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How to Decide if an Australian Shepherd is Right for Your Family

Updated on July 12, 2012

Australian Shepherds are in my opinion one of the best dog breeds. This being said the Australian Shepherd is not the right breed for everyone. The Australian Shepherd is a working breed of dog which means it needs constant mental stimulation and a lot of exercise or it will quickly become an out of control dog. This article will over view some of the signs that Australian is or is not the right breed of dog for you.

Are you Active?

The Australian Shepherd is a working dog which means that it is a high energy dog which thrives best in active families. Although the Australian Shepherd does need a lot of exercise it is also a breed that loves to be with it's family so it will not do well as a backyard dog. If your family loves to spend time outdoors and is always on the go an Australian Shepherd may fit in, providing that you take your Aussie on your adventures.

Are you Commited to Training?

Australian Shepherds are an extremely intelligent breed. Because the Aussie is so intelligent it NEEDS to be trained. While training your Australian Shepherd puppy should be easy provided you use the right techniques due to their high intelligence and eagerness to please you should not stop training your Aussie after it nails house training and basic commands. Continuous training will provide your Aussie the mental stimulation it needs to thrive and you will have a dog with a million cool, unique tricks.

Are you Willing to Groom?

Aussies do shed quite a bit. Aussies typically need to be brushed a few times a week.. If you properly groom your Australian Shepherd shedding should remain at a minimum however grooming may take a few hours per a week. If you are not willing to take the time to groom your Aussie you may witness fur balls tumbling across your living room floor.

Like any dog bringing an Australian Shepherd into your home is a life changing decision. While Australian Shepherds do require a lot of attention and work, it does pay off and if you decide that an Australian Shepherd is the right dog for your family you will have a great companion for years to come.


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