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How to Catch Stray Feral Cats

Updated on January 1, 2012

Many of us may have wanted to know how to catch a stray cat or how to trap a cat humanely at one time or another.

This might be the result of frequently spotting a feral cat that visits your property very often and you have developed a particular liking and wish to adopt this cat, or take it to a feral cat shelter.

Before deciding whether or not your mind is set upon catching feral cats, you must be certain or at least have a plan as to what you will do with the stray cat after catching a feral cat. This is important since handling feral cats can often be dangerous due to their untamed behavior and possible diseases.

Assuming you are determined, we will move onto how to catch a feral cat, by utilising either one of the two following methods.

Method 1: Trapping A Feral Cat

Learning how to trap a feral cat is an easy task with the many cat traps for feral cats on the market today. These contraptions are able to trap stray cats humanely without much knowledge needed on how to work the trap.

Set it outside where the stray cat is able to see it and walk in without too much problem. A small bait such as some raw meat should be enough to attract its attention. As soon as the stray cat wanders in, the trap shuts and it's as simple as that.

However, this may take multiple tries as birds might get to the bait before the cat does!

Method 2: Trust Baiting

The second method involves building trust with the same feral cat over time. This requires you to theoretically adopt it and feed it as if it were a tamed house cat. This is the initial steps to taming a feral cat. By giving it a treat over the period of days to possibly weeks, the feral cat will begin to trust you and understand that you mean no harm. As time goes by, it's wild nature will slowly subside and as a result will have successfully learnt how to catch a stray cat.


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    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I'm in the process of Trust Baiting now. This little one is very skittish and runs when she sees me coming but it's only been a few days of food so far. Thanks for the tips on trapping.