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How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Cold Environment of Winter

Updated on February 23, 2015

Pets are very important part of our lives and it is our duty to protect them from all the harsh things that are dangerous for their bodies. Winter is very dangerous for pets and we have to be very careful to look for different things that can be dangerous for our pets.

The impact of winter is different for different places. In some places there are harsh winters and in some places there are normal winters. People keep their pets inside but the problem is that pets want to spend most of the time outside and they do not know that winter can be very dangerous for them so it is your duty to keep your pet safe and sound from all things.

It is our ultimate duty to protect our pet from all the harsh things that can be dangerous for them. You should look for different clues that will help you to find out if your pet is in some kind of danger.



Lethargy is something that can be very dangerous for your pet, if you take your dog out for a walk and you notice that he or she tires too earlier as compared to previous season then your dog or cat as lethargy.

It is a common but dangerous thing, it means that the heart rate and other systems of your dog are slowing down and they want to rest to recover from this. If you notice this kind of thing then don’t panic just do not go for long walks with your pets.

This is also true for letting them play in the backyard. See if they are enjoying or just sitting down like a tired person. The most important time is the first hour so monitor them very closely for this time. They will play for the first time and if you see that they are feeling tired then this is the sign of lethargy. You should see vet for detailed consultation.


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Dehydration can be Dangerous:

You might be thinking that why a pet needs more water in winter. This sound absurd, but studies shown that pets need water to carry out their normal functions so it is very important that you keep them hydrated. They are working very hard to keep their bodies warm so they need water to replenish the energy they are losing.

If you want to take your pet for a walk then make sure that you have a bottle of water with yourself in case your pet gets thirsty. If you have some outside pets they do not think that they can rely on the snow and cold water. Consider getting them a heated water bowl that will provide them the best and fresh water which will keep their bodies hydrated for a very long time.


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Outdoor Pets Need More Care:

If you have outdoor pets then they need more care then the indoor pets because they do not have the same facilities as compared to the indoor pets. Consider getting them a heated pet house that is available in the market at very affordable rates.

Your pets will feel more comfortable and warm when they will sit inside a warm and cool pet house. Whenever they feel some cold they will come right back inside the warm pet house. Our pets need more care from us then we think they might so treat them with extra care and help them to overcome the difficulties that they are facing in the harsh environment outside.

If you will have a nice pet house then it will provide the shelter from these kinds of harsh conditions and it will also provide the protection from different kinds of predators.


Warm and Soft Beds:

You can also consider getting a warm and soft bed for your pets. These types of beds are available from the market at very affordable rates. These provide extra comfort to your pets in a very passionate manner.

These beds are good for both the indoor and outdoor pets so it will work for both types of pets. Especially if you have a guard dog then he doesn’t want to be hot he wants to be warm in a very gentle way and the only way he can get that extra warmth is from this bed. There are different types of beds and different companies provide different types of services. So you should opt for simple bed that can take care of your pet in a very good way.

You will feel the extra difference that these pets’ beds will create for you and for your pets. These are very good for pets as they keep them warm and away from the cold that can cause lot of problems for them. Some beds are just medium warm and some are very hot beds and it all depends on your environment.

If you have very harsh winter environment then consider getting the hotter beds and if you have just normal winter then can buy the normal beds for your pets.


Use pet Boots:

Everybody uses the boots to keep themselves warm so why we shouldn’t use this thing on the pets. If you want your pet to be warm then you should consider getting them a nice pair of pet boots which will be the ultimate solution for your pet.

Outdoor environment is very harsh for the pets and it is our responsibility to keep our pet safe from the hazards of the environment. Pet boots are very important for your pets especially if you usually take your pet outside for a walk. These boots will protect their fetes from getting cold and they will really enjoy getting outside.

It can take some time for the dogs to get used to the boots so do not lose patience. You should start from the two boots then you should move to the four. My advice is that you should let the dogs with boots a month or two before winter. This will give them ample time to get used to the boots and they will know that how much fun is to walk with these boots.

Different kinds of pet boots are available in the market and it all depends on your needs. If you want extra protection then you should opt for heavy boots but if you want just mild protection then you should opt for the normal boots. Boots have different materials and manufacturing styles and it all depends on the area you live in and the protection that you want for your pets.

Wild Cats and Dogs will hide under Your Car

This is the biggest problem that we usually face in the month of winter. Wild cats and dogs usually hide under the car to get protection from the cold winds and harsh environment. So it is very important for you to make some noise before getting inside your car because this will give signal to the wild animals that it is time to move away from the car.

You should bang the hood of car because this makes lot of noise and sound. Not only wild cats and dogs but sometimes some rabbits and puppies can also hide under your car to get the protection from the harsh environment of winter.

I usually feel sorry for these animals because they do not have home where they can go and enjoy themselves.So my advice to you is that you should feel angry when something likes this happen to you.


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