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How to Build The Perfect Doghouse Plans, Your Dog Will Love a New Dog House

Updated on September 21, 2011

Your puppy should have a good house

If your dog is anything like my yellow lab Buddy, you understand how it feels when he wants to go outside and play every time you turn around. As responsible dog owners, we simply cannot leave our dog outside for hours on end without a good shelter. More over we cannot stay home with them all day just to let them out to play and do their business. As you continue reading this article, I believe, you will see How to Build The Perfect Doghouse Plans, Your Dog Will Love a New Dog House keeps your dog happy and healthy. Just imagine how great you will feel, returning home after a hard day at work; there are no surprises in the floor or messed up furniture.

Keep Your Pet Pooch Feed and Watered

3 Important things we should consider

1. Weather conditions

Winter, spring, summer and fall all have their challenges in different parts of the country. BrunswickGeorgia where the summer temperatures at six AM are hot, well over ninety degrees in the shade and terribly humid, winter on the other hand, the daytime temptures seldom get below forty degrees. When it dose, the good-ole-boys and women of southern Georgia think it is darn cold.

On the other hand, there is Morgan HillsCalifornia, located on the west coast just south of San Francisco, blessed with a semi arid climate. In the summer months, our four-legged friends enjoy beautiful sunshine no humidity and eighty-degree weather during the day. Replaced with nighttime temptures in the low forties as the fog rolls in off the Pacific Ocean and the sunsets, making a huge contrast in temperature.

The dog days of summer, in most parts of the country start in early July and continue until early September, with high temperatures and humidity, making it extremely dangerous time of year for our dogs. Keeping cool and hydrated requires a little special attention. Building a doghouse with, oversized roof, fans or air-conditioning that provides a shady and cool environment for the dogs’ bed and water bowl will go a long way to keeping them happy and healthy.

Size of your dog

2. Size matters

Selecting the right size doghouse to build, take into consideration what your dog’s size will be when full grown. Puppies grow up to be adult dogs’, when you are not sure how big your puppy will grow-up to be asking the breeder or your vet during the puppy’s first wellness exam will give you a good idea.

Here is what you need to take into consideration. With your pooch standing tall measure from the floor to your pup’s front shoulder at the highest point, this measurement will tell you how tall the door opening needs to be.

The proper width to build your doghouse door, measure your adult dog’s chest at the widest point. Remember puppies of all ages; grow up to be big dogs someday. Adding a couple of inches will provide your dog easy access when it gets older, and weight gain and stiffening joints become an issue.

The best way to establish the length of a proper fitting doghouse is to measure your dog’s length. Simply, use a tape measure to measure from the tip of the pooch’s nose to the end of their backside; then add to that measurement, a couple inches for comfort. Your dog will love you for it, being able to stretch-out into there favorite comfortable position. For my dog Buddy, it is laying flat on his belly, watching everything that takes place within sight and hearing, more important, is having plenty of room to move about. Having the ability to turn around while still inside the doghouse without first needing to go back outside will provide year round protection from changes in the weather.

Safe and easy way to keep your puppy from leaving the yard

Where you should put your dog's house

3. Location, location, location

When choosing a location for a dog’s house there are a few options that deserve consideration.

Using a corner of the deck or patio, for instance is convenient for the elderly and handicapped. When space is limited in the yard, this option only being one-step removed from your house, will keep your dog close to the backdoor making feeding time easier.

The most popular option, putting the doghouse in one corner of a fenced in backyard is the best choice for most dog owners. The problem with this option, especially, where a young energetic dog is concerned, what puppies do not tare-up, or maybe I should say chew-up, they poop all over. On the brighter side of things, at least the mess is outside, instead of inside the house all over the furniture.

The Kennel and dog run, is the best option when space and money will allow. A fenced in area that is separate from the lawn and garden furnishings and plants provide your faithful companion with a place to play. To determine how big your dog run needs to be, use a measurement of at least twice the dog’s length to establish the width, and at the very least, five times the dog’s length in determine the overall length.

Follow these easy steps to building the perfect dog house

Build your dog a house

● First pick-up yourself a set of woodworking plans, building a doghouse is a great woodworking project for all ages and skill levels.

● Select the style that works for you, when you build your own custom design, you are free to match your landscape theme or create something new and exciting.

● Using a Set of Plans and the information they contain, will save you time and money.

● The key to finishing any project, as you know, is getting prepared before hand. A good set of woodworking plans will do exactly that.

● The Set of Blueprints contains detailed systematic drawings of every step of the project, to the list of materials that has every board, screw, nail and hardware item in a well laid out easy to understand format.

● Take the information contained in the materials list, to the lumberyard and have them cut all the lumber, to the proper size. Put all the materials together, hardware items, lumber and so on, for you and deliver it to your building site.

● Build the perfect doghouse, your dog will love you for it, and you will love your dog even more.

 The author of this publication, Mike Teddleton owns the copyright to How to Build The Perfect Doghouse Plans, Your Dog Will Love a New Dog House. The rights to publish this article in print or online can only be granted by contacting me the author in writing. You may use the intro and link back to the article directing the reader back to my post here at HubPages where they may find the story in its entirety


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    • Teddletonmr profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Teddleton 

      8 years ago from Midwest USA

      katiem2, With How to Build the Perfect Doghouse I'm sure you will have the happiest dogs on your block.

    • katiem2 profile image


      8 years ago from I'm outta here

      WOW, this is packed with great tips and information on How to Build the Perfect Doghouse, I have two dogs and can use this information. Thanks Mike! Another Rate Up and Must Read for me! Peace :)


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