, some examples of ideas, I will quickly tell the steps and how to build them, later I will describe them more step by step.


  • A blanket tied in the end, stuffed with cotton, wool or some used pillows , easy and cheap idea for and emergency.
  • A circular bed, with two round pieces of fabric with a diameter of around 30 in. sewing each piece and stuffing it with cotton or wool, easy and comfortable idea, requires a little more time.


  • A medium to big size plastic/wood basket, we make an entrance of two times the width and height of our pet, in the base we make a circular stuffed bed mentioned before and in the walls of the basket we can put a layer of wool or fleece.
  • A circular bed with walls, building a bigger circular bed mentioned before and adding a stuffed tube of the same fabric sewing it in the end of the bed and in the interior of the bed.


  • With tables of wood make rectangle of around 28x20 in. in form of walls, inside put a rectangle stuffed bed covering the wooden walls, next make a wood "L" for support and cover it with a layer of cotton and wool or fleece. With some extra fabric we can make some cushions square layers of fabric sewed piece to piece stuffed with cotton.
  • For two dogs, making a two level bunk bed can be really useful and space saving idea, with wood and stuffed beds, putting a wall in the upper bed with a 3 step stairs. perfect choice when we have more than one pet.


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For puppies.

When we get a new puppy in our family we need to be prepared, having a spot for sleeping, the bowls for food and water and be prepared for anything else. The most important thing is to be conscious that the puppy will be bigger and larger in months, so we have two options: building a really big bed for the puppy and the same bed is going to be used when he grow up OR to make a substitute and inexpensive bed while we build a better and bigger bed for the coming years. This is up to you.

Substitute Beds for Puppies.

  • While you're building a proper bed for you puppy you can use an easy and fast idea of the blanket tied stuffed with cotton or wool with another blanket of fleece sewed to half of the other blanket, this other blanket will make you puppy feel secure and calm with the touch of the fleece.
  • You can also have a cardboard box with a pillow inside and a pair of blankets, this idea is cheap and easy and is helpful when the puppy is an adventurous one.
  • A medium basket with a feather blanket inside is an easy but a little more expensive idea, the feather blanket is a great option due to the comfort given to the puppy, but if the puppy isn't trained to go to the potty in one spot, this can turn to be a nuisance.

Easy bed video.

In this video from Whimsymachegirl, we can see how to do a nice and really easy bed for our dog or pet, this bed doesn't require special tools more than pins and scissor, a little of cotton, to pieces of fleece and time to make it.

For this bed you'll require:

  • Two sheets of any type of fleece of around 40x20in.
  • Scissor and pins.
  • A pattern of around 30in of diameter.
  • Bags of cotton or wool.

This is a good bed for small breeds and other small species, useful and comfortable for our pets, easy to make and simple without much time to take doing it.

Medium bed video.

In this video thanks to jackcring, we can see how to make an elevated bed for our dogs, this video gave us an idea of how to do a easy and cheap bed for our dogs or pets, this video requires more tools and materials, but is really secure and really durable for our pets, for this video we require:

  • A sheet of fabric (a strong plastified fabric can do the trick).
  • Four tubes of PVC with the length of our pet.
  • Four elbow PVC corners with three exits.
  • Four smaller PVC tubes for the elevation.
  • Around 50 truss head screws of 8x3/4.
  • A drill/screwdriver and some pincers.

This idea is really useful because we can do a lot much more things with this beds, we can add a small mattress or cushions in it for more comfort or change the elbow PVC tube from three exits to four and add an upper wall to make an extra support for our pet, covering it with the fabric also.

This option of bed can be really cheap and easy or we can turn it with great and personal ideas to a harder bed with extreme changes and comfort, this type of bed is the basic form but give us a free will to change it to the necessities of our pets. I love this because we can really turn this bed into a real bedroom with some extra time and mix of imagination and originality.

Hard bed video.

In this video from Kelley Denz and LazyBonezz, we can see how we can end with a really sophisticated and a little more expensive option of bed for our pets. In this video we see a really fancy and cool bed made by LazyBonezz, but I add it, for the idea of creating a Bunk bed for our pets. This bed requires more tools and time for making it, it's only advised for experienced people or really enthusiastic owners, only be careful.

With proper guidance and tools we can build something like the bed in the video, making our personal changes, adding more wood, or even with PVC tubes also, we can do whatever we want, but making the bed of our pets with love and fun is the key of success don't give up and be creative with it.

Extra Ideas and Options.

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Amazing bed made with simplicity and design. Simple and comfortable bed for dogs. Amazing, I love it!!
Amazing bed made with simplicity and design.
Amazing bed made with simplicity and design. | Source
Simple and comfortable bed for dogs. Amazing, I love it!!
Simple and comfortable bed for dogs. Amazing, I love it!! | Source

About the Author.

My name is David ZermeƱo and I bring you this Hub about How to build a simple and easy bed for small dogs or small species also, I take some ideas and put them in this article I hope you liked the ideas and that I gave you the inspiration to start making a great bed for your pet.

I hope you get some good ideas and instructions about how to start the dream bed of your pet, I hope you liked this Hub and feel free to vote Up/down this Article to know your reaction and also you can give a feed back to keep track of the opinion of the people.

You can comment down here about the ideas given here or give extra ideas to the people or even more opinions are welcome. Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      Bryan 4 years ago

      I have to say. I tried the hard idea guide. not as doable as the medium. Just finished building my do a bed, hopefully he'll keep on using it and like it as his old bed got torn.

      Thanks Guys