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How to Interact a Cat with Dog

Updated on January 23, 2015

Check the Background of your Pets

Cats and dogs are quite different animals and they have quite different philosophies. You have to be very patient in familiarizing your cat with your dog and this will take considerable amount of time.

You have to do some background work before doing this thing effectively. You must ask the shopkeeper about the background of the cat. You must see that your cat must not have any dismal experience with dogs as this will greatly affect your effort. Cats are very sensitive creatures and they are also very shy in different ways and it is on you shoulder to treat them with great care and respect.


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Use Resources to Check your Pets

You can use internet and lot of guide books to obtain information about your cat and this can proved very helpful for you to start initial phase of interaction. If you want to reduce your efforts than you must buy a cat that is already familiarized with the dogs and are already interacting with the dogs in a good way.

This is very good for you and for your interaction in better way. You must also study about your dog in very detail and his background also in detail. Like cats some dogs are very kind and funny and some dogs are very angry and bully so you have to carefully consider this before starting you interaction in deliberate manner.

If your dog or cat is of strange type than this is very stressful for you and for your interaction that you are going to start in passionate suggestion will be to obtain lot of information that you can about your cat and dog before starting any kind of interaction because this will save lots of your time and energy if you do it prepared instead of not prepared.

Now is the time to start the next phase of interaction and that is to look for the spot that you will be choosing for the interaction and this can play a major role in determine the outcome of your interaction between our cat and dog.


Select the Position of Interaction

You must set a safe room in your home for this purpose because this will increase you efforts on a good way and it will increase your chances of this interaction.

Your room must be away from all the noises like the noises of your television and your dryer. Room must be small as possible because this will provide lot of room for your dog and kitten to interact with each other and this is very good for them and also for your interaction phase. Your room must be very clean and it must provide a very good interacting environment for your dog and kitten.

When you have taken your new kitten home, than you must let them to familiarize themselves with their environment. It is better if you put your cat first to let it familiarize itself with the environment and let it be happy and enjoyable.

This is very important thing in initiating the contact between your dog and cat because of either one of them is not happy with the environment than it will cause you lot of problems and you will feel stress and you will not be able to do most of your interesting things.

Most of the kitten need only half an hour to familiarize themselves but some can take more so be patient in a good a way.


Move Things Slowely

Some can take lot of time so don’t panic in certain kind of hurry so take all the time you need in order for this to work in very good way.

Just see how your cat is performing in the given environment, some will be very good in adjusting and some will take some more time in order for this top work so be patient in every way possible because this is for your benefit and interaction and believe me it is worth it.

Some cats will move around and some will try to welcome you when you will come in form the door and this is very interesting for you and also for the cat to adjust in the new environment and to feel its new home.

Just observer very carefully before moving to the next phase, you have to look for the different ways to see that your cat is relax in every way and is enjoying its new home very well if you see that any object is putting obstacle in the happiness of your cat then you can remove it and try bringing the stuff that will bring peace and happiness to your cat in good way.

When you see that your cat is eating to its free will and playing and enjoying and moving around with happiness and joy then you can know that it is time to move to the next phase of interaction and that is to bring your dog into this situation and see how things turn around the room.

This table will tell you about different behavior of pets

Dog Barking
Dog Chewing
Claw "Sharpening"
Anger tail up

This video will help you to communicate better with your pet

Use All the Time you Need

You have to slowly bring your dog into the room and you have to be prepared for every type of situation that can come into the room, may be your dog will jump on the cat or may be your cat will hide himself form the dog and you have to carefully observe the situation and see how things play up before doing and trying anything else.

When I move my dog into the room the cat seem surprised but slowly magic started to happen between them. There was a ball in the room and cat was playing in the room with it and soon the dog come into the room it started to jump on the ball. First the cat was scared but slowly the cat stared to move in phase with the dog and they both stared playing together with each other with perfect harmony.

So this is the last bit very important phase of the interaction. If things don’t go well in this phase then you have to immediately move your dog out of the room and start his phase after some time but I will suggest that you should start this phase after one day because this will give some time for the cat and dog to relax and be prepared for the next interaction in better mode.


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Repeat this Process if Things don't Go Well First Time

Repeat this process several times unless they both are very frank with each other’s presence and this is very important. You have to personally observer both of them in the plain sight.

It is very dangerous to let them be on their own in this phase and it can lead to potential disaster that you don’t want to imagine in dream. If you follow this phase method to start the interaction between your cat and dog then you will save lot of time and energy in getting this job done without spending lot of time on it.

These steps are carefully tested and tried so you don’t have to be careful and cautious whether this will work or not. It will work most of the time but sometime it will not work as we have expected, in that case either your dog or cat is very angry and has anti-social personality and this interaction cannot work on them in deliberate manner.

If you have any questions then you can ask them in the comments section below.


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