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How to Keep Cats off Tables and Cupboards

Updated on March 14, 2024
Eileen Hughes profile image

You ofte see people allowing cats on their tables and cupboards this is not healthy. People need to train their cats better

Cat sitting on table


How often have you gone to someone’s place and seen their cat on the table or on the cupboard walking around as though he/she owns the place? I cannot think of anything worse, than the thought of the cat’s fur on the plates or worse still in the food.

No one should put up with that type of behavior.  I once saw someone actually feeding their cats (3) up on the kitchen bench.  What kind of example is that setting for the animals?

There is no need for this kind of behavior with any ones cat. The best way to avoid this is to train your cat properly. Start out the way you wish to continue with a cat when you first bring him home.  Be consistent with his training.  If you relax for a moment the cat will not know where he/she stands.

Scratching post

Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy
Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Butterfly Toy
Our old cat had one of these and he loved it, saving more damage to our furniture

Suggestions to discourage this by offering alternatives

  1. Supply you cat with a scratching and climbing pole of their own. You could place it near a window where they can see outside, allowing them to be distracted.
  2. Wipe counters down with citrus or disinfectants. Most cats will avoid places where this is used.
  3. If these options fail instead of yelling at the cat when it jumps up on the cupboard just say off and put him on the floor. Or have a fine water spray bottle and when it jumps up give it a quick spray and at the same time say off and put him on the floor if he hasn’t already flown the coop.
  4. Be sure that you never leave food on the counter top. If they find it once they will return for more.

Anyone can train a cat, although it will take patience and repetitive exercises for both you and the cat. You could also offer the cat a treat if he gets off the cupboard when you say off. Discourage any treats if he ignores you.

Cat bed and scrathing pole

54in Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats Plush Cat Condo Multi-Level Cat Furniture with Scratching Post, Jumping Platform Cat Play House Activity Center
54in Cat Tree Cat Tower for Indoor Cats Plush Cat Condo Multi-Level Cat Furniture with Scratching Post, Jumping Platform Cat Play House Activity Center
This not only allows your cat somewhere to scrarch but gives him a lovely bed to sleep in Our siamese cat loved his.

Curtain and lounge damage

Siamese cats are the worst breed of cat for trying to climb the curtains. Instead of course they end up tearing them which can be a costly experience.  All cats love to stretch out and sharpen up their claws on the lounge chairs.

Suggestions to avoid this problem 

  1. Place a scratching pole on one side between the window and the lounge chair. Hopefully it will use the scratching pole.
  2. Cover the lounge chairs with a throw over covers.  If you are having visitors you could remove them and replace it especially if the cat is home alone all day in the house. 
  3. Tie the curtains back with a ribbon to the sides, especially if leaving cat home on its own.
  4. Remove the beaded threading on the bottom of vertical blinds to prevent a cat from hanging itself in the vertical blinds.  These also attract their attention as they move when they paw at them.

Peeing or urinating on the carpet

This may not be a case of laziness; the cat may have a medical problem. This is more obvious with the older cats. Toilet training is another part of training your cat.

How to train the cat to use the scratching pole

Start training your cat to use the scratching pole as soon as you bring him home. An older cat can still learn the benefits of this with a little bit of patience on your part. Cats are just like kids, some are quicker to learn than others.

  1. Place the scratching pole near his food and water or where he sleeps, and if possible have another smaller one near your window.
  2. Place your cat on the scratching pole. I have noticed that some poles have room for the cat to sleep in his own bed on the pole.
  3. Instead of attempting to use their paws and scratch the pole, show them how to do it yourself with your hands.
  4. Initially you may have to play around the pole to get his attention. Attach a rope with a swinging toy mouse or something so he can amuse himself when he becomes bored. When a cat is bored that’s when he will do the most damage. Give him a variety of toys to amuse himself with.

Train your pet not to scratch the furniture

There a few things to try if your cat still persists in wanting to scratch the furniture. Your local pet shop or vet should have some sprays that you can use that will not harm the furniture. Their noses are more sensitive than ours, and the cat will not like the smell. One thing you can try is vinegar, I have used it successfully with our cat.

You could also have your cats claws snipped although the scratching will soon sharpen them up again. I believe that there are covers that you can buy to cover their claws. Ask for advice at your local pet shop.

Whatever you do when training your cat, you need to be consistent. Never yell or hit your cat that will only scare him. Treat him like one of the family and the results will be very rewarding. If you love and care for your cat he will love you in return.

Cat deterrant spray

YVETTE PER Cat Deterrent Spray lndoor,Cat Repellent Spray Suit for Indoor and Outdoor, Cat & Kitten Deterrent Training Aid for Furniture,Prevent Scratching, Stay Away from Restricted Areas
YVETTE PER Cat Deterrent Spray lndoor,Cat Repellent Spray Suit for Indoor and Outdoor, Cat & Kitten Deterrent Training Aid for Furniture,Prevent Scratching, Stay Away from Restricted Areas
This is ideal way to stop your cat from climing on tables and benches Plus it will prevent it from scratching on furniture.Why not give it a go it worked for us

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