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How to Keep a Cat Away from the Furniture

Updated on November 2, 2016

Cats do love to scratch and they scratch just about anything in the house. If you are thinking of ditching out your cats, pause for a while and check these tricks to keep them away from your treasured furniture. It will save you from the pain of separating with your pet and the pain in the head it gives you every time it damages your hard earned furniture.

Train your kittens as early as possible.
Train your kittens as early as possible.

List of Pet Safe Solution for your Cat Problems

Cat Repellent Pads – Today, stores are selling mats which are designed with low static pulse that will surely keep your feline away from it. You can place these pads on tables, couches, beds, counters or anywhere in the house that is a “no cats allowed area”. Cat furs can be unhealthy to babies and children so you might want to place them near the windows or anywhere away from the children.

Cat Repellent Sprays – This is another form of repellent which you can spray on furniture at least once a day. They are packed with human-friendly aromas but are hated by cats. You can use this when you opt to train your cats manually. Once they are used to not going into an area where they are not allowed to, you can stop using the spray.

You can also keep cats away from plants by spraying vinegar in the area.
You can also keep cats away from plants by spraying vinegar in the area.

Plastic Carpets or Runners – Cats hate the texture of plastics and the reason why they keep going on your couch is because they love soft and comfortable sleeping areas. Try putting a runner or carpet made of plastic on couches and tables especially when leaving the house. They will eventually leave the furniture alone if you do this consistently.

Cat Scratcher or Scratch Poles – They usually do the scratching when their claws get itchy. Buy cat toys and cat scratcher to draw their attention away from your loved furniture. You might also want to consider cutting their claws as part of their training when they are still a kitten. A cat scratcher can be bought in stores and they come in various forms and features. I recommend Feline Be Mine’s Cat Scratcher because of its multipurpose. It can serve as a cat bed, cat lounger and it is packaged with cat toys too.

Vinegar Spray – For a natural remedy, you can put vinegar in a spraying bottle and apply it to areas you do not want the cats to go. This solution might be effective outside, like in the backyard garden but I bet if you would want to spray it on your couches.

Why do Cats Scratch?

We are getting bothered every time our cats scratch on our furniture but do we actually know why this feline animals love to scratch? At first, all I know was that cats just need to sharpen their claw that is why they scratch. While reading more, I found out that there are more reasons. While scratching, they also stretch their arms and backs and according to animal research, this is natural to every cat. Aside from this, it is also a way for them to relieve themselves from sorts of feelings such as anxiety, frustration and even happiness. Lastly, leaving a scratch onto something is their way of marking their territories. Outdoor and indoor cats do this to inform other cats of their presence in the area. Awesome, right? I hope my article also provided you with a new information like it did while I was doing my research on this.


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