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How to Help a Cat Get Off a Tree

Updated on June 11, 2009

How to Bring Kitty back Down to Earth!

Going up a tree can be very easy for felines. Their claws are shaped as hooks that work great as climbing gear. Yet, once the cat has chased the birds, enjoyed the scenic view and glanced down at their distant home, they may in panic realize that their descent is much harder than imagined. While a cat's nails are considerably effective in climbing up, upon descending they turn out to be pretty ineffective in providing a safe grip. This causes cats to feel unsafe and unstable, often resulting with the cat giving up and turning into a treed cat.

In short, it is the typical scenario of the old lady calling the fire department and  a cat meowing helplessly as a ladder is placed against the tree. Yet, it does not have to be necessarily this way if you know exactly what to do to help your feline friend.

Tips to Help a cat Stuck  Up in a Tree

-Avoid the commotion

In most instances the scenario is as such: the cat is stuck, the owner desparately seeks help, shortly therefter, you neighbor shows up, then your friends, your mom and dad, uncle Tom and Aunt Sara, your school teacher, that friend of a friend that owms the tallest ladder, etc. The poor cat at this point would rather stay up in the tree rather than deal with that big, noisy crowd waiting for him to come down.

-Entice with treats

Shaking a box of food may be enough to convince hungry cats to come down. If your cat is on canned food try to leave a can at the bottom of the tree or smear some on the lower branches. Step away for a bit and see if your hungry kitty is enticed enough to descend.

-Get a good grip

If you are  trying to catch kitty for yourself make sure you get a good grip and wear heavy carpenter gloves yo avoid getting seriously scratched or bitten by a scared cat. The best place to grab is by the neck, just as mother cat carries her kittens about. Grabbing by the neck causes most cats to go limp and surrender.

-Call the experts

If it is getting dark and kitty has no intention of trying to get down, it is tim to call the experts and bring kitty back to safety. Good places to call are the local humans society, animal rescue or your vet for a reference. These are the experts that have very likely dealt with your scenario several times. They have the right equipment and experience to help out.

As seen, there is a lot you can do to help a treed cat. Just keep in mind to stay calm, avoid confusion and loud noises and sooner than later, kitty will be back to earth again!

Cats have nails that work great going up trees but not going down


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    • GoldenPegasus9 profile image

      GoldenPegasus9 8 years ago

      Very good advice. A lot of times these can work. I have discovered (through necessity) how to teach the kitten to climb down a tree backwards while it's still young, so it never gets into trouble. See Rescue Your Kitten Before It Gets Stuck up a Tree. Zara