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How to Sew a Dog Coat

Updated on May 7, 2013

Whether you are looking to dress your dog in a dog coat as a fashion statement or a necessity to keep him warm it is economical to sew them opposed to buying them. Dog coats can be made from recycled material, coats, sweaters and sweatshirts as well as new purchased fabrics. Decide whether you are going to choose a pre-made purchased pattern or if you are going to use an existing dog coat as a pattern. Dog Coats and toys can be made for profit.


Pin the pattern to the chosen fabric. Some patterns involve several pieces to be cut and some patterns are one piece. If you are following a purchased pattern be sure to read any tips regarding pattern placement on the fabric. If you are using a home made pattern be sure to leave ¼ to ½ inch for seam allowance.

Step 2

Cut the fabric around the edges of the pattern that is pinned in place.

Step 3

Sew the pieces together as per the pattern instructions. If you are using a home made pattern and using recycled fabric or clothing you may need to finish the edges with bias tape, ribbon or some sort of decorative trim to keep the edges from fraying or unraveling.

Step 4

Attach the straps that wrap around the dogs body. If the pattern is one piece this step can be eliminated. To determine how long the straps should be measure the around the dogs torso where the strap will lie and add a few inches for the overlap at the bottom.

Step 5

Choose whether the closure will be velcro, buttons or snaps and affix them to the straps including several intervals for change of size. For example if you are choosing buttons put a button hole on one strap and three or four buttons and inch or so apart to adjust the size of the dog coat once it is on the dog.

Step 6

Decorate the coat with any desired items. Bows, ribbons, feathers, silk flowers, buttons and patches make cute decorations sure to bring compliments wherever you and your pooch go.

You can make your own pattern using a existing dog coat the fits your dog. Lay it flat on a piece of butcher paper or newspaper that is large enough to accommodation the size of the the dog coat. trace around it just a little bigger, 1/4 to 1/2 inch, larger than the dog coat for seam allowance. Cut out and... Taa Daa you have a pattern.


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    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 6 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      TY techygan... following you.

    • techygran profile image

      Cynthia 6 years ago from Vancouver Island, Canada

      very useful and inspiring! I am linking you with my blogsite at

    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 6 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      TY Lindacee... off t check out your hubs

    • lindacee profile image

      lindacee 6 years ago from Arizona

      Love the dog coat instructions! I will give it a try for my Cairn. She looks like the pup in the photo. Voted up and useful!

    • webgain profile image

      webgain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      nice guide to make a coat for dog. I will buy one for my lazzi :)

    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 6 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      Looks like... it is a photo i grabbed off of google images that was approved for reuse. I love Westies and Scotties :o) thanks for noticing.

    • Didge profile image

      Didge 6 years ago from Southern England

      lovely dog photo! Is it a Westie pup?