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How to Save Money on Dog Food

Updated on August 3, 2017

Don't let the economy affect your pet's favorite food

The economic recession has affected a lot people nowadays, it is natural therefore, that pet owners feel the tug as well. Shelters are well aware of this as they fill up full capacity when owners can no longer afford for their care. Pet owners that try their best to keep up with the costs resort to cutting corners everywhere they can. As a result the hunt for ways to save money on dog food has begun.

There are several ways dogs owners can start saving some money on dog food. Of course, it comes natural thinking of switching a dog from a premium food to a cheaper store bought one. However, in the long run this could mean a lot of trouble such as food allergies, digestive upset and many other disorders deriving from not very healthy diets.

So how can Rover eat well yet, without spending a fortune? There are several options.

-Convert to the BARF diet

Starting a dog on a raw diet is like returning a dog to its origins, when they were strong animals with no dental problems or skin allergies. After all, this is the diet that nature intended dogs to thrive on. Owners however, may think: ''How can I save on a meat based diet, when we can hardly afford meat for ourselves? The answer is: befriend a butcher. Butcher stores often can give nice raw meaty bones and offal for a small charge. These after all, are meats that humans do not normally consume. Before starting a barf diet however, dog owners should learn a lot about how this type of diet works so to ensure it meets all the dog's nutritional requirements.


There are almpst always great coupons in the newspaper and many times some can be found on-line. This is a great way to save some money on dog food.


Every now and then feed stores come up with great savings on dog food. This is the time to buy in bulk. Always check the expiration dates so to make sure the food will last without expiring. Ensure as well that you have the chance to store these bags of food well so to prevent spoilage.

-Treasure Hunt

Sometimes one of the best paths to find cheaper dog food without sacrificing quality is visit several pet stores and see who offers the best price. This can take a whole day, but it is worth it in the long run.Once you found the cheapest stick to that store. Keep an eye always open however on other stores as some tend to rotate their discounts.

-Google it

Try to google the name of your dog's favorite dog food followed by these keywords: coupons, discounts, savings, free and offers. You may find some interesting findings! Or better, visit the official website of your dog's food. You may find a printable coupon there as well.


Yes, you heard this right. Ebay users often sell coupons for your dog's favorite dog food for a small fee. Often shipping is free.

As seen, there are several ways to save money on dog food. However, try your best to keep providing a good food as this is an investment for the future. Cheap, low quality dog foods do much more harm than good in the long run.


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      melinda  8 years ago

      Great and informitive hub !